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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 76

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 76 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram arriving at the temple. He walks until morning. Priya is doing puja for shubham deals files. He hears the aarti bell and says, “I’m sorry Dad, I was sick at this time.” Priya calls Tarun and asks if Ram is awake and made a smoothie for him. The thief steals the bag and runs away. She screams at her and chases after her. Ram says I can’t attend art. Adi says everything is fine. Let’s pray in the temple. Ram apologizes, Dad. Priya says that someone will catch my bag, a thief. The thief falls Priya catches him. Ram goes there and takes her bag. He sees a file. Priya beats the thief and says to theif you cannot steal my husband’s dream. Priya says to theif I came to the temple with these files, where is my bag? She turns and looks at Ram. The thief runs away. The man in the crowd claims that her wife fought a thief because of her husband’s dream. Ram thanks Priya.

She asks why you are here and the doctor asks you to rest. She thinks I did his job today. Perhaps you have crossed the limit today. Ram thinks she walked all night for me. She thinks someone else would have done it for him. He asks Priya for a meal and she looks tired. Ram asks Priya can you take tea. Priya says: No, I will go wherever you say. Ram says no, it’s good for someone to have tea at the little stall. He asks the man to make two cups of tea. Nandini asks where Ram is and goes with Priya because she is not at home. Subham said Ram left for me and would never leave us. He promised his dad. She says Priya is innocent. Subham says he knows. He is calling someone. Sorry, Priya. She should have asked one day. Ram says yes, I should have brought Adi, but I was worried. Shivi says to shubham I won’t come in the evening. Nandini asks why today is such an important day for Subham. Shivi says I won’t come. He says I’ll call Ram and take care of it. He says Mom, I just wanted to hear this from Ram. Nandini asks shubham to call Ram. Priya provides a masked bun for tea. Ram says Adi will come in ten minutes. He is my brother. Priya says he’s your friend, but he cares a lot about you. he speaks right She says that you should reward your friend, promote Adi, give him more work and take care of his health. Ram says Mira is right. You are like a coconut. He does not answer Shubham’s call. He says I will talk to him later. She asks him to answer the phone. vedika is coming. Nandini says Ram is hanging up. Ram and Priya went to the temple together and the two are not doing anything. Ram thinks Priya too she’s thinking of my friends. Adi is coming Priya thinks I have to control myself. Shivi calls Ram. Priya answers the phone. Shivi argues with Ram. Priya asks Shivi to stop doing this and not use the word again. your brother Ram is not feeling well. She called to ask how Ram is doing. Shivi asks how are you doing. Priya says he is better. If you come to puja we will sit down and talk. Shivi says good. Ram looks up to see if everything is okay, and Shivi asks if everything is okay. Priya says I can handle her. Now she is my responsibility. Trust me. Ram says I trust you and says please keep your hair loose otherwise you look like old school angry teacher.

Sandy asks if these kids will go to Bhai-duj. Akki says yes, I’ll come too. Sandy asks Sarah to invite Ram and Priya. Mira says there’s something for Shivi where she is. Subham says I’m going to ask Shivi if Ram answered her call. Priya comes and stops Shubham. She said I was talking to Shivi and she was upset and she is also coming in today’s pooja. This is an important day for Ram and you. It is not necessary to spoil his mood. I told Ram I would handle this situation. Shivi is my responsibility. he claims “Priya, you’re right,” says Nandini. she goes.  Mira scolds Akki for fighting with shivi. She calls Shivi. Shivi loves shopping. She says I will prepare for my first Diwali after marriage. on the other side, Adi asks why he is doing this. Ram says I have to do this, and Vikrant and Kunal told me to ask you.

Adi inquires, you ask from Priya. Ram claims that he got this concept from Priya and that he should make some changes here. Nandini and Vedika suddenly appear. Nandini wonders what you changed. Ram instructs Adi to prepare the paperwork. Vedika says aunty was worried about you because you work here. Nandini cautions Ram not to put too much pressure on himself. Vedika, she claims, recommended anything. Vedika suggests that you divide your responsibilities; Sid and Shubham are both busy, and you need someone with experience. According to Nandini, we are asking you to share the load. Ram agrees, I always think about the family, stop worrying about me, I promise, whatever occurs, whether I live or not, your lifestyle should be the same, I’m available, please don’t worry, I will correct everything. Vedika believes I wanted Ram to make Shashi his partner to save Shashi and avoid what would happen to him. Nandini believes that if Priya departs, everything would be great.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 76, Ram performs pooja with Priya. He says Shubham and Sid will start the firm, and he would give Priya 5% ownership in it. Shubham gets wondered.