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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 69

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 69 Written Episode

The episode begins with Priya asking Ram not to terminate the guy. She stands up for him. She claims that she doesn’t shop at big stores because she knows she can’t afford it, that she doesn’t feel guilty, and that she is fine. But, he says, I can. She tells you to do it. He tells me that I am free to spend my money. She answers no, that we sisters have always been independent, that I find it strange to receive money from anyone, that I’m happy, that I have no problems, that my ethics won’t allow me to spend so much, that I’m fine. Ram believes it’s great since she’s confident in herself, but I’m her hubby. She believes I didn’t see such a lifestyle, that money is a barrier between us, that I can’t imagine such heights, and that this happens in every relationship. He sings a tune to himself.

She believes I’m thinking improperly. Ram makes a joke about her. He believes that if I violate any lines, she will become enraged. She claims, “I didn’t know about Shivi until I ordered new headphones for him, and I want them to be happy.” He receives a call from Nandini. Sarika wants Shivi to sign the settlement agreement, so she invites him to Shivi’s Sasural.

Vedika welcomes Neeraj. He claims that Shashi is at my bank talking with the MD, that he has loan losses, and that the bank is asking for compensation right now. What is it, she inquires? I discovered that your husband is about to go bankrupt, according to him. He insults her, saying, “I feel terrible for you; you married Shashi for wealth, and you also made comments about Priya and me.”

She becomes enraged. I wanted my wife to be beautiful and joyful, I wanted an ideal model wife, so I engaged Maitri, I won’t lie, I’m not like you that will lie to everyone, I won’t be deceived by you, you’re lying to Ram, Shashi, and yourself, he claims. He leaves.  She replies what nonsense, he rebuked me, no, Shashi can’t go bankrupt, no way, he’s doing to exact revenge on me, Ram is there to save Shashi, he helps those whom he loves, and he loves me.

According to Shubham, prenuptial agreements are made prior to marriage. Sarika claims that all we want is an agreement. Meera inquires as to what you are saying. Shivi, according to Akki, will not sign any contract. Sarika raises an objection. Priya and Ram arrive. Priya promises that Shivi will not sign any contracts.

Nandini says she came to invite them to Laxmi pujan because she knows it’s an important day for both Ram and Shubham, and she’s implying that Shivi would do anything for money. Do you want Shivi to sign the contract, Ram? Meera declines. Yes, our wealth is ours, explains Sarika. Ram inquires if she has misbehaved with you; she is not greedy.

Priya declares enough’s enough; Shivi is Akki’s wife, and she has a right to everything he owns; she will not sign the agreement; she went to great lengths to marry Akki, and we will not clarify anything. No need, says Akki; mum believes you were forced to sign the deal. She asks him to refrain from doing the same thing again. She claims that whatever happened to her will not happen to Shivi; she claims that she lied to Shivi’s brothers to have her married and that if she forces Sandy to escape, who will blame her? Ram has burned the marriage contract.

Nandini and Shubham are taken aback.

Priya says Ram believes our marriage should be based on trust; he believes me; it’s an arranged marriage; Akki, you don’t trust Shivi; can you appreciate Shivi as Ram did? Yes, Akki says. Priya is the focus of Ram’s concern. Priya warns them against misbehaving around Shivi. Never, says Akki. She claims to be your sister, but Shivi is my in-law, and I’ll always defend her. Meera agrees. Akki apologises for what her mother said. Nandini says it’s all right. Sarika is leaving. Nandini advises that we depart. Okay, Meera replies, you may get ready for the event. Priya requests medication from Ram. Ram responds there’s no need because you’ve taken care of everything. Shivi hands Priya the Diya and tells her that she is the best sister and sister-in-law. She embraces Priya.

Nandini becomes enraged and claims that Ram failed to inform her of the situation. She phones Vedika and inquires about Ram’s response to her warning regarding Priya. She responds, “I’d like to know the specifics.” Vedika inquires, “What happened?” Calm down, said Vedika. Nandini inquires about Ram’s feelings for Priya. Do you believe this, Vedika? She claims that she will inform everyone of everything. Nandini claims Ram still loves you; don’t you hope for the best for her? His life is at risk in that household; I demand an understanding of what happened that night. Vedika informs her.
Priya is the one who cleans the room. Ram appears. He is restrained by her. Is there anything you want? she inquires. He claims you did the correct thing by supporting my sister. Yes, she adds, but you should just not feel obligated to be my spouse all of the time. But, he adds, I’m your husband.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 69, Priya requests that Ram eats on time. Are you worried about me, he asks? He becomes nauseous. Priya instructs him to go get some medicine. He yells. She rushes over to him.