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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 92

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 92 |4 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya conversing with Ram. She claims he calls me rude in a variety of ways. They initiate a video call and begin bickering. She says you labeled me scary, aren’t you embarrassed? He responds no, but I will mention that you are great, that you are staring at me, that you are concerned. She says I can meet you in some way if I want to. I know, he says. She claims that your dinner plans were canceled today. She chastises him. Don’t scold him just now, he says. They both laugh.

He tells you to make all the preparations because I want a good menu for tomorrow. She says, “Take a break, I’ll discuss later.” Lord, please make him well quickly, she begs. Sara is irritated. According to Brinda, Adi asked Ram to inform Priya of this. Adi claims that we didn’t want to keep this a secret. Brinda claims that it is an old story, and that Vedika’s story has concluded. Sara inquires as to why you were alarmed when Ram took Vedika home. Ram, she said, wanted Vedika to return home. Sara believes it will be a disaster if Priya discovers the truth. We don’t want Priya to know, according to Brinda. Sara claims that you can find Priya fine; but, when a strong lady falls down, it takes many years to re-unite her. She sobs as she recounts Mahender’s infidelity. She claims that Priya was too hurt to find our father with another woman, that Priya broke down that day, that our family broke, that Priya felt guilty, that dad said that Priya is his life’s biggest failure, that he regrets that Priya is a daughter, that if she had been born as a son, he would not have left Meera, and that Priya didn’t forget this cheat.

Brinda apologizes profusely. Sara continues, “I know you all assumed we were chasing Ram’s wealth.” Kunal and Brinda believe you are thinking incorrectly. Sara explains, “But we were persuaded to believe this; Akki was keen that Priya marry before him; when we met Ram, we thought he could handle Priya; if Priya learns the truth, she will break down.” Brinda claims Vedika left Ram for money and married Shashi; Ram loved her very much, but Priya stole his heart; he asked Priya if she had a problem if Vedika stayed with them; he appreciates Priya. Adi expresses his desire for Shashi and Vedika to reconcile. Kunal claims that he only talks about Priya and that she is there in his life. Vikrant claims that even if he is aware of this, it will not matter because their bond is strong. No, Sara says, he shouldn’t know anything.

She says Priya can find out. We will not allow this to happen, according to Adi. Brinda wants to know how this USB got to Vedika, Shubham, or anyone else. Sara says they’ll attempt to tell Priya, but we can’t allow this happen. Priya returns home. She says I’ll send Ram biryani tomorrow. She sends Ram several goods. Vedika says she’ll tell Priya everything if she didn’t hear the audio. Priya instructs her servant to have everything ready in the morning. Vedika approaches her. She expresses gratitude that you have returned. She pretends to cry. She expresses her concern for Ram. Priya says he’s well and that I just spoke to him. Vedika wonders who will be concerned about Ram if I don’t. Vedika, Nandini advises you to relax. Ram has been isolated, according to Vedika. Sara arrives. Nandini tells Vedika, “Relax, I’m Ram’s mother, and Priya is his wife; nothing can happen to Ram while Priya is here.” She inquires of Priya, “Are you all right?” Priya confirms, “I was a little tense.” Priya, Sara says, I just came to take you home. Vedika questions Priya’s ability to travel. Priya is persuaded to accompany Nandini and Sara. Priya is leaving. Vedika claims it was an opportunity to tell her the truth. Nandini replies no, I’ll determine when to inform her, and you’ll stick to my plan. Vedika responds, “Of course.” Priya returns home. Sandy motions for her to have a seat and she will go grab some dinner. Vedika dials Priya’s number. Sara wonders why she is phoning now.


Vedika is insulted by Brinda. Nandini sobs and expresses her concern for Ram. Shubham, according to the servant, has returned home inebriated. Shubham yells at Priya.