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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 88

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2  episode 88 29th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Meera telling Priya about her incident. She claims that she has met women who have been abandoned by their spouses or who have been wronged by their inlaws; the women blame themselves for the damage and do not dare to end the relationship. Priya wonders, “Why don’t ladies leave such men?” I’m not sure how to assist Vedika. Meera advises you to inform Ram; he is wise and will assist Vedika. Priya confirms, “I will tell him everything when the time comes.” Ram wishes for good. Priya says she’ll call you later. Vedika says you’ll be rid of Soods soon, and I’m here to help. Nandini says, “I want this,” Priya says, “I want to celebrate his birthday,” and you claim credit for the celebration. Vedika claims that we must get her out of here; she should be aware of Ram and my relationship with him, as well as the reason why Ram allowed me to be here; she would also be furious with Ram’s buddies.

At the cafe, Sara, Adi, and Brinda are. Adi suggests pancakes… Brinda thinks it’s delicious, and that you all cook delicious food. Meera told Sara that Priya prepared a lot of food for Ram. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Adi and Brinda are at odds. Sara claims that Priya prepared the meal because Vedika is also present. They inquire as to why Vedika did not accompany them. Brinda instructs Adi to dial Ram’s number. Sara wonders why they’re reacting this way and what’s going on.

Adi dials Ram’s number and requests that he send Vedika away. Priya, according to Ram, stopped her. Priya, according to Ram, has stated that she is unconcerned. Adi becomes enraged and terminates the call. Sara inquires as to what transpired. Brinda remains silent; Ram’s birthday is approaching; we will prepare something. Sid arrives at Sandy’s office to meet her. He notices Priya. Shubham is halted by her. She claims I came to talk about Ram’s birthday. He apologizes, saying, “I don’t recall, it was in June.” Strange, she says, because everyone gives different dates. Sandy arrives. Priya requests that Sandy concentrate on her work. She remembers Ram’s words. She inquires of Adi as to the precise day of Ram’s birthday. Adi says it’ll be in January, next month, and you may ask him about it.  She inquires whether he would appreciate it if we gave him a party. He says yes since he enjoys gatherings and food. Then we’ll surprise him, she says. Okay, he says.

Ram inquires about Vedika’s plans for the day, whether he should drop her off or if Shashi will come to pick her up. Nandini inquires whether you will interact with guests in this manner. Vedika believes he is correct. He claims that things are settled between Shashi and you, that you both love one other, and that you’d be eager to go. She responds yeah, I miss him, Priya stops her, Shashi should consider his behavior, if I go, he will take me for granted. He inquires, “Did Priya mention this to you?”

Nandini questions why she said this and why she stopped you. Vedika advises I should get some fresh air. She walks away. Nandini wonders why Priya did this. Priya, according to Ram, is smart. She says yes, she seen awful marriages in her house, what can she do, we never met Sara’s husband, Priya didn’t see anything positive, Vedika would have gone to ask something and Priya would have said no. Ram says I’ll talk to Vedika and that she should go back to Shashi. She says no, leave it alone, don’t say anything, Vedika should make the correct decision.

Sara and Priya meet. Sara relates the story of Vedika. Yes, they’ve been pals since college, according to Priya. Ram, according to Priya, enjoys balancing all of his buddies. Sara claims he is well-mannered, while Vedika is less so, believing she has a claim to Ram’s money. “Perhaps I’m thinking about organizing Ram’s birthday,” Priya says. Sara inquires about her plans. Ram contacts Priya’s number and chooses to speak with her about Vedika. She makes a mental note to get in touch with him later. She asks about his kundali (astrological chart). She considers herself to be informed of his birthdate. My birthday is in a month, he continues. She believes his acquaintances are well acquainted with him, but not his family. Okay, she says. He inquires as to why you stopped Vedika at home. She claims they were arguing a lot and that if they remain away, they will calm down. He claims that your perception of marriage is skewed since you haven’t witnessed any successful marriages.

Priya asks Akki about Ram. She goes to meet Ram at the hotel. She learns that Ram is exposed to the virus. She faints down in the corridor.