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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 75

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 75 Written Update

The episode begins with the Ram saying, “I’m fine.” Priya says Ram you’re crying. He says I’m worried about my family. She calms him down. He asks, “Can I tell you a secret?” Come near, I can’t convince you, it’s very challenging. He leans against her shoulder. He thinks your hair looks best when it is open. Nandini advises Shubham to be grave and focused on business; if something happens to Ram, we will take to the roads. He assures her that he is in good hands because Priya is looking after him. Nandini says Ram will leave us if he gets too close to Priya; I don’t want their relationship to full bloom, and I’m concerned that Priya is taking too much care of him. Priya is appreciated by Ram.

She suggests that you have to go to bed right now even your family will be admiring you. He claims they feel sorry for me because I am Nandini’s stepson, it was my father’s wish to keep the relationship together, I invariably kept the vow, mom had a huge heart when I was just a little kid, she approved me, she loved me, and she tried to give me a family.

Priya claims that because you are the eldest child, you have a right to love. He responds, “No, I have so much more than my destiny; I’m afraid they can sense that I don’t love them as much as I used to.” She asks, “Who would not love you?” He claims that you loathe me and did not want to marry me. She claims that you, too, did not want to marry me. He says no, and I’m extremely happy. She claims that she, too, is content.

He says, “You often criticize me, I want to be a superhero, it looks lovely when someone arrives to praise me, I keep the family happy and feel like I made my father proud, I strive to make Meera Maa happy.” She claims you’ve actually done a lot for all of us. But you’re not happy, he says. Why don’t you discuss your worries with me, he says. She asks him to sleep. No, he says, I just go to the chapel. She declines. He continues, “Dad went bare feet to the chapel with the file, and I should go now.” She claims you’re not feeling well. He continues, “I’m not sure why father left us that day, if the accident hadn’t happened, then dad would have carried the file to the chapel for aarti, now I have to go for Shubham, else who’ll do it, don’t ever let me sleep.”

She leads Ram into the room. She starts talking on the phone to Sara about Sandy and Shivi. Sara tells the story of Sid. She suggests that we describe Sandy. Priya claims it is not Sandy’s fault. Sara requests her to explain to Sandy. Priya replies, “Fine.” She notices the document and departs. She believes I saw Ram in pain; he is scared of losing his family; I don’t even have a history of accepting help; I can’t be powerless in front of the whole, and I want to do anything for you now. Adi arrives and awakens Ram. He informs us that we must visit the chapel. Ram inquires about Priya’s whereabouts. Adi says she’ll be in the bathroom, so hurry up. Priya compares Ram to this bridge, were standing alone, one can perceive the height but not the depth.

Ram responds, “Yes, I will change and join.” Adi says you look wonderful, so come. Ram says I’ll grab the contract documents. He searches for the file. Priya believes I’m afraid you’ll abandon me and disappear; how would I get up if I crash down; it’s difficult for me. Ram inquires as to where I kept the file. Adi responds, “Leave it, we’ll just pray, come quickly.” Priya thinks I don’t hate you because you would like to be everyone’s hero, but I’m not used to coming to a hero’s help, and I might collapse next to you. She moans and believes we are both in pain and are trying to hide it.

She gets to the chapel and goes to get some roses. Priya claims that Lord is more concerned with feelings than with the cost. Adi and Ram are on their way.

Ram claims that I am not alone; Priya is with me; I did not celebrate or work late, and I have a headache as a result of medications. Priya, according to Adi, would have argued with you. Ram responds, “No, I went to sleep was saved; make me go to the chapel, and I’ll sleep until then.” The automobile fails. Ram says I’ll walk to the chapel since it’s important. Adi responds, “Wait a minute, the chapel is far away.” Ram makes his way to the chapel. Priya does the prayers. She prays for Ram’s comfort; he has always worked for others; how can he be alone? She goes there to pray.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 75, Priya reprimands the robber. Ram recovers her bag and overhears her reprimanding the robber. He believes she did it for my benefit. He asks his mother whether Priya can accompany him to the pooja. The pooja is performed by Ram and Priya.