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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 77

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 77 |14th December 2021 Written Episode,

The episode begins with Priya deciding what to wear. Ram appears and puts the gift for her on the bed. He intends to escape as quickly as possible. She notices him and inquires, “What are you doing, and why are you walking this way?” He makes an argument. She claims I said nothing and that people exchange gifts on Diwali, that you’re strange,  you’re fighting. He claims that if he tried to give you the gift, you would chastise him. She says it’s your fault, you’re lecturing yourself, and she thanks you. She notices the clothing. He says that I’m incorrect, that you’re correct, and that I’m untrue. Priya gives pills to him. She adds, “I’ve also got a present for you, and I’ll give it to you without taunting.” Priya takes out a kerchief and says, “This is made by NGO kids.” He exclaims, “Wow, such a phool…”

Priya says everything is good. He claims that is appropriate for me. She advises visiting the bakery tomorrow since the kids’ stall would be there. He adds, “OK, we’ll go shopping there, and I’ll meet Meera as well.” He walks away. Nandini greets Sid, Shashi, and Vedika as they arrive home. What a lovely decor, comments Vedika. Shashi is complimented by Nandini. Shashi says we are one family, which is wonderful because Ram’s workload will be lessened. Yes, she says, and I’m worried about him. Ram, according to Vedika, must have no trouble sharing his business with Shashi. Ram, according to Shashi, never declines Vedika. He appears.

Vedika inquires as to what you dressed. Nandini wonders why such a basic pocket square. Shashi inquires as to your well-being. Ram responds, “Yes, I’m fine.” He walks away. Akki and his family have come home. Sara claims that Priya purchased the pocket square. Brinda suggests that we share this on social media. Sid embraces Shubham. Sandy welcomes them. Shivi observes. Akki inquires as to why she is acting envious. Sandy, she says…

Shubham says tell-all after he signs the contract. Meera wishes Nandini well. Nandini claims that it is also Priya’s home. Meera also congratulates Shubham and wishes him success. Nandini says sure, business is in his blood, and please urge Ram to concentrate on his health.
Meera summons Ram. Ram welcomes her. She bestows blessings on him and asks him not to bother his mother. He says I don’t, but I vow I’ll grow up. Priya enters and Ram takes a glance at her. Sara claims that she believes her spouse purchased this garment for her. Ram claims that I was unable to attend the puja and maintain the tradition, but Priya went and received the blessings. Meera cracks a smile. Nandini exclaims, “Wow, she did an excellent job.” Ram says I sit with you each year for Diwali puja; if you do not really mind, I’d want to sit with Priya. She adds, of course, she must sit with you because she is your wife. Ram invites Priya to join him. Ram and Priya are seated in the pooja. He says a prayer for Shubham and Sid.

Priya says a prayer for Ram. Ram hands the document to Shubham and tells him it has become his responsibility. Finally, Shashi says congratulations. He embraces them. Ram says I want to make an official announcement, it’s a huge day for me, Shubham has now become the owner of a business now when dad left and I had to handle business, I realised I was alone, my friends and family didn’t let me feel alone, I didn’t pray for me, I prayed for my tiny world, I don’t need anything else, I m trying to complete this work today, I m making Priya a 5% shareholder in Business. Everyone gets shocked.

Ram says, “Priya, you are my life partner as well as my business partner; you are correct; we are really nothing without one another; we are us today.”

They all cheer. Priya believes I told him it for the sake of his friends, hence why I gave him my name. Ram adds, “I believe Shubham is short-tempered, but he values his family; I believe Shubham will work hard; Priya will be a passive partner; she is a teacher; be cautious.” He says, “Thank you, Priya, for taking the file to the chapel.” Meera adds, “I don’t understand how business works, but I want to tell you anything really: I taught my daughters to be self-reliant; they are married now, but they are still self-reliant.” Ram responds, “We don’t need any share; we want 100% of your love.” Nandini believes Ram is correct; Priya is our house Laxmi, and she should receive the portion. Ram says that Priya is correct and that I will be chastised for making this decision on my own.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 77, Priya sobs and declares, “I don’t want your support.” Ram says, “I’m your hubby, and I’m trying to take care of you.” Sid’s intention is revealed to Vedika. Nandini wishes Ram and Priya a pleasant stay at the hotel.