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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 94

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 94 | 6 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Nandini apologizing to Priya, saying, “I didn’t realize Shubham was feeling inferior to Ram; I’ll handle him; you’ll always be the share holder.” Priya is leaving. Nandini notices her departure. Shubham, she went, she says. She wipes her tears away. They both smile. She believes Priya will return her share; excellent acting, Shubham. In the cafe, Brinda and Sara plan the evening’s dinner. Priya arrives. Brinda says we’re getting ready for your date with Ram. Priya wonders what Ram will think, are we kids, stop it now, I’m 32 years old. Sara responds, “Fine.” Brinda says this is necessary, Ram will act as if he is doing well, we are doing this to make him feel better, best wishes. They leave. Priya considers how to keep Ram happy. She converses with Ram. When she asks if you’re okay, tell her the truth. He says I’m not fine, that I’m scared. She inquires as to why; I respond that I will consult with the doctor, who will assist. He says the doctor can’t help me because your hair is tied, and I’m scared just looking at it.

She claims it was a bad joke; I refuse to loosen my hair, and you use your coupon. No, he says, I won’t. She says, “I wanted to talk to you; why did you let Anjali go free?” She says, “She trapped Akki; I will not loosen my hair.” They’re having a discussion. Shu considers asking about Shubham. She claims that because Sid and Shubham were both busy, I went to the meeting. Ram reports that they went out to party as a result of your handling of the client. She inquires as to why you chose me as a partner. He says he is happy to make the decision and that he should be held accountable. She inquires whether or not you trust him. He claims I do, but he is a child. She suggests that he learn to work. He claims that I became preoccupied with work, that I was powerless to spend my youth working, that I want Shubham to enjoy his life, and that he apologizes for bothering you. She says it’s fine, I’d like to speak with Shubham, who needs to learn how to work.

He says it’s not fair to compare me to Shubham because Shivi and Shubham were young when their father died, and I’m like their guardian. She says you don’t bring up step-relationships again. He claims I adore him. She claims that everyone does this for their siblings. He expresses his gratitude. She considers giving Shubham her share. Shubham inquires about any recent events. Priya was shaken, I think she likes the share, we have less time, we have to do something before Ram arrives, Nandini says no. Adi comes in and says Priya asked me to make these papers, and she wants her share back. She inquires as to why Ram chose her as a partner. He says, “I’m not sure.” She tells you to call her. Shubham wonders why she did this. I’ll ask Ram, Adi says. No, Nandini says, we’ll talk to him when Ram arrives. Adi responds, “Fine, I’ll keep the papers.” Shubham says I’ll question her about why she’s doing this. I will ask her with love, she says. I’ll wait for her, Adi says. She invites Tarun to tea. She believes Priya is required to sign these documents.

Priya will be there shortly. She considers Ram and Shubham’s situation. She believes that rich people are not as happy as I believed; we sisters never fought for the rights to the bakery; I will make Shubham take on his responsibility. She sees the temple and prays for a way out. Some children dress as Hanuman’s vanar sena. If you’re stuck, the kids advise you to take Ram’s path. They leave. Priya beams.

She is taken aback when she sees Ram. She dashes over to him. They return home. Ram embraces Nandini. She expresses her delight at seeing you. Adi says we’ll take a picture, Vedika, please take a family picture. Of course, Nandini responds. Right, Vedika, he says this is a happy family. Vedika is overjoyed. Vedika takes the photographs.

Adi examines the photographs. He says, “Wow, Vedika, your family looks great, and you take great photos.” Ram says I’m fine now, Adi, why have you come here? Priya, according to Nandini, called him. Priya affirms. Vedika claims you did not mention Ram’s arrival. Priya claims, “I had no idea, I met him on the way.” Ram says, “I wanted to surprise everyone by using my restroom.” He walks away. Priya says, “I asked Adi to make the papers because I was talking to Ram, and he told me that he worries a lot about Shubham, he isn’t upset with Shubham, he said he worked all his life, but he wants Shubham to enjoy life, but I think Shubham should become responsible, so I want to return the 5%.” Shubham, don’t squander this opportunity, says Nandini. Ram, according to Adi, should be involved in this. Priya says no, I don’t want him to get sick, it’s my responsibility, so the decision will be mine.

Priya says, “I will give you the share when you become responsible.” Vedika says we’ll reconsider her decision. Ram disagrees with Priya and walks away.