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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 98 | 12 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with the elderly lady telling Priya the recipe and assisting her in making the cake. Priya inquires as to how you obtained this recipe. The lady says, “I used to make this for my kids, and then one day a man’s car broke down, and he liked the cake and used to take it for his kids, and now you’re making it for his son.” Priya claims he has matured. She displays Ram’s photograph. Sara sings Ram’s praises. Priya beams. Ram claims that Priya is uninterested in my birthday. The lady asks if you know how to make a cake in a cooker. Priya confirms, “My mother used to teach us everything.” Sara claims that her mother used to give us coupons instead of gifts. Priya claims that we used to put our faith in those coupons. The lady requests that Priya decorate the cake with gems and chocolates. Priya expresses her gratitude. She believes it will be a big surprise for Ram. Sara believes Vedika will never be able to steal Priya’s happiness.

Ram’s birthday is wished for by Mami. She expresses gratitude. Ram inquires if you are all set. Mami says yes, but where is Priya, and why hasn’t she called you? He speculates that she may be preoccupied. She says, “Enjoy the party, Vedika planned it just for you,” and she looks lovely. Vedika arrives. Ram notices her and recalls Priya. Mami smiles and believes Nandini is familiar with Ram. Vedika asks if we should go. Ram affirms. Mami claims Nandini asked you to speak with Neeraj. Vedika says it’s finished, so don’t be concerned. Mami wishes her the best of luck. Priya and Sara are on their way. Sara believes you did the best for Ram by winning his heart. Priya says, “I know he’ll be overjoyed to see this.” I hope you enjoy it, she thinks. She dials Sandy’s number. Sandy requests that Priya not appear boring today. Sara claims that I prepared Priya. Priya requests that a doll be made for her. Sandy inquires, “Did you find out, Anjali?”

Priya says no, so we left a message for her. Ram says we’ll concentrate on Ram’s birthday today; did the lady bring you the cake? Priya says no, she forced me to do it. Sandy exclaims, “Wow, you’re the best.” Priya requests that the driver drive slowly so that her cake does not spoil. Sara laughs and smiles. Vedika, she believes, can never come between you and Ram. Priya says, “I hope Vedika did a good job with the arrangements.” Sara believes Vedika is behind all of this drama. Ram is aware of the arrangements. Vedika says, “I hope you enjoy this.” He inquires if you did this on your own. She claims that your Vedu also does things for you out of love. He thinks it’s incredible. He believes Vedika accomplished a great deal; Priya is unconcerned; everything is fine. She invites him to join her. Neeraj approaches and smiles.

Everyone wishes Ram the best. According to Vedika, happiness is incomplete without friends. Maitri appears and greets Ram. She says, “I’m fine, Neeraj has some work to do, and he’ll come.” Vedika declines, stating that he is not in the office today. Maitri claims he hasn’t been home since the morning. Vedika claims that when she called the bank, the manager stated that he was not in the office. Ram claims to have gone to a meeting. Maitri departs. Vedika claims that Neeraj told her that he is with Priya; I didn’t tell Maitri; Neeraj should know he is wrong; and we can’t blame Priya because she is sensible. Ram affirms. He walks away. Nandini aunty, Vedika thinks our plan is working.


Adi and everyone else hug Ram and wish him well. Ram believes Vedika planned a large party, while Priya did nothing. Sara and Priya arrive. Sara says I’ll keep this cake in the fridge, so you’re good to go. Neeraj believes my entry will take place here. Ram notices Priya approaching. He cracks a smile. Neeraj appears and informs you that you have 100 rupees, which you paid extra to the cab driver. She expresses gratitude. Ram becomes enraged when he sees them. He walks away. She believes that when you see the cake, you will realize that I planned this surprise party for you. Sara asks if you talked to Ram, and I tell her that I kept the cake in the fridge. I’d like to raise a glass to Ram, according to Vedika. Ram says, “It’s my birthday, and I want to thank you all because you are my life, not just friends,” and “I want to thank the person who did this planning for my happiness, Vedu.” Priya is taken aback. Ram expresses gratitude to Vedika. Vedika cracks a smile. Sara believes I predicted Ram and Priya’s romance, but Vedika took the credit, she won, and Priya is alone. Ram says I don’t like to celebrate my birthdays, but Vedu did a lot out of the goodness of her heart, so thank you.

Sara wonders how Vedika got in between them. Ram says I have to thank everyone who came despite their busy schedules. Thank you and cheers. Ram believes Priya spent the entire day with Neeraj; why is she so bitter, she doesn’t understand me. Priya is leaving. Vedika and Ram are complimented by the lady. Kunal inquires of Vedika about Shashi’s absence. Adi invites Ram to accompany him. Vedika wonders, “Where did Brinda go?” I made my move, I caused a misunderstanding between Ram and Priya, and Priya will realize that Ram only loves her. Priya claims that he ignored her and that she should not take his side. Sara says Vedika got all the credit, but she can’t say you did it. Priya claims it is not her fault; Ram is acting in this manner because I promised to return the shares for a reason, which I told him I would explain later; he needed to vent his rage. Sara claims Vedika took all the credit, but Ram believes she did it all. Priya says, “I don’t care about the credit; I just want Ram to understand me and why I do things; he should come and talk to me instead of acting childish, if he can’t see what he is for me.”


Sara clarified that priya wanted to commemorate your birthday with your old memory. Ram notices the cake. Ram walks over to apologize to Priya. She inquires if you are in love. They perform a dance routine on stage. Ishq hua hua hai… play…