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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 96

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 96 | 10 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sandy and Sara making fun of Priya and cuddling her. Raj observes the situation. Nandini claims that because Priya has been pushed out of the way, Ram should believe that Priya doesn’t care about her and that it is up to him to look after him. I’ll remind him, Vedika replies, that his choice is his option. Nandini agrees, reminding him of the past and forcing Priya to meet hers. Vedika inquires of Neeraj. Nandini affirmatively responds. Ram and Priya, according to Vedika, will travel back in time. Vedika knocks on the door and enters the room to speak with Ram. She is oblivious to his presence. She inquires of Tarun about Ram’s whereabouts. He claims to have gone out. When Priya returns home, she sees Ram with his family. You’re here, he says. It’s my house, she claims. Shivi claims that your Sasural is your residence. Ram’s hair is champied by Meera. She adds I’ll be happy to see my Jamai when he returns. I’ll stay here, anyone else can go, I came here for tranquility, so calm down someone else, too, says Ram. I’m leaving now, he says; is there anyone who wants to stop me? He enters the room. Meera grins and says, “He’s so nice, he didn’t even go out.” She suggests going to him and apologizing. Priya responds, “Why?” I didn’t do anything, she explains. Meera asks, “Tell me why you fought; I know you well; tell me why Ram came here.”

Sara inquires as to why you fought with him. You can’t upset Ram, Meera adds, so go to him. Priya makes her way to Ram. He claims that I have coupons to utilize right now. Ram and Priya are at odds. He claims you came home for a little matter. I told Nandini that she claims I didn’t leave the house. He says, “Fine, stay here,” as if to indicate, “I came here to relieve tension.” She wonders why men and women have separate rules. I’ve come here for some space, he says. She claims that you always lecture me about how I didn’t see normal relationships and how I don’t know how to keep them. He claims I told a lot of lies. What’s the problem if I gave this counsel to Shashi and Vedika? Why can’t you trust me? I did it for her benefit, and I know she’s important to you. She claims that she is aware of how her history has influenced her life. He claims that he was hurt by what you did, and that he went out and returned the present. Let me explain what happened while you were away, she says. Then he says, “Explain yourself to me.” She tells everything to him. She claims that she accepted those shares for your sake, knowing how important our relationship is to you. She believes I can’t tell you what Shubham thinks of you because he promised me he’d change, and I promised your mother I’d keep the truth hidden. He says you have to tell me why, that Anjali’s truth has been revealed, that everything has been straightened out, and that I have a right to know. You expect me to understand if you hide things, she says. He claims it’s not the same. She adds, “Enough is enough,” and that she won’t be able to pamper you any longer. He claims you irritate him. She says, “All OK, good night.”


He says everything is OK, good night, and sleep. She believes I have caused you harm; I apologize, and I hope you like my birthday surprise. Ram believes she will be unaware of my birthday. It’s morning, and Akki has gone out to collect coconut water for Shivi. Shivi, Ram says you’re fortunate. Shivi invites him to take a sip. Meera claims that she made you a milkshake. Ram says, “Tell me what I’ll pick.” He receives his milkshake. Priya believes he is angry with me; that’s great; a pleasant surprise will suffice.

Meera tells him that he can have whatever he wants. Priya is seen by Ram. Sara, he says, something is on fire. Sara claims that your wife is envious of you. Meera inquires about Ram’s favorite foods. Priya claims that she, too, is hungry. Ram claims that sharing is caring; nevertheless, some individuals are unaware of this. I enjoy cakes. He tells them about the bakery and how much he enjoyed the old lady’s sweets. Meera suggests that you order the cakes. No, Ram says, the bakery might be closed right now. According to Shivi, we always get what we want. Ram claims that Shivi has always like Sara’s cupcakes, and that his father used to serve me cake by hand. Ram thinks she’s a jerk. Priya believes, “I know you’re calling me rude,” and she believes, “Fine, I’m rude.”


Sara believes Ram would be pleased when he sees the surprise. Ram expresses his gratitude to Vedika for the pleasant surprise. Vedika and Ram perform a dance. Priya is envious.