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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 86

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2  episode 86 27th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vedika says Neeraj to transfer Sar the money to sara. Sara is calling me many times, vedika claims. Priya claims that the money is needed by NGO children, so she called. I’m sorry, Neeraj, but I won’t be able to help you. Ram suggests that he isn’t qualified for this post, and that I should speak with the seniors. Your Shashi’s bank accounts have been seized, according to Neeraj. Vedika inquires, “What do you mean?” Tarun, Ram says, get my checkbook. Tarun claims you took it to the office the day before yesterday. Ram, Vedika says, it’s fine, I’ll handle it.

Shashi claims that my wife has already caused me problems, so don’t start now. You should have told us, Adi argues, that I am not your wife or friend. Ram phones Adi and tells him to write a check for Sara right away, and Priya will provide account information. Vedika gazes. Priya explains everything. Shashi embarrasses me since Vedika acts as though this is ridiculous. She sobs and walks away. I’ll go, Neeraj says. Nandini thinks you did a good thing by assisting Vedika. Priya would have been trapped if Ram had said, “I did this for those kids, they need money.” Shashi, Adi adds, Ram knows about your accounts; now is the moment for you to tell him the truth. He leaves. Shashi claims that time is not on my side, that Ram will not abandon me, that I am not his family, and that Vedika abandoned me and went to Ram.

Sandy appears and apologizes. She leaves. Shashi dials Sid’s number. Adi dials Ram’s number. He inquires as to what Vedika is doing at your home and whether Priya is aware of her presence. Adi, Priya asks, “What are you saying?” Adi is concerned. She inquires as to whether Ram is concealing something; if so, she says, “Tell me, you can trust me.” Adi claims that it is Ram’s birthday; he is shy and dislikes it when others make an effort; don’t tell Ram, or he will become enraged. Ram says to Vedika, “I’ll take care of this.” No, she says, I don’t want to return home.

Nandini inquires of Priya, “Did you know about Vedika and Shashi’s financial difficulties?” Priya answers no, and he’s surprised because Ram’s birthday is coming up next month. Nandini has said no, and Adi has confirmed it. Nandini says you want to arrange Ram’s birthday party, which is very nice; I had no idea you were so close. Priya declines.

Nandini remarks, “You two are so different,” “Perhaps I was wrong,” “You have a right,” “We don’t do anything,” “Ram doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday,” and “We don’t do anything.” As you say, Priya says okay. Nandini believes that whatever Vedika is up to, she must do something significant.

You mentioned Ram loves you, according to Neeraj. Yes, Vedika says. I didn’t see that, he claims. She says you don’t have to say anything because Ram has promised to do everything he can to ensure my happiness. He tells me to go tell Ram that I’m not happy. Shashi, she claims, is my spouse. You must convince Ram that you are unhappy in this marriage, he says. She describes how Ram persuaded Shashi. He says we have to do something, that we are now a team, that you should not tell Ram anything, that you should talk to Priya, that you should seem to be a helpless mother, and that you are under threat from Shashi. She asks how. He tells the plan.

Vedika and Priya are on their way and have a conversation. Vedika thinks you should be aware that Ram is mine. Ram inquires as to how you came to suffer such losses. For Vedika, Shashi recalls, “I kept her happy, we all pampered her, her father passed away, I got all the duty on me,” which Ram understands. It’s evident, Adi argues, that you made the agreement with the wrong people. You should have talked to me, Ram says. Shashi inquires as to what authority I have to come to you. What’s going on between Vedika and you, Ram says as a friend. Shashi claims that you already know why. Adi is leaving. Ram says, “I want to figure this out,” and then asks, “How can I help?” Priya, Vedika says, we don’t know each other. Was it easy for you all when your father abandoned your mother? Priya claims she doesn’t want to discuss, that Shashi would accept her, and that her love is genuine. Vedika says, “How shall I trust?” “Many people love and leave us,” she says. “You are strong,” she says, “you managed yourself when Neeraj left you.” Priya expresses her desire to attend her classes. Vedika comes to a halt. Shashi claims that you and Vedika look out for one another. Ram says, “You know, she chose you,” and I respect that. Shashi claims you adored her. I don’t want her to leave you, Ram replies. Shashi speculates that Vedika might be interested in this. Come with me, Vedika says; I don’t want to meet him alone. Ram, according to Priya, is present. Shashi is possessive of me, Vedika claims, and he doesn’t like my talking to anyone, especially…. he loves me, but violently… Priya wonders if he’ll do anything wrong. Vedika says no, but you are welcome to join along. Come on, Priya says. Ram claims that you are familiar with Vedika. Shashi says no, and I’m not sure what she wants. Sid is depressed, Vedika isn’t pleased with me, and I’ve lost my business and my happiness. Ram declares, “I pledge not to come between Vedika and you.” We should wait here, according to Priya. Shashi claims you’re doing it because you adore Vedika. When Vedika opens the door, she apologizes and asks, “What were you saying?” According to Ram, we… Priya arrives. We’ll wait outside while you and Shashi talk. He’ll accompany Priya.

Priya inquires as to what Shashi said. Ram claims Shashi is hyperactive, but he adores Vedika. I’m confident everything will work out, she says. He wonders if I should tell her about Vedika.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2  episode 86 promo Vedika hurts herself and blames Shashi. Priya supports Vedika. She says Ram will support me. Ram worries for Priya.