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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 83

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In Bollyserials Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vedika explaining, “I requested Anjali to take Akki’s statement because I tried to fix the matter; I had no idea she was like this.” Anjali, according to the inspector, has fled. Vedika says you have the authority to arrest me. Shubham says, “Wait a minute, look at these pictures, anybody will think the same.” Priya says no, so I’ll go question Akki. Sid claims that we would be all not as intelligent as you, that we do such things out of love, and that we should forget about it. Inspector, we don’t want to criticize, says Akki. Priya says, “All fine, Akki, return home.” Akki says I’ll accompany her. Ram says I’ll accompany him. No, she replies, we’ll go. She chooses Akki. Ram believes something went wrong, and Priya is correct; I embarrassed her. He tells Vedika, “You didn’t have to tease Priya, and don’t do it again.” He requests that Sid take Vedika back. Sid gives a nod. Ram leaves.

Priya tells Akki not to get panic and to go back since everything would be OK. She says, “I know, you’ll never ever be able to do just that.” Akki responds, “I know you believe me a much; I vow I would never violate your belief; don’t tell Shivi; go home with Ram; you worry a lot about Shivi and me; I would not do anything to embarrass you and Ram.” She tells me to go back, and she will accompany Ram. Please contact me if there is indeed a problem. He hugs her goodbye and walks away.

She intends to learn anything. Vedika believes Priya might have discovered your deceit. Sid said that when we informed them we were here for work, Ram listened to us. Priya, she promises, will get you. Shubham believes Vedika is correct. Sid inquires as to how you obtained those photographs.

She claims that she was aware of your intentions and that she examined your phone and obtained the photos. Shubham claims Ram is providing Priya 5%; we cannot accept this. She claims you confined yourself while trapping Priya. He expresses his gratitude. She says she’ll speak with Ram. She receives a call from Shashi. He invites her to return home.

Priya believes I offered Akki that I would go back to the house with Ram, but I would not want to face him, Akki was intelligent to call me and make me listen to all that, what about if he didn’t do something like this, Akki got me married to Ram for his love, but who is this girl, why did she trap her, what was going on over there, was she telling lies, was Vedika telling the truth, Ram was quiet, they are his family, Shubham is his brother, Ram regard Vedika

I have no hold on him; his character is nice, therefore he looks after me; how can I ask him to assist me? She claims I don’t want anyone, that I can manage anything on my own, and no one will ever stick by me. Ram arrives at the bakery. She wonders how he knows I’m here. Shashi requests an answer from Vedika. She says, “Ask Sid,” because I had rushed to save Sid. He inquires, “Are you genuinely going to impress Ram?” She exclaims, “Wow, I saved your brother.” He claims that Ram just wouldn’t allow anything at all to happen to Sid and Shubham, that you went there just to wow Ram, his family, and that that you are his weakness, that you intended him to appreciate you, and that you called my costly lawyer. She is resolute. She claims Ram might have left Sid out of this agreement, despite the fact that you stated you needed it the most.

He claims you went to rescue my agreement. He yells at her. He says I don’t have the funds to pay the lawyer, so tell me before you get there everything; you left Ram and married me even Though I had money; now I don’t, so you would like to go back to Ram; sorry, Priya wrecked your entire plan. He walks away. She becomes furious.

Priya claims that Vedika isn’t between us because we don’t comprehend each other. Ram believes you have such a right to be annoyed. She says, “I’m shocked, pleased that my brother was saved, angry that a girl intended to attack him, why, I don’t know, I’ll figure out why she did this.” Ram inquires if you are not feeling something else. She declines. He claims you are faking, but there is another explanation; please tell me if you are angry.

No, she thinks, don’t believe him, all men are just the same, I’m alone, just to be obvious. He says no, I came to apologize, I was also concerned, Shubham, Sid, Akki, and you were present, I felt the same thing. I comprehend, she says. He responds, “No, you don’t; I’d like to know your feelings.” She claims I’m not offended since Akki needs me, so I walked with him. He inquires if he is present and why you have come here alone. She inquires whether you will tell me if I am a good sister or not.

He says, “No, I mean, you’re here just because you would not want to meet me.” She asks, “Who am I to be furious with you? We married against our will; I accept; it’s okay if you wouldn’t want to assist me; you had your family and friends there.”

He describes her as stubborn. She responds, “You can say whatever you want, I didn’t have your friend imprisoned, and I overheard you.” He inquires as to why you remained silent. She claims you might have called me rude back then, but I might not want to hear that because I came here being alone. He claims that I come to tell you that you shouldn’t have to be alone. She inquires as to why and who is with me. He’s sincere in his inquiry. She says there’s no need. He says that everybody makes errors, that it was nothing fresh, that you’d have said that this isn’t right, that we made the decision that this marriage isn’t fake, that this occurs in ordinary marriages, that you can inform something by right, that we are married, that this has been the truth, that you really are my present, that you are my all, that the history does not really matter, that this is the significance of marriage for me, since I’m sorry, that we will go home. She claims that relations alter after marriage, that they befuddle her, that life forces to choose among relations and marriage, that it is difficult, that I don’t would like you to select between me and your old relations, that I decided to leave, that you do have connections in your life, that I am your wife, but that I don’t really want your connections to break, that this is the significance of marriage for me.

In Bollyserials Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Season 2 Episode 83 Vedika keeps calling Ram back. She sobs and says Shashi is unhappy with her because he really can not forget how much she loved him; won’t you assist me? Nandini promises to assist you and transport you home. Ram transports Vedika.

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