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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 73

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 73 | 8th December 2021 | Written Episode

Watch bade achhe lagte hain 2 by clicking on the above link. The Episode starts with Priya ordering Tarun to carry Ram’s breakfast, she will carry it to the room. Shivi is asked if she remembers that Ram is sick. Sara inquires about Ram’s health. She is concerned about her situation. Ram enters his room and takes a seat on his bed. Priya enters the room. I adore Diwali because it lights up every area of the house, and you’ve lighted a lot of diyas, so happy Diwali, Ram says. He is offered halwa by her. He expresses his displeasure with the fact that he is not permitted to eat it. He enjoys it and claims, Meera prepared it for him, and that she served it to him when we met at the bakery the other day. She says she doesn’t like when you go see my mother since she didn’t inform me about it and this isn’t the same halwa. He claims that it’s the same halwa and that she didn’t bother to ask me to serve it to you. She claims, “I’ve created this halwa, and now I’m going to get some meds.”He says you have an issue with our bond strength, you are offering me medicines, what did happen. She tells him to shut up right now. They are giggling. Nandini watches, thinking that if they get too close, Ram will leave. On the phone, Priya talks to Sara about Ram’s unhealthy food patterns. She prepares Ram’s Kada. Sara suggests that you speak with Ram and remind him that his family genuinely loves him, that he must take care of himself, and that as his wife, you have the authority to tell him everything. On the video call, Adi and Ram evaluate the business. Brinda made the aloo paratha for me, according to Adi; what did your wife prepare for you? Ram adds that better halves have this responsibility to prepare food for their husbands; my wife has produced a lovely rangoli; did your wife make it? Adi claims that she only created a small one.

He alerts Brinda and informs her. Brinda claims that you make it as well. Ram claims that his wife does not speak to him in this way. Priya is given Kada. Ram is asked to rest by her. Adi laughs and says, “You were on our minds.” Ram instructs him to finish the assignment without causing him any worry. Adi inquires, “Won’t you come to the chapel?” Priya claims that the doctor urged him to ease up. Ram says it’s important to go out to the temple. Priya advises that since the Lord does not want you to put your life at risk, you should take this Kada. Ram claims that this is about my father, who used to stroll to the temple and pray for the family, and that he will take care of it. Shivi and Sandy arrive at the bakery and tell Sara to leave the job to them. Sara expresses her gratitude and requests that they double-check the online orders. Don’t set fire to my bakery, she says. She leaves. Sandy cuddles Shivi and tells her that she is the best and that she asked the friend to come see her. Don’t worry, Shivi adds, I’ll be there. Ram is advised to relax by the nurse. Ram tells her that I must surprise my wife. She says it will just take 5 minutes. Did you see Priya, he inquires? She claims to be in the kitchen.
She claims to be in the kitchen. There’s no need to visit her, Shubham says. Sid says if I don’t visit her, she’ll think I’m a creepy person, so I’m heading to the cafe to visit her. That’s Shivina’s Sasural, according to Shubham, and she might see you around. Sid says she’ll be at home and won’t be able to assist them at work, so don’t worry. He smiles when he sees Sandy. He claims that she is alone and that no one else is present. If you fear this plan may backfire, Shubham says, “Leave from there.” Shubham adds, “I’m heading there.” Sid is introduced to Sandy. Shubham takes a step across the Rangoli. Ram inquires, “What did you do, you ruined the Rangoli?” Shubham informs him that I am going to be late. I’m speaking to you, Ram says. I requested Tarun to set it away, according to Shubham. Priya, according to Ram, is the one who made it. Make it a non-issue, according to Shubham. What if Shivi made this? Ram says she’s your Bhabhi, and you should take care of her emotions. Shubham wonders if you can compare Shivi to her. Ram begs him to take accountability for his error. Nandini appears and requests Shubham to obtain Ram’s medications. Shubham claims, “I was going, I ruined the rangoli in a hurry, I’m really sorry, we’re in a tense situation cos of Ram.” I’m sorry, Ram says, I didn’t even realize you hadn’t slept all night; I’ll take care of the rangoli. Shubham later apologized and says, “I’ll let you manage it.” He leaves.

Nandini says, “I was very worried, I was afraid,” and asks whether you’re all right. Ram claims that I have strengthened. She claims that we can’t even handle this house without you, that this family is nothing without you, and that you should take better care of yourself. Priya’s comments return in Ram’s mind. He asks for forgiveness and says, “I’ll take care of it.” She leaves. I irritated Priya, even more, when he said I had to take care of myself.

Priya takes care of Ram. She thinks he won’t be able to sleep, so I’ll take his class. Brinda is shown the rangoli by Ram. Priya will scold me immediately, he says, and she will mock me much. Relax, Brinda says, and don’t get sick again. He claims that I am terrified of her abuse. Stop that right now, she adds, and do as I say: wipe the damaged part carefully and replenish the colours. He claims that Priya’s hands are “wonderful,” and that “I can’t do something like this,” and that “all I know is how to handle financial things.”

She requests that he first clean the colours. He sets the rangoli. It’s looking gorgeous, she says. He claims that because he is an expert, Priya will be ignorant that the rangoli has been ruined and will not be unhappy. If you become sick again, Brinda says she’ll be upset. Priya inquires about Ram with Tarun. I didn’t see him, he claims. He approaches Ram and informs him that Priya is on her way to find you. Ram requests him to conceal the colours. He took shelter behind a pillar. Priya inquires about Ram’s circumstances. She notices him leaving.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 73, Priya advises you to vow to your father. Ram requests her to not mention his father. She walks to the chapel and performs puja of the file. Ram inquires if Priya may accompany him to puja this year. Nandini becomes enraged.