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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 89

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2  episode 89 30th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram saying, “I mean, we should always keep the marriage, your experience verifies this, but you should not have stopped Vedika,” implying that Shashi and Vedika should resolve their concerns. Priya interprets your statement as “I don’t understand the essence of marriage.” Ram claims that your perspective is different since you haven’t witnessed a successful marriage, regardless of what happened with Meera. She is adamant. He explains, “I mean, we have other ways to address such disagreements now that everyone is aware of Vedika.” She claims that you have no idea why I quit Vedika. I want to know, he adds, and that’s why I’m asking you.

He says don’t get too upset; we’ll meet for lunch and speak. She responds, “No need, I’m not hungry.” She hangs up the phone. She believes that if a family falls apart, a woman is always to fault. She believes that I am being punished in the same way that Meera was, since she was constantly incorrect in front of society. Shashi arrives to meet with Vedika. He informs us that Ram has paid our debt, that everything is in order, and that we should return home. She argues that just because Ram did charity for you doesn’t mean you’re equal to him; this marriage is ended for us; leave. He is taken aback. Priya will be there shortly. She says she will speak with Vedika, but she must decide what she would do. Shashi says, “Come with me now.” Stop the drama, says Vedika. He says you did a good drama, Ram paid the NGO, and you should finish now. She yells, “Will you beat me?” She knocks a vase over with her head. He is taken aback and wonders what is going on. She says, “Leave me alone, or do you want to kill me?” She shoves him. She tells Shashi that if Ram finds out what you done to me, he will never forgive you. He claims you want to demonstrate that I defeated you. She continues, “I will die, but I will not return to you, I made this mistake once, I will stay with Ram now, he still loves me a lot, if Ram knows that you did this with me, what will happen to you, he would never forgive you, he will accept me forever, then I will be with him.” Stop the drama, he says, and come with me. She tells you to leave or I’ll damage myself much more. Priya returns home. Stop this nonsense, Shashi says, and come with me. Priya asks Vedika, “What’s going on?” Shashi requests that Priya see Vedika’s drama. Vedika claims that Priya dislikes me, but because she is a woman first, she will assist me. Priya inquires as to how you were injured.

He claims, “I promise, she wounded herself; she’s acting.” She claims you are deceiving her. Vedika says it’s fine, it’s my problem, and if Ram finds out, he should just leave it alone. He inquires as to the nature of the joke. You’ll know when you’re in jail, according to Priya. He claims she is not going to file a complaint against me. Priya says, “I’m going to tell Ram the truth; you need help.” Vedika thinks, then help me, tell Ram that I’m having a problem, and go tell Ram that he will never send me to Shashi’s place. Priya dials the doctor’s number. Vedika believes I want Ram to know about this from you.

Akki, who is attempting to cause misunderstandings between Shivi and me, believes this chapter isn’t coming to an end. He dials Ram’s number. He claims he doesn’t want to do anything against that girl because if Shivi finds out, she’ll be sad, so forget it for my sake. Ram claims that your career would have suffered as a result. Akki believes I must prevent this information from reaching Shivi. Please do not pursue this topic further, he says. Ram responds, “Fine, if this situation worsens, then… okay, you may tell me if anything occurs.” I don’t want Shivi to get wounded, adds Akki. Ram responds, “All OK, whatever you want, take care.” Akki expresses gratitude. He hangs up the phone.

Akki responds to the blackmailer, saying that he closed the case and provided the money; now return the photos. He receives a response. The sender is Vedika. Priya doesn’t like me, she hates me, but she is innocent, I won’t back down, my husband has nothing, I want to come to Ram now, Priya needs to move aside, and I won’t let Ram forget about me. Priya approaches Vedika and orders a bowl of soup.

She says you’re Ram’s special friend, so you’re special to us as well. Vedika adds, “Forgive me; I didn’t want to hurt you; I know it’s not easy to trick you; Ram is watching over you.” Brinda appears and mocks Vedika. Priya claims that I told Brinda about you. Brinda says you did the right thing, Vedika, we were closest friends, our friendship ended, but Vedika didn’t explain why. Priya says it’s fine. Vedika believes you should be aware. Yes, Brinda says, you should know everything because Vedika cheated on her in friendship. Priya invites them to speak. She walks away. Sid says we’ll go out for drinks tonight for the party. Adi appears and informs you that you both have an important meeting tonight. Shubham says I’ll notify Ram that we’re leaving. Brinda and Vedika argue. Brinda says if Shashi has raised hand on you, then Priya will help you, but don’t forget that Priya is Ram’s wife.

Priya asks Akki about Ram. She goes to meet Ram at the hotel. The manager says we sealed that corridor, he is not well, he is exposed to the virus. She faints down.