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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 80

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sid exclaiming, “Sandy, I love you!” Ram approaches and inquires about what you said. They are all taken aback. Sandy sobs and says, “It’s not my fault; we only met once, and I didn’t encourage him.” Ram says you don’t need to clarify since Sid would explain why he said this. What foolishness is this, Vedika wonders. Sid says he’ll explain later. Shubham claims he is a complete idiot, and internet chatting does not reveal this. Ram inquires, “Will you embarrass the girl in this manner?” He chastises Sid. He claims she’s my sister. Sid adds, “I saw Sandy and was really thrilled, sorry, I didn’t realise who was present and said that I know I can’t possibly expect her response, Sandy, I didn’t mean to shame you.” Shubham chooses Sid. Ram inquires of Sandy, “Are you all right?”

Sandy apologises profusely. Priya claims it is not your fault. Ram says she is correct; you do not need to apologise; I know Shubham is Sid’s friend, but you are family, and there’s no need to apologise. Sara suggests that we give Ram a special present. Sid and Shubham go for a walk and discuss.

Shubham claims that you saved his life. But, as Sid points out, I had to confess that I love her. Shubham claims that if the Sood family bothers him, he will murder them and that he will inform Ram that you have departed. Sid predicts that once Akki is trapped, the spotlight will be on him. Shubham says the message has been sent and the photo shoot has been scheduled. Sid cracks a smile. Ram begins to perspire. Vedika goes to get him some cold water. He claims that water is purified here. She suggests we should have dinner tonight because the deal is done.

He claims his mom intended to surprise us by sending us to dinner at the Silver Moonlight Hotel. Vedika wonders what is going on there. Sara and Priya discuss the charity child. Ram, you are providing this marriage with a chance, you do a lot for everybody, does nobody think about you, adds Vedika. Ram says, “Wait a minute, I have to speak with Priya.” He inquires as to what occurred. Sara estimates that we will require 2.5 lakhs for the children. Vedika declares, “I shall give.” Ram responds, “Why, I will pay.” She says she isn’t your family, but she can help. Sara, adds, I’ll buy these products as customer demand, not a donation. Sara says, “Thank you; the kids will be pleased to know you’re using the material.” Ram expresses gratitude to Vedika. Vedika says I’ll send the check and pack the items.

She walks away. Priya says she has a beautiful heart, and you punished Sid, but thank you. In friendship, he says, no thanks and sorry. She inquires as to who informed him of this. He asks Prem and Suman, “Did you see Maine Pyaar Kiya?” Oh, she says. He replies I’ll show it to you, and we can say our goodbyes with no regrets or gratitude.

Sara calls Priya and tells her that she looks good, that she is going on a date with Ram, that she should remember what Ram said, that she should behave politely and that she should smile. Priya wonders why girls are usually told this, “I’m always pleasant.” Sara says, “Fine, you’re really looking gorgeous,” but Vedika took the items, didn’t pay, and isn’t answering my calls. Priya claims she may have forgotten. Sara claims she isn’t responding to my calls. Priya responds, “Fine, I’ll talk to Ram.”

Sara wishes you a pleasant date. Ram walks downstairs and notices Priya. Ahista ahista…plays. Ram thinks she looks like this because I took a bath, and she thinks I look like a hero. She invites him to join her. He wonders if she has extraordinary abilities to hear it.

Sid and Shubham agree that we must end Akki’s tale. Shubham adds Ram is also on his way to the hotel; his mother has planned a dinner date for him as well; he won’t doubt us. Vedika notices them driving away in the automobile. She inquires as to what they had been doing here and walks alongside them to the hotel. She believes that something significant is about to occur here. Sara dials Vedika’s number. Vedika claims she’s busy and asks if she may call back later. Sara claims I inquired about the payment. Vedika insists it’s a donation, not a payment, and that her husband would come and give her the money. Sara claims you took the items.

I have to collect the payment of 2.5 lakhs. Vedika responds, “Fine, my husband will pay.” Sara says I’ll go there and take the money. She hangs up the phone and claims I just missed Sid and Shubham. She calls home and instructs the maid to inform Shashi to issue a cheque to Sara. Sid and Shubham speak for Akki and Ram. Priya and Ram are on their way. They’re having a discussion. He claims you dislike music. She says, “Don’t judge me right now; I didn’t think about why I don’t like it.” He claims you’ll enjoy a certain type of music. Priya reflects on the past. Aye zindagi gale lagale is sung by Priya and her family. Meera bestows the gifts. She promises she’ll create your favourite dishes. Priya declares, “I will always save this ticket, and I’ll always remember these new year’s events.” They all exchange hugs. Fb is shutting down. Ram adds, “I’ll make a guess, and I think you’ll enjoy it.” He plays the same song. Priya looks at him.

Ram sings along to the music. She cracks a smile. I know your favourite song is bade ache lagte hai, she says. He inquires as to how you know. She claims you never stop singing that. He sings and nods. She inquires, “Can I ask you something?” You respond, “I can ask you whether there is any problem, and how close are you and Vedika?”

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 80, Akki compels Anjali into admitting the truth. Ram and Priya hear everything and go into the room to examine. Sid and Shubham hide and become concerned.