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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 78

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 episode 78 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram declaring, “I wanted to perform my duty.” Priya goes towards Adi and Brinda’s. She apologises, saying, “I instructed Ram to take care of you all; I do not even know why he did this; it was was a mistake.” Adi, Vikrant, and Brinda started laughing. Adi claims that because he knows you’re concerned with us, he declared you a 5% partner to ensure our future as well. Ram believes Priya, and you two are suited for each other, according to Vikrant. Priya extends her hand to shake his. Adi says Priya Ram is in your hand; look after him. Brinda encourages her to smile now. Priya believes I felt lonely, but I am not single; I have all of them with me, and I’ll never take anything from Ram, not even this 5% in the company. Shashi walks over to Vedika and scolds her.

Nandini and Shubham become furious and declare that they will not allow Priya to take any of it. Shivi searches for Priya. He says we won’t handle your tantrums since we have other important things to see, which I will discuss later. Shivi walks off in anger.

Priya confronts Ram, “Why did you offer me the percentage in business when I don’t need anything else?” She exposes her passbook and declares, “I have income in my accounts.” Ram claims that you believe I handed you the share since you have nothing. She says, “I know you’re not going to injure me, but everyone will believe I’m seeking the money.” He claims that I am unconcerned about others. She claims that we just have self-respect, that it hurts when it is harmed, that we have some money, that I can take care of myself, and that I have life insurance. He asks if you will manage me if necessary. She agrees. He claims that if I do that, your personality would suffer; if I can rely on you, why can’t I? She sobs. He claims he didn’t mean to hurt you. She claims that everyone will refer to me as a gold digger, and she asks for no assistance. He says, “It’s my right, I’m your spouse, I’m looking after you.” He makes a joke and hands her a kerchief, saying, “You are special, you don’t punish me for caring for you, get used to it.” Sid threatens Anjali over the phone. He asks her to capture Akki. I don’t want to do this since she says he’s a lovely person. A thug approaches her. She says I’ll take care of my loan. Sid claims you believe they will wait for you. She notices the goon and inquires, “What do you want?”

Sid says you’ll do a photoshoot with Akki and accuse him of molestation. He is a great guy, she says. She is concerned and agrees with Sid. Sid and Shubham are heard by Vedika. She wonders what they have in mind.

Sara questions Priya about why she fought Ram again. Meera said you went to the temple and admitted you care about Ram. Sara cracks a joke. Meera and Sara explain everything to her. Ram overhears Priya’s conversation. He walks over to her. Nandini inquires as to why you have been standing outdoors for the past 5 minutes. Priya believes he overheard my conversations. Ram claims I’m suffering from a headache. Nandini says I’ll send Tarun meds, but I didn’t offer either of you a gift. Priya, according to Ram, dislikes receiving gifts. Priya states that I loved the gift and have worn the clothing. Nandini thinks it’s great that you’re both settling down, but she thinks you should both get out. We’ll go, according to Priya. Nandini departs. Priya believes Ram overheard my conversations. She requests that Ram not take any medications and simply sit down. Will you defeat me? he asks. She tells a poor joke.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 78, Ram states that while Sid is Shubham’s family partner, Sandy is also family. Sid and Shubham are seen by Vedika at the hotel. Priya inquires of Ram about Vedika.