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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 82

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 82 | 21st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on  | Facebook page

The episode begins with the man telling you that this would be a surprise from your mother and brother. Ram describes his favourite chocolate muffin as an amazing surprise from Shubham. Ram claims that there really is no network here. The employee explains that just because the network is busy here due to VIP check-in, you may step outside and make a call. Ram consumes the muffins. He invites Priya to join him. Anjali says, “I’d like to chat with you.” Akki inquires. She takes his hand in hers and says, “You said you’d help me, and I’m terribly terrified.” He inquires as to what is the matter.

She requests money from him. He says I have 50,000 rupees; I have it. Sid and Shubham both smile when they hear this. Anjali receives the money from Akki. He inquires, “Are you confident the fraudster will leave you after this?” He adds, “I will come with you, don’t go out alone.” She responds, “Absolutely no reason, thank you for your worry, I will manage it.” He says he doesn’t think it’s appropriate, that we’ll come up with another strategy, and that he’ll pay me the money. She declines. He says, “Give it up.” She yells, “No!” You had harassed me, and now you’re avoiding paying a high price. Sid cracks a smile. Shubham dials Ram’s number. He dials the hotel’s number and requests Ram. Ram, according to the man, left the hotel. If Shubham says it’s an emergency, tell him to call me. Sid advises to call Ram, and the cops will arrive.

When did I compel you, Akki asks? Nothing occurred between us. According to Anjali, you manipulated me, and I will speak up against you. Akki claims you’re lying. Her sleeve is torn. She responds, “Yes, I’m lying, who will trust you, I’ve called the cops.” He grabs her phone and says, “Fine, I’ll inform the police of the reality.” Ram and Priya are standing in front of the hotel. They express gratitude to one another. He says, “I’d like to talk to you.” She requests him to say anything. The man appears and informs Ram that Shubham has summoned you and that the situation is urgent. Ram says I’ll call him, and he’s right. Ram dials Shubham’s number. Shubham inquires as to what we shall do next. Sid claims he is unaware of our presence and requests that we depart. Shubham says Ram will be returning home; thank God, something nice has occurred. Ram has decided that we shall return home. Akki dials Priya’s number. Akki calls Priya. Ram puts the phone on speaker.

They can hear Anjali and Akki fighting. Akki says, “I’m attempting to assist you, you’re trying to present me into this fraud, how can you do this?” Akki says, “I thought to verify your phone and assist you, but I didn’t know you were trying to exploit me, I didn’t know you’d attempt to rob me, I’ll contact the cops, and we’ll discuss in front of them.” Ram claims to be in a serious situation. Shivi, according to Priya, will be upset. Anjali adds, “No, listen to me, I’m frightened, my father is sick, I don’t have any money for medical, they’re blackmailing me, I swear.” Shut up, Akki says, my life would be ruined. Anjali responds, “No, they’re in the other room.” He inquires as to where. Sid’s room is visited by Akki and Anjali. Priya inquires as to his well-being.

They are, according to Akki, inside. Ram says, “Open the door or I’ll call the cops.” Sid and Shubham are concerned. He requests that the man open the door to the master bedroom. The man apologises. Ram responds, “You know who I am, just open it.” The door is opened by the man. Ram expresses gratitude to him. They make their way inside. They don’t notice anything. Priya claims nobody is present. Anjali is scolded by Akki. Anjali says, “They said they’d be here,” and I believe her. Akki examines the balcony. He recognises Shubham and Sid. Ram wonders what’s going on. This is horrible, according to Akki, because you seek to blame me by using Anjali. Shubham inquires as to what you are saying. Sid claims we did nothing. Priya requests that Anjali say something. Anjali claims, “I don’t believe it was the people that threatened us.” Sid says we arrived here just for work, that Shashi reserved the room for us; you can ask him about it. Shubham inquires as to why he will trap Akki, claiming that he is a member of his family.

Ram asserts that he is correct. Priya inquires as to who called you. Anjali said, believe me, he scared me, I’m not sure, he said he’s in another room. Shubham bewilders her. Priya replies we’ll look into other rooms. The police arrive. We received a call concerning a fraud, according to the inspector. According to Akki, this girl attempted to trap me. Priya claims she was hired by someone to trap Akki. Anjali confirms, “I was afraid.” Ram declares, “Shubham is my family, and we are family.” He inquires about the other room with the waitress. The waiter says it’s reserved in Vedika’s name. Sid wonders why she is coming here. Vedika claims that there’s no confusion because I contacted them.

Ram claims that you are the one who trapped Akki. When Akki asks if she did the entire drama, she confesses. Sid says, “Wait a minute, I’ll call Shashi.” Ram, Vedika says, ask me. Priya says he would not ask, however, I will: would you like to exploit Akki? Vedika says, “I was wondering if Akki was lying on Shivi.” Vedika is scolded by Priya and Ram. Priya, I don’t know your and Ram’s relationship, Ram and my relationship is strong, and I can’t handle anything wrong with Shivi, according to Vedika. Priya claims that my brother might have been trapped, the officer must have arrested Anjali and Vedika, and Akki and Shivi’s marriage would have been broken; what else were you thinking? It’s completely wrong.

Wait, says Sid. Vedika responds, “It’s all right, Sid, I’m prepared to be arrested; contact the lawyer.” You might have talked to me, according to Ram. Vedika says no, I saw Akki and Anjali’s pictures and thought they were having the affair. Akki inquires as to which photos. She displays the photographs. He claims she was weeping in my dresser, she lied to me about her Boyfriend, I grieved her, and she covertly took these photos. Ram and Priya look at the photos.

Akki yells at Anjali and demands that she respond to everyone. Anjali takes off running. The cops are on her tail. Vedika asks Ram, “What would you be doing if you got such pictures?” I thought to figure out the facts, I didn’t actually know this girl is a major scammer, she stated Akki is trying to blackmail her, she told the same storey to Akki, I didn’t do something, I thought to help her overcome Akki, you can ask Neeraj. Priya inquires. Vedika claims that she got funds for this girl from Neeraj’s bank. She contacts Neeraj and asks if the money has been arranged. Yes, he says, but why, and what happened? She remains silent. She says Priya, I m not against you and your brother, I didn’t want wrong to happen with Shivi. Priya says it’s disgusting, if that girl did anything, then Akki would have not gotten the bail. Akki says she would have shouted and accused me, my career would have ended. Priya says yes, it’s not a play going on. Vedika says my way was wrong, I did this to do right, sometimes it happens, you made Shivi elope and marry Akki.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 82, Ram claims you’ve come to express your dissatisfaction with me. Priya says it’s fine; she doesn’t need you and prefers being alone. Ram says you don’t have to be alone right now. She inquires as to why and who is accompanying me.