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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 79

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sara and Akki discussing a contribution towards children’s education. Sandy also contributes suggestions. They receive a call from Priya. Sara inquires about Ram’s arrival. Priya says yes, but I’m not going to force him. Sara tells him that he is our major visitor and that we would treat him with respect. According to Akki, we will advertise this. Priya is teased by Akki and Sara about #Raya. Sandy, Priya says we’ll talk tomorrow. Priya is greeted by Shivina. Priya asks her to notify her friends as well. Shivi claims that I also informed Shubham and Sid. Sandy is leaving. Shivi says it’ll be sold out; I’ll call you later. Sara claims they are engaged in a cold war. Priya says, “Leave it alone; we’ll discuss tomorrow.” Akki claims that their cold war is coming to an end, and you are the greatest at explaining it to them.

Priya responds, “Yes, I will ask Ram for  that.” Sara states that you now control 5% of Kapoor Industries; what will you provide himRam in exchange? Priya wonders what I may provide him. Sara argues that money can buy anything, but a personal touch is priceless; consider what you should get for Ram. Akki receives a message. He informs me that I must travel to a hotel to photograph a poster. Sara says, “Fine, go.”

Ram inquires where you would be, early to bed, early to wake, makes you well, affluent, and intelligent, sleep now. Priya is dozing off. He cracks a smile. He receives Vedika’s message. She responds, “Deal signed, congratulations.” He responds that he did it as promised for both children.

Vedika writes that you can always keep your promises, that Sid and Shubham are still working together, that Priya would be pleased to become a 5% shareholder, and that you have shocked us. Ram responds that she is furious because she dislikes items that are given out for free. She writes, “Are you delighted, aunty stated you want to give your marriage another chance?” He asks if we may chat tomorrow because the phone light is disturbing Priya’s sleep. Vedika expresses her undying affection for Priya. She becomes enraged.

Shubham hears Sid’s idea. She claims that we must demonstrate that Akki forcefully called that girl. We’ll meet, according to Shubham. He wishes Priya and asks if he can come to the bakery. Shivi replies, “You help the NGO kids, I have no interest, I’m a selfish kind, you’re my business partner, Ram would like it, give me ten minutes, I’ll get dressed and come.” Okay, she says.

Shivi and Sandy request that Akki remove the crates. Priya and Shubham arrive. Priya believes Ram did not arrive because he is at work. He wonders if I should call Ram. She says no, the kids worked hard, and I’ll look into it. Shubham wonders what this is. Shivi refers to the banner. He inquires as to where is  Akki. Akki approaches and embraces him. Shubham requests that Akki place the banner outdoors. He asks Shivi to accompany him to assist Akki; it will be romantic. Shivi is leaving. Shubham borrows Akki’s phone. Priya arrives. He stops. Sara inquires of Priya how her life is proceeding without incident. Don’t mention that, according to Priya. Sara suggests giving Ram something one-of-a-kind.

Akki claims that the banner has been repaired. Priya attends to the clients. Shubham walks away with Akki’s phone.

Priya converses with Shivi. She inquires as to why you are angry if Sandy and Sid become friends. Shivi claims, “I don’t like Sid, and I’m not jealous.” Priya wonders if he’s a bad guy. Shivi claims to be a lovely person. Priya inquires as to what the issue is and is informed that it is Sandy’s childishness that is causing the difficulty. She comes to a halt and scolds Sandy. Sandy says I don’t want to talk to Sid, and I realise I was upset for no reason. Shivi apologises. Sandy says, “I’m sorry, Sid isn’t so important.” Shivi affirms. Yes, according to Priya, family is the most important. She embraces them. Sara exclaims, “Aww.” We will also hug, according to Akki. They all exchange hugs. Priya suggests that you click on our photo. Priya, Sara replies, you’ve learned how to deal with issues in your life. Akki searches for his phone.

Shubham sends Anjali a text message from Akki’s phone. He dismisses the message. He claims Akki will be unaware that his phone was used. Priya approaches Akki for assistance. Shivi says I’ll assist. He requests his phone. Sid and Vedika arrive. Vedika believes Ram will come here because it is a gaudy display. Vedika inquires about Ram’s whereabouts; he stated that he would be here; I assumed he would come to assist Shivi. Priya confirms that he was planning to attend. Vedika claims that he is afraid to travel to crowded areas and that this location is sloppy. Priya affirms. Shubham returns and signs Sid. Akki makes a phone call. The phone is ringing.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 79, Sandy has the support of Ram. I loved her, Ram says. Priya asks questions about your relationship with Vedika.