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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 87

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2  episode 87 28th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode precap scene starts with Adi inquires of Ram about Priya’s knowledge about your past. Priya claims that Ram will believe you here. Ram inquires about Priya’s well-being, but Vedika misunderstands him to be concerned about her.

The Episode starts with Priya and Ram argue about who will go to bring the loan cash. Ram says, “If this is a fight, I’ll give you a coupon.” The loan officer is concerned. Ram sends the officer to Vikrant. Priya is taken aback. This, according to Priya, is completely incorrect. Ram defends himself. Ram says he found out about Anjali, who harmed Akki, and that we will catch her shortly. Wait for me, Ram says, and we’ll go home together. They both agree and proceed to their respective jobs. Priya thinks I’m foolish and was duped by Ram. Here, Akki burns the photos with Anjali and throws them in the trash. He receives mails threatening him and demanding 50 thousand. Akki decides to pay and be done with it. He discovers money in the cabinet. Shivi appears and asks, “Are you going me shopping?” Akki claims that this is for saving for our home, after which we would go shopping. Shivi, Akki thinks I’m sorry for lying.

Priya believes that if she is late, she should notify Ram that she will be free. Ram said she’ll be there as well. Priya notices Vedika and inquires as to why she has not left. Priya notices her concern and inquires whether she is all right. Vedika agrees. Priya inquires about Shashi’s whereabouts. Vedika claims to have a job. Vedika acts as if he had a foot injury. Priya assists her, and Vedika grins. Adi tells Ram to tell Priya about Vedika because your relationship with Priya has now permanently changed.

Ram explains, “I just feel like the present is so great, so why talk about the past?” Adi points out that Vedika lives in your home. Ram said, “But she’ll leave; you just concentrate on Anjali.” Adi walks away. Ram believes I agreed to inform Priya what is preventing me from doing so now.

Priya takes Vedika to the doctor. According to the doctor, it appears that someone hurt her since if she had felt on her own, she would not have been hurt in this way. Priya recounts past events and claims Shashi is to blame. Vedika is deafeningly quiet. Priya says you’ll be staying at her house from now on. Priya responds, “I’m not going to let you put up with this.” Vedika grins. Vedika acts as if Ram will not consent. Priya, don’t worry, she’ll handle Ram. But, according to Vedika, Ram will ruin the business, and Sid will be in danger as well. Priya consoles her.Vedika wants her to promise her that she will not tell Ram the truth, and only then will she accompany her.

Priya and Vedika return. Ram arrives and learns that Priya has gone to the doctor. Ram discovers Priya and inquires as to why she was with the doctor. Vedika thinks Ram is worried about her since she sees him concerned, and she feels great, but as Ram moves close to Priya, Vedika becomes jealous. Ram is concerned. Priya claims she’s alright, but I had to go to college. Vedika believes my idea was successful. Priya is hesitant to tell the truth. Priya has invited Vedika to supper because Shashi is unavailable. Ram says you choose the location, and we’ll eat healthy.

In the Precap of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 87 : Nandini and Vedika plan against Priya. Ram finds Priya behaving wierd.