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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 90

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 90 | 31th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Brinda fighting with Vedika. Vedika is asked to just not frighten her. She leaves. Vedika claims that she was the one who put a barrier between Ram and Priya, that he loves her, that he will take Ram back, and that she is not afraid. Shashi inquires about the work. Yes, Mahender adds, I went to the hotel and drugged Ram’s juice. Ram takes a sip of the juice. Mahender claims that he did this based on your statement that it is not about money, but about life. Shashi claims you have given him a sleeping tablet rather than poison. Mahender claims that I murdered Ram’s father in an accident the last time, that Ram is my son-in-law, and that he should not be forced to do anything. Shashi claims that your family despises you. I don’t want to offend Ram, Mahender says. I’d like Ram to remain away for a while, Shashi says. Mahender claims he won’t wake up until the morning. Shashi compensates him. You indicated you didn’t have much, according to Mahender. Shashi claims that I save it for charitable purposes.

Priya is at her residence. Akki is her name. He responds. She inquires if you spoke with Ram. Who told you he said no? Is he there, she inquires? Why does he say no? She claims he visits Meera on occasion. He claims he is not present. She dials Adi’s number and inquires if Ram is present. He says no because he had to go to a meeting. Ram, she believes, tells her about every battle. I was also taken aback when Adi suggested we shouldn’t look for Anjali; sorry, I didn’t realize you didn’t know. She says you’ll back him up, right? You keep your name Laxman, thanks, and I’m sorry I called you that. Adi thinks I’m a moron. Sid and Shubham aren’t in office, according to Kunal. Adi is perplexed. Shubham has returned home. She inquires if you spoke with Ram. He declines. She assures me that everything is fine. She believes that no one is aware of Ram’s existence. She inquires as to when you last spoke with him. Around lunchtime, he says. She says, “All right, I’ll talk to him.”

He’s hiding like a child, she claims. If Vedika stays at Ram’s residence, Vikrant thinks it’s unusual. Vedika’s game, according to Brinda. Ram, he claims, was unaffected by Vedika’s departure. She claims that we must prevent Vedika from harming Ram for the sake of money. He claims that Vedika is deserving of this. She claims that she will not support domestic violence, that it is a serious crime, and that she is doing the same thing with Ram as she did with Shashi, and that we must intervene.

Priya is on her way to meet you. When we had a fight, Priya said you showed maturity. She sends him an audio message. She claims that you asked me to assist you, but I declined since I dislike relying on others. She shows up at the motel. She inquires about Ram’s room number. You can’t go there because the manager says he’s sick. She dashes to the ground. The man claims that the floor has been sealed, that the guests have been exposed to a virus, and that no one is allowed to enter. She claims Ram is present; is he infected? She is concerned for Ram’s safety. She passes out. The doctor examines her. She becomes aware of her surroundings. He claims that your blood pressure has fallen. She inquires about Ram’s whereabouts. He advises her to rest. She claims Ram takes a lot of medications, including blood pressure medications, and she wants me to see him. He claims that no one will be able to meet him. Brinda and Vikrant arrive and inquire about Ram’s whereabouts. Let me go, Priya says. According to the doctor, he is infected with a virus, and you could be impacted as well. We will receive the results in 48 hours, and it is good for him and you all. She says I can go there too, okay, in my ppe kit, he doesn’t look after him, so let me go. We’re there, he explains, to look after you. Ram wants to talk to you through video call, according to the man. Make his pals talk, Priya says. Brinda answers the phone. He inquires if anyone else, Adi, Kunal, or Priya, has arrived. Priya is shown by Brinda.

Priya approaches the nurse and begins a conversation. Priya is asked to speak with Ram by Brinda. Priya tells Ram that he should forget about what occurred. He makes light of the situation. She inquires as to how you came to be infected. He claims that he went to see the client, and that it’s a good thing you didn’t since you were saved. I would have stayed with you if she had said it was okay. Time would have passed if you were here, he says. Just follow the doctor’s instructions, she advises. Vikrant and Brinda are both laughing. Get better soon, Priya advises. Whether I am bored, Ram asks if I may phone you. Of sure, she says. He expresses his gratitude by saying, This jodi is superhit, according to Kunal, and Vedika is powerless to stop it. We’ll kick Vedika out of the house if Ram returns, Brinda says. Sid and Shubham assemble their belongings and prepare to depart. Kunal and Adi join us. They are invited to the meeting, which Adi invites them to. Ram would have gone, according to Shubham. Clients were enraged, according to Adi. Shubham inquires, “Didn’t Ram attend the meeting?” Ram, according to Adi, personally persuaded the clients. Shubham is enquiring about Ram’s whereabouts. Priya arrives and informs Ram that he has been quarantined in the hotel due to a virus infection. Shubham claims that these are just excuses, and that he isn’t Tarun, and that he isn’t going to chase him down. She raises her voice in opposition. Adi inquires as to Ram’s fate. He appears to be in good health, according to her. I was going to inquire about Ram, Sid says. Call the client, she says. They’re angry, adds Kunal, so there’s no need. She says to give her a call and she’ll chat to you. She engages in a conversation with the customer. She says you may come meet us right now; we’re sorry, but we’ll have to wait. Shubham inquires as to why you have decided to visit. She asserts that it is my right, and that she is well aware of her own responsibilities.

Play this audio message in the meeting, Vedika says. Ram confesses his affection for Vedika to Adi and Sara. Priya arrives.