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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 72

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 episode begins with Vedika and Shashi arriving home and inquiring about Ram from Nandini. Shashi claims that Sid informed him about the situation. Nandini responds, “I don’t know,” saying that he was with Priya at the time, that he had taken this dinner, and then this happened. Priya is asked by Vedika if Ram ate the prawns again, what did he eat, and what happened to him. Nandini advises to relax and not to blame Priya. Vedika pays a visit to Ram. She inquires as to what happened to Ram and whether he has any allergies. Priya believes Vedika is overly concerned. Shubham suggests that he may have had something outside. Adi arrives and declares that he hasn’t eaten anything. Vedika says you don’t stop him from eating junk food. Adi tells her to relax.

She screams at him. She cries and adds that you all make him work. Relax, says the doctor, it’s not an allergy, and he took his medications on time. Nandini claims he is always taking medicine on time. Shubham claims that he eats medications all day long. We do not even take care of him, Neetu explains; he takes care of us.

The doctor claims that while he looks after you all, no one looks after him. Priya says, “I know, he doesn’t take his meds on time, he doesn’t have a meal plan, he doesn’t take care of himself, and he looks for stress relievers.” Adi asserts that she is correct. Priya claims he arrived home at 2 a.m. and immediately ate; he needs rest, and he may have forgotten to take his blood pressure medication. The doctor is right. Priya, Vedika advises, it’s best if you leave the doctor to his work. Priya replies, “I know you care about Ram, and you’re all devoted to him,” but I’m his wife, and if we all stay here, he’ll get worried; I’ll ask the doctor and give him the medicine .” Nandini smiles and nods. If Brinda had been here, Adi believes she would have whistled at this moment.

The doctor wants Ram to express his gratitude to his loving wife. He says he’s keeping you here for her sake, that it’s just stress, that you should eat well and take your medications, and that you should rest. Nandini expresses her gratitude to him. Ram, Adi believes, has found a girl who understands him and cares about her. Nandini and the rest of the group depart. Akki comes to Ram room. Priya asks him not to tell Meera anything. Don’t tell Shivi, Ram says; it’s her first Diwali, and she’ll be afraid.

Akki says I’m not going to tell her,   Shivi, he believes, is unconcerned about you, and she is sleeping peacefully. Priya requests that the nurse be present in case of an emergency. She expresses her gratitude to the doctor. Priya tears as she sits next to Ram. He presents her with Tissues. Agar tum saath ho….sings… He makes fun of her. If something were to happen to you, she says… He says you were present.

She states that the stress is due to Shubham’s contract and that you must be present for him. And you, he inquires? You don’t need me; you’ll take care of everything on your own. She says that I will take out another loan because there will be no one to taunt me. She requests Ram to stop talking and take a rest. Priya grabs his phone from him. He believes I am capable of seeing this marriage as true.

He goes to his bed. What can I say, she wonders, I’m not sure why Ram thinks I don’t need him, what would happen if I didn’t have Ram, I wasn’t terrified when Neeraj left me, I was just angry, I can’t allow you become my weakness. Adi tells Brinda everything. She claims that she is in a good mood. He claims that Priya is not a helpless girl, that Shashi was present, that this business is crucial for him, that he is concealing his financial situation, and that he is not concerned about Ram because Priya is with him. Finally, she says, Ram has a companion.

Ram wakes up in the middle of the night. Priya assists him in going to the bathroom. She speculates that he may be uneasy. She turns on the air conditioner. Ram returns and inquires about you have turned on the air conditioning, which you do not like. Priya says it’s alright with her, I am Okey with this. He is forced to lie down by her. He remembers her remarks and informs her. I’ll never be able to say this, she says. He claims you were unconscious that night. She requests that he go to sleep right now. She is shivering. He covers Priya with a blanket.

Priya asks Tarun to get a few things for her in the morning. I’ll keep everything ready, he says, and I’ll just arrive. He leaves.  she thinks Ram is a large man who finds joy in simple things. Ram awakens and searches for Priya. The rangoli is made by Priya. Priya thinks it’s funny that he wears a suit for 4 lakhs yet smiles when he sees this rangoli. Ram makes his way downstairs. Priya is making the rangoli, which he notices. Ram believes no one has produced rangoli in my house till now, that event planners do it all the time, that Priya has been doing it since morning, that she acts as if her life is black and white, and that she is flooding my house with colours and brightness. She makes a U-turn. He hides.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 72, Shubham spoils the rangoli by stepping on it. Ram says Shubham Priya made this Rangoli. Shubham says it’s not a big issue.  Ram claims, she is now a family member. Ram re-arranges the rangoli. She asks him to swear on his father’s behalf. Ram stop Priya.