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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 67

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 67 Written Episode,

The episode of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 67 begins with Priya asking that would my simple clothes offend you. No, Ram responds, you look great. When a girl notices them, she says, “You’re Raya, right?” Ram and Priya both say yes. I’ll tag you, the girl says a and she takes a picture with them. Priya claims that I don’t use social media. Sir, the girl continues, “I’ll tag you.” When Shashi arrives, he thinks to himself, “I hope Vedika shows up.” Vedika receives his apology card and states that he will attend. Sandy and Sara show Meera the photo and compliment Ram and Priya’s relationship. They are the top ones, according to Meera. Sara calls Brinda and tells her that our strategy succeeded and that she will inform her. We never expected Priya’s life to take so many unexpected turns, she says. Meera claims that Ram is good-hearted, that he is the ideal for Priya, that they would soon understand each other, that it is Priya’s 1st Diwali, that we must do something, and that we must find out what Ram enjoys. Shivi claims that Ram enjoys Christmas on Diwali by dressing up as Santa Claus and giving gifts to everyone. Sara claims that he always buys presents for all of us. Shivi says, “This is my first Diwali, so I’m going to embellish the house, buy gifts, and ask the stylist to get clothing for us.” My son, according to Sarika, does not have a great deal of money. Meera claims that since we are ordinary people, we will have a wonderful Diwali celebration. Okay, Shivi says, I’ll assist you at work.  Shivi responds, “That’s fine; I’ll advertise it on social media.” Sara displays photos from the previous year.

Meera requests Sarika to refrain from taunting Shivi on a regular basis. Ram tells Priya to take a closer look around because Shivi and mum might have purchased a lot of things. Will you try this saree? We’ll see what we can for you, Priya says.

Priya believes Ram enjoys expensive items, and that Shivi will enjoy them as well. Is it appropriate to her, and can Aki afford all of this for her? Ram goes to the store to try on a shirt. Priya sends a message to Aki, requesting that he buy anything nice for Shivi. She notices the sticker price on the saree. Her coworkers make remarks about her. She believes I don’t even have any money to waste in this town. Sara calls and inquires as to what Ram is purchasing for you. Priya inquires as to how you know that only Brinda and Adi are aware of this. Sara claims that your photo has been posted on social media. Priya claims it’s because of Meera that she dislikes shopping at such costly establishments. Sara insists that you accept everything Ram purchases for you.

Priya replies, “Don’t taunt me, Ram doesn’t like me,” because she can’t say no to him. She finally hangs up the phone.

Neeraj and Vedika meet. She tells him to forget about it all. I was at a loss, he says. She requests that he look into the details of Shashi’s bank loan. He claims that he will not assist you, that there is no need for him to assist you, and that if he does, he will not receive anything in return. Priya’s marriage could be broken, she says. He inquires as to how she came to be in my life, and I had left her. She claims that I left Ram even though he loved her, but that I married Shashi, and that you have no objections about Priya’s marriage to Ram Kapoor. He says that’s OK and gives me some time to consider it. I’ll be waiting for you, she says. When Shashi calls, he replies that he is at the mall.

She declares that enough is enough. Shashi, if you think you’ll treat me badly, I’d like all of my answers. Priya asks, “I can’t really take this 2.5 lakhs saree; what will I do?” Ram comes to mind. Ram has done a lot for Meera and my family, she believes, so it’s only a question of time. The same saree attracts Vedika. Priya believes I’ll give it a shot and that it’ll be fine. Sorry, this saree is really costly, please look at something, says the lady. She receives Ram’s message and departs. The saree attracts Vedika. Shashi inquires about the cost. 2.5 lakhs, according to the lady.

Vedika responds, “I’ll give it a shot.” The shirt button of Ram’s shirt is broken. He tells himself not to think about Priya since she is harsh and has no feelings for him. Priya approaches and inquires, “Did you love it?”

No, Ram responds, I’m purchasing it because the button broke and I have to buy it right now. She replies no, takes whatever you want, stops, I’m conserving your 4 lakhs, you labour late at night, not only for this, I’ll sew the button on. You don’t have a piece of string, he claims. She claims that she has all she needs in case of an emergency, but that you should keep quiet because a lot may happen in 4 lakhs. She sews the button on. Ram takes a glance at her. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage.. plays… He receives a prickling. She apologises. She tells me that I can return this right now. Did you try on that saree, he inquires? I’ll give it a shot if you like it, she asks. She leaves.  he says she’ll try it because I like it, Adi, Brinda…He addresses Adi. Adi inquires about the purchasing situation. Ram claims that she is trying on the costly saree for my own sake. Brinda claims that you compliment her. I can’t really give her false expectations because he claims she’s acting well with me. She advises you to praise her as much as you want. Adi advises that you congratulate her and follow Brinda’s advice. Ram leaves the room. He compliments you on how well this saree suited you and that you look incredible in it. Vedika turns. He is taken aback.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 67, Ram had burnt the contract, according to Priya. Priya will leave Ram if we trap Aki, says Shubham.