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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 95

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 95 | 7 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Shubham saying, “I promise I will make you proud.” Priya responds, “Sure, when you become responsible and dedicated like Ram, I will return this 5% to you.” He expresses his gratitude. Vedika collects the papers. Ram, according to Mahender, has returned home. Shashi inquires so quickly. Will your wife tell Mahender everything? Mahender says yes. Shashi says, “I’m not sure, I need your help, Priya will want something.” No, says Mahender. Shashi says to find out and send Raj there because she’ll want something. Priya considers meeting Ram. She rushes up to him and inquires, “What are you doing here, your report?” Ram says it’s negative, but I was on my way to surprise you. She says we’ll go home and surprise them; they’ll be delighted. He says you’re happy, and I expected you to rush over to hug me. She claims I never hug anyone. He says yes, I wasn’t worried because I knew you’d look after my family, come. Facebook is shutting down.

She says, “You’ve called me family, and I’ve changed my mind today; I’ll give the shares to Shubham, and he can reform if he wants.” Priya, according to Vedika, did not return her share because she is greedy. Nandini claims she made a decision. Don’t worry, Vedika says we’ll change her mind. Priya lets her hair down. Ram approaches her and inquires about the papers. He inquires as to why Priya. She inquires as to how you know. He claims that he informed you of the gift, that you are punishing me because I care about you, and that he believes you take five steps back for every one step forward. He claims I fought with the hotel staff over the jacket that contained your gift, those coupons, which I kept safe. She claims that I did not return your gift because it is difficult to do so. He becomes agitated and leaves. Nandini inquires whether you showed the papers to Ram. Vedika says yes, I told her that Priya rejected the gift in her rage, but I couldn’t refuse any of his gifts, so I kept the chocolate wrappers and roses, some relationships can’t be forgiven, this relationship is a compromise, so Priya doesn’t value it. Nandini confirms that if we are a team, we will play together. Vedika and Nandini discuss Ram’s birthday or the New Year’s Eve party. Vedika claims that we will persuade Ram that Priya isn’t good. Nandini suggests that we tell Priya who you are. Vedika inquires, “Are you sure?” Nandini says yes, the time has come after Ram proposed to her in college. Vedika confirms that we were 18 at the time. Nandini inquires if you have any video. Vedika responds in the affirmative. Nandini believes it is time for Ram to remember that you are his love, Priya, and that his marriage is a lie. They both smile.

Priya appears and informs me that Ram was upset with me because I knew about the papers and that he had left. Nandini says don’t tell Ram anything Shubham did because he adores Shivi and Shubham. Vedika requests that Priya organize a party for Ram. According to Priya, I was already planning the surprise party. Nandini says, “We are lucky to have you; please let us know if you need our assistance; Vedika knows Ram very well.” Nandini says Ram and you don’t know each other, but Vedika understands Ram well; do one thing, plan the party; we’ll execute it; go and stay at your mother’s house; Sara and Sandy will help; Ram and you won’t fight; if he gets a high blood pressure and falls sick, it will be bad; he’ll be very excited seeing the surprise. Priya says, “Perhaps you’re right, I’ll go.” Nandini inquires as to your plans. Priya promises to inform you first of any plans she has. Nandini thinks you’re lovely. She believes I will soon kick you out of Ram’s life. Sandy and Sara meet Priya. Sandy claims that Rajni told her that if we give her some information, she will give us Anjali’s information. Priya says we’ll give her some information. She requests that Sandy contact Rajni. Sara inquires about Ram’s well-being. Priya affirms. She believes he is physically fit to fight again.

Sara believes Vedika would be pleased as well. Priya says yes, everyone is happy, they are Ram’s friends, and they are concerned about Ram. Sara inquires if you are content. Priya responds, “Yes, I am always happy.” Sara says, “I’m glad you and Ram were so close.” Sandy calls Rajni to inquire about Anjali. Rajni requests that he be given some news and that he be given this news. Sandy claims that she and her friends know who ruined Anjali’s acting career and that they will tell you when you tell me about Anjali. Rajni says, fine, keep this information private. Priya says, “I know this address; I’ll meet Anjali tomorrow.” Sara says I’ll accompany her. She believes I don’t want problems between Ram and you. Sara invites her to return home. Priya says I’ll accompany you and plan the party. Sara believes it is the best idea.


Vedika, Nandini says, make Ram meet his past. Ram and Priya argue with each other. Shashi suggests that they contact Priya and inquire about their situation. Priya begs Ram to believe her.