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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 81

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode of bade achhe lagte hain 2 episode 81 starts with Priya questioning how near are you and Vedika. Ram wonders whatever the question is. Priya claims she did not pay the NGO. He says, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay,” when it really doesn’t matter. She wonders why you’re going to make it, which is why I don’t say anything; I asked for assistance, not money. He wonders what’s wrong with that. They have a disagreement. He sincerely apologizes and says, “I’ll ask her.” She says, “When I told you about the payment, why did you get hyper?” as if I was blaming you, not Vedika. He sincerely apologizes. She says it’s OK. He believes she will be able to combat knowing Vedika is my past; it will be wonderful to tell her about the past, but not today, as it is our first date; I will tell her all tomorrow.

Vedika is on the search for Sid and Shubham. I’ll contact them, she says. Shashi calls her. He inquires about the new drama, Priya’s sister has arrived and requested a cheque, and what have you purchased recently. She requests that he hand over the cheque, which is only 2.5 lakhs. He says I shouldn’t waste time justifying myself to you. He turns away. He believes Ram will listen to Priya’s sister rather than me. Akki rushes towards her. He claims Shivi didn’t arrive since he was at a poster shot for his film. She believes that something significant is about to occur here. Sara claims that Vedika requested that I collect the check from you. Shashi adds, “I forgot the cheque book at the office; I will provide the cheque tomorrow; Ram and I are excellent friends.” Sara responds, “Of course, I understand, I’m sorry, and thank you.” He says it’s fine, I had some stuff to do.

She claims Vedika requested that to come home. He replies it’s fine, I’ll ask Ram to process the payment; this is between us; I don’t really have to ask him; Ram and Vedika have a special relationship. She wonders what he trying to inform her.

Ram claims that this restaurant is unique because it is where his mother and father first met. Priya asks him for extra information. He says Nandini came into my dad’s life and happened to change it; dad has always been happy; my best friend used to ask me how I liked my stepmother; I have never seen this, but only dad’s smile; dad taught me that family’s smile is the greatest peace; I considered my life’s incomplete part would be imperfect, but the mother is the mother; she has also sent us here. Priya wonders what he is saying. He wonders what he’s saying because he knows she’ll laugh or become furious.

She says you purchase the food because I probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. He makes a joke and asks if you really like ghee upma. She says no, but you can order whatever you want. He expresses gratitude to Meera Maa for teaching her this. She adds, “I also know how to surprise a lot of people.”

She says you can’t be a hero right now. She promises to keep a secret for you until you order your dinner. Akki approaches Sara and says, “I’ll take the loan and assist Anjali.” Sara says you’re willing to assist her, Shashi and Vedika are wealthy, but they don’t have 2.5 lakhs to make payments; please notify the producers that your plan is wrong. Akki says no and it will be humiliating for her. She suggests checking Anjali’s phone and teaching the blackmailers a lesson.

Sid instructs Anjali to do the photoshoot as quickly as possible because she is running out of options. He claims that we’re all present. Ram, according to Shubham, has arrived. Akki begs Anjali to believe him since he wants time to arrange money. She says we don’t really have time, but don’t worry, I’ve prepared it. She walks away.

Sid says Anjali needs cash; we didn’t leave her with a choice; Anjali must push Akki. According to Shubham, we are all here for project work. Sid compliments us on our efforts. Shubham informs me that I will contact Ram and Priya. Sid says I’ll contact the police, and Akki will be arrested. Shubham says Shivi will be with mother, so we’ll handle this to Ram, and Priya would have to respond. The food has been given. Priya says, “I wrote it,” and the surprise is over. She says it’s vouchers, you can use them once, and I’ll do whatever is written.

Ram goes through her promises. He smiles with pleasure. She claims that I am the best at surprising people. Yes, he replies, eating some food. He thinks to himself, “Thank you, Lord; let us keep the drama away; I’m sure she’ll comprehend when I tell her about my past; I won’t be keeping any secrets.” She asks whether you’re going to have to give her a surprise right now. Akki and Anjali complete the photoshoot. Akki asks her to brighten up. The photographer inquires as to where you intend to keep your focus. Akki considers how he may assist Anjali.

Sid claims Anjali is a good actress, which we may use against her. Anjali believes that there is no other option but to act quickly. Akki receives water. The water splashes over her clothing. He feels bad sincerely. She walks away.

She forgets to take her phone with her. Shubham texts Ram, asking where he is on the dinner date. Ram receives the message. He responds, “We’re departing now, we finished eating.” We need to act quickly because Shubham has stated that he is going. Sid calls Anjali and tells her to hurry up. Shubham inquires, “How shall I stop Ram?” I have an idea.

In Promo of bade achhe lagte hain 2 episode 81, Anjali is reprimanded by Akki. Ram and Priya rush after hearing Akki. Akki claims to be saying that those men are inside. Ram requests that the man use the master key to unlock the door. Sid and Shubham are taken aback.