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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 84

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The episode begins with Vedika declaring, “You’re correct, Shashi, I went there to save Shubham and wow Ram; no one else can offer my services in Ram’s life.” Ram and Priya arrive home. Vedika contacts Ram and tells him she can’t just stay the marriage with Shashi. He says, “Cool down, I’ll be there.” Ram wants to know what happened to her and why she has been crying. Neeraj arrives and praises Vedika’s performance. He claims Shashi doesn’t have enough money in his bank; well done, you got Ram to trust you. She claims that Priya wrecked her plan, that she now needs her more now than ever, and that she wants to make apologies for her error. He says that once Ram finds out I’m near Priya, you know what’ll happen; Priya can’t love anyone since she is cruel. She says you want to know this, right, that she’s unhappy because of you; you have to constantly remember Priya, or she’ll forget you; you don’t really want Priya to forget you; I don’t really want Ram to forget me; I’ve always been his top concern.

He says it’s fascinating. On the phone, Sara speaks with Priya. Priya says Ram is always willing to assist, but I would not want to take advantage of his goodwill. Sara advises, “Avoid thinking, be yourself, no, need to not be yourself.” Priya claims he has many friends, particularly Vedika, and that they are well familiar with Ram, although I am unfamiliar with him. Sara claims that Shashi did not make payments until now. Priya inquires. Ram dials Shashi’s number. He asks why he isn’t responding. Shashi, according to Priya, would not mean that. Sara thinks Vedika is odd. Priya requests that you notify her if you do not receive the funds. She claims Vedika told her that Akki messaged Anjali; how would that message go? She sends the message to Akki to inquire. Akki responds, “I was thinking the exact same thing.” Someone, she claims, is attempting to capture him. She inquires as to your well-being. Yes, you and Ram are now with me, and I am fine, he responds. She claims he has a lot more faith in me, so should I approach Ram with an unbiased view? Ram travels to see Vedika. She sobs and rushes to hug him. Please assist me, she says. It begins to thunder.

Priya wonders why there is so much rain this time of year. Ram inquires as to what transpired. Vedika claims Shashi accused me and him, despite the fact that I never deceived him. He responds, “I know, I never intended your marriage to fail; I’ll speak to Shashi; I’ll figure this out.” No, she adds, my wedding is ended. He asks her to relax. Priya searches for Ram. She asks, “Where did he go?” “Did he go there to get under the rain?” “He’ll get sick,” she replies. She hears the doorbell ring. Vedika claims that Shashi can’t excuse me because I loved you; he became enraged because I tried to save Shivi; I don’t even have any relationship with her; and won’t you aid us today if we really need you? He says stay calm. She wonders what I should do and will stand by me. Nandini appears and says, “We shall help you.” Neeraj arrives.

Priya inquires as to your purpose for being here. He asks why you’re going out if you don’t like rain.

Nandini replies, “We will accompany you; you are not alone.” Listen, your and Ram’s relationship is now over, but old relationships remain; your father and Ram’s father were friends; you will accompany us to our house, right Ram? But, as Vedika points out, Priya…. Nandini claims she won’t have any issues. Ram says he’ll talk to her and Shashi. Bring Vedika home. Nandini brings Vedika along. Neeraj misleads Priya. He claims Vedika phoned to double-check that I comprehended everything. Tell Maitri you’ve come here, she says. He inquires as to your well-being. She claims that no one bothers her here.

He claims that when I was unemployed, I had been responsible for your sister’s affairs. She tells you to go to her since Ram is there to look after you. He remembers Vedika’s words.
Vedika expresses gratitude for bringing me here and for providing Shivi’s things. Nandini responds, “I went to your house and will try to find out about it and; you and Shashi can settle it out.” Vedika is doubtful whether or not this will be resolved. Nandini advises to talk to Ram; he’ll figure it out; when you left Ram, he was upset, but he managed himself well. Priya, according to Vedika, will not like it. Nandini wonders why oblivious to Ram’s feelings for her. Vedika believes Ram did not tell Priya about me; I must inform Priya that I am Ram’s, first love. Ram returns home and inquires about Priya’s whereabouts. I’m not sure, says the servant.

Ram walks out and says, “I ought to tell Priya the reality; I would have no choice but to bring Vedika home; she does not need to know, because I have to tell her.” Priya notices Vedika. Ram observes.

Vedika apologizes, “I came on this without your permission,” and Ram says he will manage it. “I had a quarrel with Shashi, so I called Ram, and he brought me here,” Vedika explains. Priya inquires if all between Shashi and you is fine. Vedika claims that it is a personal concern for her. Priya apologizes and says, “I didn’t mean to intrude; please let Tarun know if you need anything.” She walks away. Vedika inquires whether Priya is angry. Ram declines. She says, “I felt so because Nandini informed me that you won’t inform Priya about us.” She asks, “If you knew about Neeraj, why did you conceal your past?”

Ram claims that it is a personal affair between Priya and myself. She apologizes. He claims that a lot of drama has already occurred, that Priya does not want to know, that it is my responsibility to inform her, and that he would not inform her. She gives a nod. He walks away. Vedika wonders how she will inform Priya that she is Ram’s first and last love. Ram says to Priya, “I have something else to tell you.” Priya says, “Stop, the carpet will become soaked; go change.” Ram adds, “I didn’t need to get Vedika, she asked me for help, are you alright with that or not, I want to fix Shashi’s issue, tell me what’s in your heart.” Priya responds, “No, I’m not fine.”

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 84, According to Vedika, Ram stated that Priya and he is husband and wife. Ram claims that my habits are changing. Neeraj returns home. Ram and Priya help each other out. Ram beams.