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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 91 | 3 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sid and Shubham becoming enraged with Priya. Vedika incites them even more against Vedika. Ram, according to Mahender, did not drink that juice. Don’t worry, Shashi says, you know why: Ram is infected with the virus and won’t be able to see Vedika for two days. Vedika calls Sara and says, “Priya hurried to Ram’s office in a hurry, she couldn’t say Ram is quarantined, we got so nervous, I will update you on Ram, don’t worry.” She hangs up the phone. She requests that Sid and Shubham play the audio message in the meeting, which contains the audio message in which she informs Ram that she is going to marry Shashi. She begins to play the audio. Sid claims you’re pretending Shashi is beating you. Vedika replies, “You have to help me, I’m doing this for everyone’s benefit,” and that we need to get Priya out of the way.

Shubham believes Vedika is correct; you know Ram, sorry Sid, put family and ego aside and accept her assistance; it is critical for us. Sid picks up the Pendrive. Shubham expresses gratitude to her. Wow, according to Vedika, the cosmos is attempting to join me and you. Priya is in the office with Adi. She inquires as to what presentation I want to give, stating that failure to do so will result in a significant loss. Adi says the client is on his way. She claims that by buying some time, we would be able to produce a proper presentation. Sandy appears and hands over the Pendrive. He claims Sid and Shubham gave a presentation. Kunal accepts it. Mr. Merchant, the client, arrives. He claims I’m already late. Vedika says the audio will play, and Priya will wonder why Ram didn’t tell her, and she will forget about the business transaction and her 5 percent stake. Shubham is correct. Adi says we’ll watch the presentation and then talk about it. Kunal plugs in the Pendrive. Priya inquires of Mr. Merchant about his supper practice. Yes, he says. She advises to teach this to Ram as well, because he works late and always arrives late, and we eat at 12 a.m. He says he’s changed a lot; he used to eat at 3 a.m. before. Adi agrees and leaves home early, claiming that Priya will chastise him. Kunal declines, stating that he only wishes to dine with Priya. Priya apologizes, “I think you should go home,” adding, “We’re sorry to call you this way, we’ll have a meeting later, we’re sorry to waste your time.” Mr. Merchant expresses gratitude, saying, “My wife will be delighted, Ram is sick, and it was a joy meeting you.” He walks away. Let’s go, says Priya.

Adi claims you were nervous on the inside. Ram is afraid of you, according to Kunal. We’ll go home for dinner, she says. Yes, she replies, and tell me what Ram thinks of me. She walks over to her bag. Kunal agrees with Ram that she is hazardous. Adi receives Ram’s call. Ram inquires as to why Priya is present at the meeting. Kunal claims that she called the customer for a meeting, that she saved us from Mr. Merchant, that Sid and Shubham went to a party, and that Mr. Merchant was pleased by her. Ram confirms that he messaged her to express his appreciation. Kunal claims you stated she is cruel. Ram responds, “No, she isn’t mean.” Adi says it’s overly sweet. Ram inquires about the presentation. The audio message begins to play. Ram inquires as to whether she took time and where she is. Adi claims she went to the conference room to retrieve the luggage. Kunal says she’s bringing us out for biryani. The audio message is heard by Adi and Sara. They are taken aback when Ram confesses his feelings for Vedika.

Adi tells you to halt. Sara inquires as to what this is. Adi advises not to tell Priya anything. She expresses her desire to meet Priya. Priya arrives. Sara embraces her. She sobs. Priya inquires if everything is in order. Sara confirms, “I became tense after hearing about Ram.” Sandy advises not to think too hard. Priya says he’s well and that I just spoke to him. Kunal insists he’s OK; I told him Priya was bringing us out to eat biryani. Priya invites you to accompany her home. Sara says no, she wants to go home. Adi says we’ll come back tomorrow for biryani. Sara requests that Adi drop her off at the bakery. Priya delegated responsibility to Sara. Nandini exclaims, “Shubham!” He appears and informs me that I had gone to a party. Ram is in quarantine, she says, and you had a meeting, right? He says, “Relax, I didn’t know Priya was going to meet with the client.” She chastises him. He inquires as to what I might be able to do. She claims Ram adores us and that we are very important to him; if Priya discovers your true goals, she would drive us away from Ram; Ram believes she is perfect; how could you let this? Priya will learn you don’t care for Ram. He tells them to relax and that it isn’t a big deal.

She inquires as to how you intend to handle this. He claims Vedika handed him an audio sample, which Priya would have heard by now. You became a fool, she says, for Vedika’s benefit, not ours. They have a disagreement. Okay, sorry, he says. She suggests that you find out if Priya heard the audio file. Okay, he says. Priya notices the flowers and takes a photograph of them. Ram receives her message. She expresses concern for Ram’s well-being.

Sara says Vedika and Shubham would try to tell Priya about this. Priya informs Vedika that Ram is alright. Vedika sobs and says, “I’m scared about Ram.” Shubham disagrees with Priya.