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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 85

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2  episode 85 24th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Priya declaring, “I’m your wife, our marriage is real, why would you assume I’ll be happy with your actions?” Ram answers no, are you upset? Yeah, she says, I’m furious, because wife do that. She chuckles. He inquires as to what transpired. She apologizes, “Your face… you got fooled, I was acting.” She tells him to go change his clothes. He smiles and walks away. Vedika inquires as to why Ram doesn’t even want Priya to know about us; I believe he actually believes Priya and his relationship as if Priya has a claim on him. Nandini thinks it’s unusual that you left your place to stay with us and are concerned about Ram. She inquires as to what is going on in your head. Vedika answers no, Sid and Shubham’s profession might have ended today; I don’t like Sid due to  Shashi’s behaviour; you think that would have happened to Shubham; I’m here just because Shashi assumes I’m there for another purpose; Ram would have accused Shubham. Nandini claims he had nothing to do with it. He informed me, “I know what you do have in mind for Priya, my past hasn’t left me, so I’m thinking about Ram and this family,” Vedika said. Nandini decides to put her to the test first. Yes, thank you for saving Shubham, she says. She leaves after a beautiful taunt to Vedika.

When Ram sees Priya, he tells her that he was summoning Tarun to dry his towel. Give that to me, Priya says. Tarun appears. Ram hands over the towel. I obtained these cards in the automobile, Tarun claims. Ram thinks it’s valuable, so I’ll dry it. Priya beams. He considers how he will dry it. She believes he will benefit from my assistance. He believes she can dry it, but she will lecture me. Neeraj inquires as to whether you have arrived at Ram’s residence. Yes, thanks, Vedika responds, and we’ll tell Priya about Ram and me. Then tell her, he says. By some excuse, she says come here tomorrow. He claims Ram despises seeing me. So I’m calling you, she says. Priya asks whether you’re considering enlisting my assistance. The coupons are given by Ram. She dries the cards with an iron. She believes that because he is constantly willing to help me and others, he should be named Helper of the Year. She claims that if you thought I would reject, you could have used the discount to keep Vedika there. No, he replies, because you are constantly willing to help people, you would get the Helper of the Year title. She asks, “Can you help me?” with a smile. Say it again when he asks. She asks if you can assist her in locating Anjali. I was thinking the same thing, he says, and we’ll find her. I just wanted to say something. He remains silent. She hands over the card to him. He believes I won’t be able to tell her anything about Vedika.

It’s morning, and Adi is discussing work with Sandy. He inquires about her relatives. She assures me that everything is great. Shashi appears and inquires about Ram’s whereabouts. Adi claims to have gone out with Priya late at night. I assumed he was late because of Vedika, who had a fight with me and went to Ram’s residence, according to Shashi. Adi is perplexed. Priya approaches Tarun and requests that he serve Ram the parathas. I’ve also created a dish, Vedika says, so I figured I’d do something. It’s fine, according to Priya. Priya, Vedika responds, you’re OK; I just wanted to say that we’re similar. No, Ram responds, you’re not the same. Priya inquires as to what you mean. Shivi is irritated when he sees the paratha. Meera claims that this occurs. Shivi claims that I am useless, that everyone has a job to perform, that you prepare delicious food while I do nothing. Your job, according to Meera, will be to make us laugh. Akki appears. Shivi claims that it is simple. He claims that a courier has arrived to deliver you. Shivi yells when she sees Sarika. I’m your Sasuma, says Sarika. Shivi congratulates Sarika. Akki chuckles.

He analyzes the letter. When he sees Anjali and his photos, he is taken aback. He believes that whoever gave these photos is aiming to ruin Shivi’s and my relationship. Nandini inquires as to why you said this. Priya responds, “I know, Vedika is great, and I’m a jerk.” He answers no, and I’m thinking to myself, “You’re not like us; you didn’t think before arresting your father; we don’t have your courage.” He asks Nandini if she can punish Shubham if he does something wrong, and she replies, “No, right, we can’t do this, you’re different.” He enjoys parathas. My behaviours are changing because he says it’s tasty. Priya beams. Adi sends Ram a note inquiring about Vedika. Ram apologizes, I have to leave for work, Shashi is nearby, and I will take care of Vedika’s situation.

Ram takes the paratha. Neeraj arrives. Ram inquires as to your purpose for being here. Vedika believes he submitted his entry on time. I’m calling Ram, Adi says. Shashi inquires if you believe Vedika is present. No, Adi responds, you’re in a lot of debt, and you had to tell us about it.

Maitri had sent Priya’s favourite food, according to Neeraj. Tarun, according to Ram, might make it for you. Nandini says everything is good. You don’t have to come the next time, Ram says. Have the dish and tell me, Neeraj adds, and I’ll tell Maitri. Ram says she can tell Maitri that she doesn’t like what she’s seeing right now. Priya claims that she no longer enjoys it and that her habits are changing. Ram grins.

Adi’s call is answered by Priya. Adi inquires if Priya is aware of Vedika and you. Show Ram that you are in danger from Shashi, Neeraj says. Vedika smacks herself after arguing with Shashi. Shashi is taken aback. Priya inquires of Vedika, “Did Shashi hurt you?” She tells him, “Enough is enough; you won’t go into that house now.”