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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 68

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st December 2021 Written Episode,

The episode begins with Shashi commenting that Vedika is gorgeous and that the expensive items suit her. Vedika says sorry Ram, I didn’t even realize you selected this for Priya. No, Ram says, it suits you. Shashi adds, “We’ll buy this saree for you,” as though you have the same right to the world’s most beautiful things as I do to you. They leave. Meera paint on the diyas. Meera thinks it’s great. Nandini and Shubham had arrived home. Shivi is seen painting the diyas. Nandini says, “This is the first time I’ve seen my daughter do something like this.” Shivi says, “I’m looking forward to decorating the house.” Nandini thinks you’re adorable for finding happiness in a miserable situation. Shivi declares, “I am satisfied.” Then  Nandini gives the gift to all the sood family. Nandni says, “We have Laxmi puja, and I’ve come to invite you all.” She adds, “Ram has founded Shubham’s company, and he’ll walk go to Ganpati temple like his father.” Meera has stated that we will attend the function. Sarika receives a necklace from her. She makes fun of Sarika because of Akki. Akki returns home with a variety of presents. They are taken aback. Everyone is smiling. Shivi inquires, “What’s all this about?” and “Did you get the signing bonus?” I hope you enjoy these gifts, Akki says. Nandini receives the gifts from Sarika. My son got this for you, she says. Nandini expresses her gratitude and blessings to Akki.

Shashi inquires as to why you desire this saree, suggesting that you get it later. Vedika thinks it’s a beautiful saree. Sashi misbehaves with Vedika. Priya notices this and decides to follow. The staff stop Priya because of her dressing. They are keeping an eye on me since she believes it’s a strange place. Ram is the one who receives all of the goodies. He says it’ll look great on Priya and to take it to the paying counter. Priya sends a message to Ram, requesting that he come outdoors. The man pulls her aside and tells her to inspect her bag. She inquires as to why. He claims that it is our responsibility and that we should comply. She inquires as to how you may offend a customer or do anything. He had her purse in his hands. Ram gets involved and stops the staff by saying,  How dare you, he says. The man apologises. Ram replies she’s my wife and asks if you have anything to say. I didn’t know, said the man. Ram confronts him.

Ram insist he check my wallet. He takes off his coat and says, “Check the pockets.” Check me out physically, he says. Everything is fine, he says, and he apologises. Ram requests that the man check Priya’s handbag. Vedika observes. Ram chastises the man. He requests that the man apologises to Priya. The man expresses regret to her. Ram says, “I was going to give your boutique 25 lakhs in business, but now I won’t, sorry.” Then he goes with  Priya.

Ram says Priya you always give a lecture to me, and you just heard that insult, and that I need a stress reliever tablet. She brings him a bottle to drink water. Priya says that I saved your 20 lakhs because people work hard to get that much money. He is on his way to take a phone call. She believes there is nothing new; I don’t mind if people criticize me; I don’t go to such locations; you chastised them for my sake; I didn’t feel compelled to respond. According to the man, Ram is confessing his love for his Priya. Priya hears about it and decides to investigate. No, she thinks, this isn’t going to happen. Priya and Ram take the stage. They dance. On Itni Mohabbat song.

Everyone claps for Ram and Priya. Do you accept Ram’s proposal, the man asks? Ram is confused. A couple begins to quarrel. The man claims that the DJ has messed up. Priya is called by Ram. Sara tells Akki, “I’m proud of you.” Nandini thinks the saree is lovely. Shubham says yes, and Akki goes out and buys a new home. Yes, Akki says. Take it on rent, says Shubham. Sarika objects. Meera instructs her to prepare pakodas and juice. Nandini tells Sarika that she can keep the saree because she is happy Shivi married Akki. Sarika claims that Akki is a hero, Shivi is obstinate, and that if Akki receives a large sum of money, Shivi will leave him. Therefore, we should force Shivi to sign a marriage contract.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 68, Priya confronts Sarika, claiming that Ram has burned the marriage contract. Shubham suggests that if we capture Akki, Priya would leave Ram. Priya knocks on Nandini’s door.