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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 93

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 93 |5 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sara and Priya discussing Vedika. Sara says she doesn’t want Vedika to remain at her house and that she can stay at a hotel. Priya says it’s alright, but Ram will not allow his friend to spend the night in hotel. Sara begins to think. Ram, she claims, is helpful. Priya confirms that he assisted Neeraj as well. Sara claims Ram is aware of Neeraj and you; do you know anything about Ram’s past? You and Ram are now buddies. Priya claims Ram tried telling her, but she refused, that she shouldn’t scrape his wounds because she knows he’s in a lot of agony. Sara believes Priya is correct; it is best that she hears this from Ram because no one else can tell her. Priya inquires as to why you are inquiring about Ram and what transpired. Sara remains silent. Priya adds, “I became irritated and went to the hotel to speak to him; I’ll ask him when he’s fine.” Sara claims that Sandy will be sent to spy on all of us. Sandy arrives. Sara requests that she obtain information about Anjali. Priya agrees that you are correct; we used to solve our own difficulties. Priya, Sara believes you and Ram look well together.

She promises that we will find something. Sandy claims she isn’t socially engaged, but I find her to be relaxed. Sara inquires about Ram’s birthday with Priya. Priya claims he’s not feeling good; what should I do? Sandy claims Anjali removed her social media accounts, which we may report to the police. Priya suggests that we seek the assistance of a journalist in order to obtain some news. Sandy says Rajni took your interview, so we’ll enlist her assistance. Sara suggests that Ram’s birthday be celebrated. Priya says I’ll arrange a large party for Ram once he’s recovered. Sara thinks you’re deserving of a hug for this.

Vedika shows up to meet Ram. She says, “I’d like Priya to see me here.” Priya arrives with the tiffin. Ram’s clothing are taken by the employees. Vedika claims that I want Ram rather than his virus. Priya accepts the clothing package. She claims she obtained the meal for him. I’ll send someone, said the lady. Brinda sees Vedika and becomes enraged. She inquires as to where your concern has vanished. Vedika adds, “I’m worried; I’m not a fool; I learned this from Ram; you’ve always had a problem with me; you can’t do anything; could you stop Ram from loving me?” Brinda is correct; he wants to settle down with Priya and move on; don’t try to get in the way.

Priya sends Ram an audio message. He asks if we may have lunch together; I spoke with Sara, and she said she would make all the arrangements. She responds, “OK.” She contacts Sara and says, “I’ve heard about your plans.” Brinda replies, “Don’t forget about Vedika; you can’t injure Ram and Priya.” Vedika inquires as to how long you intend to keep Priya in her mother’s house. Brinda asks if you have any shame because you abandoned Ram for Shashi because Shashi had more money, and you are a gold digger. Vedika claims that I have no desire to respond to you. Brinda says you’re seeking Ram now, when Shashi doesn’t have any money; last time, you shattered Ram’s sentiments; this time, we’ll chat face to face to straighten it up. Vedika says your query is incorrect because Ram and I can never be separated, and Priya is also caught up in my plans. Priya inquires as to why Nandini is crying. Nandini inquires about Ram’s health. Priya says he’s OK and that you should talk to him. Nandini says no need, he’ll be anxious seeing me like this, I’m worried about Shubham, he didn’t go to the meeting, you had to fabricate an explanation, Ram is ill, Shubham doesn’t understand the duty. Tarun arrives and informs Shubham that he has arrived inebriated.

Nandini rushes over to Shubham and asks him to get up. Shubham disagrees with Priya. He becomes enraged at Nandini and Priya. He claims Ram is capable, but I am ineffective. He had a disagreement with Priya. He claims that if I compete with Ram, I will lose. Ram, she says, adores you. He says I know, but he doesn’t trust me, so he kept you as a monitor over my head. Nandini tells him to quit talking rubbish. Priya inquires whether you felt bad that I attended the meeting. Ram, according to Shubham, trusts you, not me. Nandini is correct; you have demonstrated that no one can trust you. Shubham says Nandini didn’t trust me, therefore Ram didn’t trust me; I’m not upset with Priya; Ram trusts Priya, not me; keep the business, I’m useless; you can handle it. Priya says, “I know you felt horrible; I will assist you, and I will speak with Ram.” He asks, “Will you give me my share, and tell me right now?”


In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 93 Promo, Ram claims Shubham and Shivi lost their father when they were little. Priya considers giving Shubham her portion. Priya, according to Adi, wishes to return the portion to Shubham. Priya is overjoyed when she sees Ram.