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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 74

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Priya begins the episode by requesting Nandini to say something to Ram. Nandini says I can’t actually tell him anything yet, since his father’s death, I have spoilt him a lot; perhaps he was waiting for his wife to come and alter him, make him vow on his father, which he will not refuse. Sid believes I just shouldn’t have come here. Sandy inquires as to why, and whether or not everything is in order. Sid believes this could be a major issue, then I should go. She thinks this area is wonderful, but nothing has happened. Shivi observes and wonders, “Why do I think I remember this voice?” She approaches and says, “Sid.” Sid welcomes her. He claims this is why I claimed I would have not come here; I had no idea my ex Shivi would be there.

Shivi inquires as to why Sandy was conversing with Sid. Sid apologizes, saying, “I really shouldn’t have come and sorry to waste your precious time, it was lovely seeing you, I must leave, sorry.” He walks away and Sandy wonders what occurred to cause such a quick change. Shivi claims you’ve been saved. Sandy inquires as to what happened. Shivi claims I broke our engagement. Sandy claims that because you loved Akki, who gave you the authority over my life, you damaged everything.

Priya tends to take online classes and Ram observes that. She sincerely apologizes for being late, stating that her spouse is not feeling well. We’ll talk about partnership, he says. Priya responds, “Yes, it’s an important aspect of life and business, and people don’t like it.” She instructs the man and taunts Ram. Ram believes she is taking my class.

Priya adds that when the partners are not even in harmony, the partnership breaks down; there are difficulties in life as well, such as my husband being ill; I thought he would rest, but he does not really care, he does not really listen to me; it’s fear in partnership. Ram believes the jailer has been promoted to the position of judge. Sid is stopped by Sandy. She sincerely apologizes excessively and asks why we can’t be friends. Sid says truthfully, “I have had no problem,” but Shivi would have a problem since we have a relationship. Sandy claims that you should choose your friends based on this basis. Sid thinks I predicted she’d cry at her first love; what should I do now? Sandy says it’s great to know on time since we only have one life, thus it was wonderful seeing you. She walks away. Sid notices Shubham.

He wonders how we could catch Akki now and requests that Sandy stop. Sid says, “Go back and tell Shivi that you would like to be friends with me, then watch the drama, and if you think our relationship is worthwhile, OK, I’ll join you here.” She walks away. Sid sincerely apologizes to Shubham. Shubham says it’s fine, that it’s happening because of Shivi and that she will play in a melodrama, and that her pride would be damaged. Priya accomplishes the class.

Ram claims you were taunting me. They have a quarrel. She gives him a lot of lectures. She asks him to remember his father, to vow on him, and to be careful. He yells, “Keep his name out of your taunting, he’s my father, his name should just not come up in our arguments, I did go down because your Rangoli got ruined, I did everything for you, it’s my fault.” She considers consulting with a doctor.

Sara wonders if you’ve met Sid. Akki inquires as to how long you have been chatting with him. Shivi claims he is not really the proper man for you. Sandy claims that Sid helped you in planning a surprise for Akki. Sandy becomes angry and fights with them. Shivi claims Sid is a major issue, and I refuse to leave until she quits speaking to Sid. Calm, says Akki; she is correct; we cannot force our views on her; they are only friends. Shivi responds, “I’m not leaving; you talk to Ram.” She walks away. Sara says I’ll speak with Priya.

Priya believes I’ll go to Ram after he’s asleep. She hears Vedika discussing Ram with Nandini. Nandini approaches Priya and informs her that she is looking after Ram. Priya claims Ram is busy with the company formation. Vedika wonders what the point of keeping Adi with him is. She claims I requested Shashi to share the job loan with her. Priya wonders what Adi will think if he finds out. She walks over to Ram and says, “I have had no right to say anything about your father, sorry, I was really just worried about your condition, you have a lot of work and everyone thinks Adi just doesn’t do his job well, he isn’t incorrect, thanks for repairing the Rangoli, that was very sweet, you should talk to everybody.”

Ram thinks your loose hair looks great. He sings. She receives the doctor’s instructions about giving Ram a large dose of soothing drugs. Ram is asked to sleep by her. Ram declines. He murmurs. She believes that is a side effect of the medication and asks him to take some rest. Yes, he says, I can’t think too much, I need to rest, I deserve time.

She agrees. He says we’re going out; where should we go? She says we’ll go to the room and you’ll sleep. He inquires as to your motivation. He laughs, then sighs. She inquires as to your health. Sandy became captivated by Sid’s remarks, according to Shubham. Nandini wonders how Ram will respond now When he will aware of this. He says that we could decide that, that we could cause a disagreement between Akki and Shivi, and that Ram and Priya will be entrapped. She says Ram should believe he can’t survive without us, but that isn’t true; we can’t let him link with Priya and we must be his family. Ram says I’m alright and we should cry now and again, and I’m worried about what will happen to my family if something occurs to me.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 74, Priya reprimands the robber. Ram recovers her bag and overhears her reprimanding the robber. He believes she did it for my benefit. He asks his mother whether Priya can accompany him to the pooja. The pooja is performed by Ram and Priya.