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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 71

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with an argument between Shashi and Vedika. He tells her to report to Ram and tell him everything that has happened. He claims that if Ram and I make this deal, my loans would be cleared; I understand your wants and want to meet him; I understand your lifestyle; you are my wife, and I want to give you the best; believe me. He addresses Sid. Shashi requests to Sid explain to Vedika why you were willing to marry Shivi. You wanted to marry her for the benefit of our business, he claims. Sid confirms that he is correct. Priya sits and waits for Ram. Shubham dials Sid’s number. Shubham states, “The plan is in motion,” adding, “You know that girl, that new actress Anjali, she’s in trouble, she’ll do anything for money, so we’ll get her to start our plan.” We’ll meet her today, Sid says because it’s important to give her a plan for akki. Shubham says we need to pick a location. Sid says he’s chatting with Sandy, who says Akki is shooting tonight and Anjali will be there as well. Shubham describes you as a rockstar, and I agree. Shivi inquires as to with whom you are conversing.

Sandy adds a new friend who is quite funny and sends jokes regularly. Shivi inquires if he is attractive. Sandy says he does not know because he didn’t provide a photo. Shivi warns that he can be a weird elderly man, so meet him in a public place rather than alone. Sandy claims that it will appear uncomfortable and that I am bad in these circumstances. Shivi says, “Stupid.” I’d like to meet her, she writes. Sid says if she meets, she’ll know, so I’ll claim we’ll meet and ditch later. We’ll meet tomorrow, he writes. We’ll meet in the cafe, Sandy writes. Sid claims that middle-class girls are inexpensive, so as I finish my work, I’ll remove the chat. Ram converses with Adi. He tells Adi, “Make everything according to Shubham’s preferences; I want him to be pleased.” Adi says, “I’d like to talk about something important.” Ram explains that if his father were here, he would be delighted and that I had promised him that I would give him the deal documents. Adi says, “Listen to me, I need to speak with you about Shashi.” Ram is not listening to the adi.  He says he’ll get some dinner, go over the paperwork, and then come to sign. Let me speak first, Adi says. I can’t wait for the food, Ram says. He ended the call.

Anjali cries and holds Akki. He wants to know what happened; tell me, and wipe your tears. She apologises and says she doesn’t want to bother you. It’ll be recorded. He inquires as to what it is. She claims that my boyfriend called and blackmailed her over a video clip. Give me your phone, Akki says, and I’ll talk to him. She says, “Please leave it, I’ll take care of him.” He claims he’ll still help, but he wants money, and he doesn’t tell how much. She claims an amount of ten lakhs. Relax, he says; we’ll figure something out. She expresses gratitude to him. He leaves. She examines the video. She sends a message to Sid. Ram attempts to open the dish. Priya arrives to assist her. Shubham and Sid are having a conversation. I’ll see how Ram finds this marriage sincere, he says. Ram claims Tarun has left and that it is his responsibility to be here. Priya claims he may have slept; it’s 2 a.m., he gets up at 6 a.m. and follows you; he isn’t a machine; everything is OK. He claims you’ve resumed your taunting. She argues, “I’m telling you the truth, if you don’t eat on time, you might get sick.” Are you worried about me, he asks? Shubham is on the lookout for Ram. Ram and Priya have a conversation. She claims you don’t eat well and that you’re on blood pressure medication. I’m going to the room to fetch my medicines, he says. He feels uneasy. He claims I’m becoming dizzy. She requests that to go to the room and get some medicine. His nose starts bleeding. She goes to him. He is knocked unconscious. Priya ask ram to getup . She cries and inquires as to what occurred.

Shubham arrives and is shocked to see this. He rushes over to Ram. He yells, “Mom!” Priya request shubham to contact the doctor. He inquires as to what occurred to him. He dials the doctor’s number. He contacts Adi to get a doctor for Ram. Nandini arrives and is shocked. She inquires as to his situation. Mami arrives and inquires as to what is going on, precisely, what has happened to Ram. Priya tears and begs you to get up and tell her what happened. Mami inquires as to what you did. Priya said he had the food and was on his way to the room to take his medications when he fell. Mami inquires if he ate prawns once more. Ram is examined by the doctor. The doctor instructs to bring Ram to the room. Shubham picks up Ram and carries him to the room. Shivi receives a call from Mami. Akki returns home. He responds. Mami tells akki about Ram is fainted about her brother Shivi, who has fainted. Mami says,  hands the phone to Shivi. Akki says   We’re on our way. Shivi is requested to get up by akki. Shivi inquires, “What’s the matter?” I want to sleep, and you want to sleep as well. He claims Ram fell and was injured. She says he’ll take his medicine and be well; it’s my first Diwali, and I want to look nice. He thinks you don’t care about your brother; we should go; Ram isn’t feeling well; I’ll go; Priya will be concerned. Priya says a prayer for Ram. She thought about her marriage.

In The Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 71, Vedika asks a question Priya about her family doing anything with Ram. Priya says to Vedika, “I’m Priya’s wife, please get out.” I’m not worried because Adi claims Priya is with Ram. When Ram sees Priya, he smiles.