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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 97

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 97 | 11 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya inquiring about the cake bakery addres from Taruns. He gives it to her. Neetu inquires if you made the arrangements. Priya responds, “Almost,” and asks if you saw Mom or Vedika. Vedika arrives. Priya suggests that we keep the party at the farmhouse. Shubham says great, I’ll organize it, you know how I acted that day, you said right, I should realize my responsibilities, it’s important, I’m doing it, it’s a good opportunity. Vedika says, “Wow, Nandini will be pleased to see your efforts,” and adds, “I’ll get Ram there and then everyone will give him a big surprise.” Priya considers going to the cake aunty and persuading her to make Ram’s favorite cake. She says, “I need more help; I’ll send the catering order there; can you get it arranged, Brinda will be there?” Vedika says I’ll handle it on my own. Priya claims that Brinda wishes to assist you and spend time with you. Vedika likes to plan, according to Neetu, and Ram can get the truth out of Adi and Brinda. Priya has told me that I need to go to Sara and plan the party. She walks away. Neetu says don’t expect much from her because she isn’t high-class. Shubham says she left because she doesn’t know Ram; you must do this.

Raj claims they were looking for Anjali. Mahender inquires as to what nonsense. Shashi says you have good information; follow Priya and find out what’s going on; it must be an urgent matter. Mahender inquires as to why. Shashi claims that I don’t pay you to inquire as to why. Raj says he’ll get you all the information you need. They walk away. Shashi claims that just as Vedika used Anjali to get you to leave the house, I will use her to get Ram to kick you out, and then you have to come back to me, baby. Vedika, says Neetu, you can do it. Ram appears. Vedika notices him and pretends to be on the phone talking about surprise. He expresses surprise. She remains silent. He inquires as to what transpired. Neetu says it’s happening for you, Vedika always plans parties for you, she’s worried about you, and everyone is doing something for you. Ram wonders if Priya is planning anything as well. She inquires as to whether she is aware of your birthday. He thinks she didn’t explain anything to me, that she doesn’t know my birthday, and that she’s gone missing.

Priya and Sara arrive to meet with Anjali. According to the manager, there is no one in that room. Okay, says Priya. She notices a noise. Priya inquires as to what we should do. She composes a letter for Anjali. She offers assistance and invites Anjali to meet her. She also provides her phone number. She inserts the note into the room. She believes that I hope Anjali reads this note. Ram wonders what’s going on because Priya didn’t call. He is not paying attention during the meeting. The man asks if we should seal the deal. He claims his focus is elsewhere. No, Adi says, he’s listening. Ram is mocked by the man. Ram says, “I was playing a game during your presentation; you might be wondering why I was playing; I’m bored with your presentation; you’ll come to me for help; we don’t pay bribes to get work done; we do clean work,” so I decided to concentrate on my game rather than your deal. Adi invites the man to accompany him. Priya, according to Ram, hasn’t messaged or called him yet. Adi reappears. He inquires as to what transpired. Ram enjoys cookies. Adi says to take it slowly because Priya will scold me if anything happens to your blood pressure. Ram claims she dislikes me. Adi inquires as to why you are upset. Ram claims that after I informed her of the reason for giving her the shares, she returned them. Adi wonders if I should tell him why, but Priya asks me not to. He inquires if she told you anything. Ram says you’d know the reason, so tell me what it is. Adi sends Priya a message. She asks him not to tell Ram anything.

Adi laughs as she reads her message. Ram chastises him. He receives a call from Nandini. Adi believes Priya has a big surprise in store for you. Nandini informs me that I must speak with her. He asks her to say something. She inquires as to your well-being. Yes, he says, and he apologizes for not being able to speak with you. She says, “Don’t be sorry; I’m glad you got home on time.” He tells Vedika that he does not want to celebrate because he prefers to work. She asks if you mind if we plan your birthday; Vedika did this with love; you never break her heart, and she needs your help. He says whatever you want about Priya’s whereabouts. Vedika pretends to converse with Neeraj. Ram notices this. He inquires as to what Priya is doing with Neeraj. Nandini responds, “I don’t know; I’ll ask Vedika.” She inquires of Vedika as to why Priya chose Neeraj. Vedika responds, “I don’t know; I didn’t ask him.” Ram says, “Plan whatever you want, I’ll be there.” Nandini confirms that the plan is in place. What happened to Priya, Ram says, is not acceptable. Priya and Sara, according to Raj, came to meet Anjali and are now leaving. Shashi advises going inside, talking to the manager, bribing him, and finding out the truth while avoiding being caught. Don’t worry, Raj says, I’ll find out everything and no one will know.

Ram returns home. He claims that I must use coupons. He searches for Priya. He asks if I should call Priya. Shubham goes to get his suit. He claims Vedika sent this suit. Ram inquires as to why Priya was returning the shares. Shubham says, “I don’t know, I couldn’t come in the meeting, I went to apologize, she was talking to Neeraj, she wants to return the shares, she doesn’t want to help, it’s fine, I will become responsible.” Ram instructs him to get ready. Ram dials Priya’s number. Priya says don’t answer his call; he’ll figure it out in 2 minutes because he’s smart. Ram dials the bank and requests Neeraj. The man claims he took a half-day leave because his sister-in-law required assistance. Ram becomes enraged.


Sara believes Ram will be pleased to see this cake; no one else can do this for Ram. Ram expresses gratitude to Vedika for organizing everything. He performs a dance with Vedika. Priya is depressed.