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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 70

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An episode of bade achhe lagte hain 2 Starts with Priya saying, “I promise, I will retain this relationship and just not bring love into it.” She leaves. Ram believes Adi and Brinda filled my head with foolishness, and Priya is correct: she does not really love me. Nandini claims that Ram has controlled everything about the business and that if he leaves, we will ruin everything, and that Priya can take everything from us. Shubham tells her to calm. Priya says that a woman should always apologise, so I’ll apologise for Maami’s error. I was with Sid, he was upset, you know Sid, he gets innovative ideas, there is an idea, both the relationships would break, if we trap Aki, Priya will quit Ram and escape.

That, according to Nandini, is correct. They notice Priya approaching the door. I know you were talking about me, Priya says. No, Nandini responds, that’s not the case. Priya answers no, and I understand why you felt awful after hearing what Sarika said. No, Nandini responds, it isn’t like that.

She begins a drama. Shivi simply loved Aki, she claims, so why is she upset? Priya responds, “I comprehend your issue; Mami made a mistake; nobody will ever behave badly with Shivi there; she is like me; she can hold for herself; Aki will never upset her; my sisters love Shivi; Meera loves Shivi; I will always assist her; you know why Mami told all of that; my family had many problems; their behaviour was also accepted; it is not right; it is all past now; I don’t want Shivi to sign any documents that upset her self.

Nandini says you’re so good, Priya, but the truth is, we did something wrong with you, Shivi may face the consequences, and I was overjoyed when Ram claimed he burned the papers. Yes, Shubham says. She claims that she wishes to correct the error. Priya says that it was just a misconception; we can’t undo anything now; we can only move on; Diwali is approaching; it’s a new year; we’ll start fresh; both of their relationships are strengthening. He asserts that she is correct and that we must correct our errors. Nandini is correct; all I want is for my children to be happy. Priya assures her that Shivi and his family would attend the Laxmi pujan.

Meera claims that she prepared badaam halwa for you. Ram inquires if it was made at home. Ram advises, “Don’t tell Priya,” but “Tell her,” since she is completely jealous of our relationship. He consumes the halwa.

In bade achhe lagte hain 2, Ram inquires if this was made locally. Ram advises, “Don’t tell Priya,” but “Tell her,” since she is insanely jealous of our relationship. He consumes the halwa. She claims she isn’t insanely jealous, but she also prepares delicious meals. Yes, he says, she prepared delicious biryani. She asks, “How come you burned the marriage certificate?” He claims that Priya emphasized to him that trust is the foundation of any relationship, that almost no document is required, that Priya and I are unique, that sometimes I think we are the same, that I get bewildered, that we comprehend each other when we have problems, but that he doesn’t know-how. She explains, “I’ll tell you how,” saying, “You both seem to have similar natures, you both need to respect each other, and it’s critical that your thinking be comparable.” Ram says yes, but I still do not think I understand her. She claims that she will have learned to keep her spacing because she believes that no one else has done anything good for her, not even her father; she believes that if anyone is looking out for her, she will be taken advantage of; I explained to her, but she doesn’t comprehend; she believes that if someone is looking out for her, she will be taken advantage of; I explained to her, but she doesn’t comprehend; she believes that if anyone is looking out for her, she will be deceived; you can explain to her that she can believe.  He receives a phone call. Yes, he says, I’ll be there. I know it’s not difficult to love Priya, but you’ll win her heart, she adds. He says, “You always speak right, Shubham’s business deal is being signed on Diwali day, dad sometimes goes to temple with deal documents, I’ll do it now, I’ll pray for all of the new relationships, I’ll go.” Sandy appears and inquires about the love confession video.

It was for Supriya, not Priya, according to Ram. Sandy makes fun of him. He leaves. Meera says a prayer for them.

Ram meets Brinda for the first time. He claims she didn’t say no, as she always does. Brinda encourages him to calm. Priya, she claims, has a difficult time expressing herself. Adi arrives and informs us of an issue. She requests him not to interrupt them because they are discussing a mall proposal to which Priya did not say yes. Do you really want Priya to answer yes? Adi inquires. Ram says no, Priya speaks in a serious manner, she does not take my name, Ram, and we agreed that she would not love me. Brinda suggests that she might like me. Priya is just like coconut, says Ram. She inquires as to whether you have affections for her.

Ram inquires if you’ve gone crazy. Shashi’s matter, according to Adi… Ram declares, “I’m leaving.” Brinda mentions Ram and Priya… Shashi, Adi says… Brinda claims that Ram didn’t say no, that he used to say that love only comes around once in a lifetime and that he loves Priya as well. Adi wraps his arms around her. Vedika is scolded by Shashi. He claims that I have bank contacts. She threatens to spy on you, claiming that if you go bankrupt, you will destroy my life as well and that Ram will deal with you unless he finds out. Priya sits and waits for Ram. I’ll phone him, she adds, but he’ll believe I often stop him. She converses with Ram’s photograph. She claims that you don’t look after your health, that you act like a child, and that you do not really workouts.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 70, Are you worried about me, Ram? Priya fixes her focus on him. He becomes nauseous. His nose is bleeding. Priya, he yells. Priya dashes over to him.