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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 66

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 29th November 2021 Written Episode

The episode of Bade Achhe lagte hain 2 Episode 66 begins with Ram stating that she is viewing the same video and laughing. Priya says, “I’m going to make biryani.” She claims that Ram can use any laptop. She leaves. He gets a glimpse of the footage. He wonders who made this fantastic video and why she is watching it. Ram calls Brinda. She replies that she is unfamiliar with Priya. He adds that Priya and I looked fantastic in the video and that a romantic vibe was emerging. She inquires as to how your marriage is devoid of romanticism. When you run the wedding photos with a romantic tune, Ram believes it looks lovely.  she says that Priya would have pissed off. He inquires why I am perplexed. Brinda says Priya will never have love, but you are Ram Kapoor, and any girl can fall in love with you; perhaps Priya does. He wonders aloud, “What do you mean?” and “How would I react, if she falls in love with me? If she responds yes and smiles or blushes, that’s a positive sign. I’ll check it out, he says. “Wait,” she says. Why does he wonder? You’ll appear desperate, according to Adi. I will wait, Ram says.

Brinda takes a break from the group. Priya answers the phone when Sara calls. I’m making biryani, Priya declares. Sara makes light of the situation. Sandy says it’s Sunday, I’m free, and I’m thinking cupcakes, but are you making biryani? I saw a great video. I’ve seen Ram and my video, Priya says. Sandy remarked on how adorable your wedding was. Sara inquires as to why you were looking at that particular object. I’m not sure, replies Priya. Adi sends a text message to Ram, requesting that he check on Priya. Priya claims that after watching the video, she didn’t understand why Ram was taking so many drugs. Priya is made fun of by Sandy. Priya makes a funny face. Ram arrives and takes notice of her. Why is she laughing, he wonders? Adi sends her a note, inquiring whether she is normal or unusual.Ram responds that she is chuckling. Ram, according to Adi, observed her chuckling. Priya completes the call and hangs up. Ram believes Brinda was correct when she said, “Does she have feelings for me?” No, this can’t happen. He leaves. This can’t possibly happen, he won’t care, he thinks I’m a Chudail, he won’t care, this can’t happen, Priya thinks. Vedika receives a telephone call from the bank. Shashi is requested by the man. He isn’t here, she claims. He claims to have taken out a loan to fund his endeavours. She inquires about the loan amount. Shashi arrives and disconnects her phone. Don’t touch my items, he says. She inquires about a loan. Will you, he asks? They disagreed with Ram and Shivi. He extends his hand. She screams, “Don’t touch me!” He leaves. Ram claims that she was chuckling. It’s just one, Brinda says, so keep your cool.

Adi claims that he is already comfortable. Yes, Ram says. You want Priya to perish on you, she says. Ram claims that she will assassinate me. Priya, she claims, dislikes Ram. Adi declares that she adores Ram. They have a good chance. If I win, Adi says we’ll go on a honeymoon this weekend. If I win, she says, I’ll go shopping in Paris. She suggests asking Priya something she typically says no to, and if she replies yes, it will be her yes. Meera requests that Priya prepare a delectable biryani. Priya advises against over-emotionalizing everything.

Meera promises that if Ram asks you a question, you will answer yes. Priya inquires as to what I might be able to provide him. Meera advises, “Just say yes to everything he says.” Okay, says Priya. Meera is hugged and thanked by Sara and Sandy. Sara wishes Ram will assure Priya that their marriage will not fall apart and that he loves her. Ram is served biryani by Priya.

Salad is also available, according to Tarun. You get it all, Adi says. Priya and Ram have a dispute about ghee. She discusses the advantages of ghee. She claims that you ate the incorrect meal at the wrong time and that you should now eat the proper food at the appropriate time, which is also in your control. Ram claims that I am not a chronic thief. She claims I’ve also created unhealthy biryani. Ram declares, “I’ll take it.” He claims that I picked up on the hint. Get the curd, Brinda says. Priya is leaving. Brinda suggests that you ask her a direct question. Ram claims that she is continuously lecturing me and that there is nothing I can do about it. She is correct when she claims you eat unhealthy foods. Adi suggests that you inquire of her. Priya reappears. Brinda requests that Ram take Priya shopping with her. Priya, according to Ram, does not approve. Priya says she’ll come if you want, but when should we leave? There is no obligation, according to Ram. She inquires as to when we should depart. Today, he says. Okay, she says. Ram is a big fan of biryani. She wonders why he is so enthusiastic about it. How did she agree that Ram’s biryani is tasty? Adi and Brinda exchange a friendly smile. If he is your buddy, Priya says she would like to visit the designer’s store. She offers him the option of eating with a spoon if he so desires. She gives a kind smile. Ram starts to wonder what has happened with her. Adi sends out a message to their friends. Ram and Priya pay a visit to the designer show. What happened today, Ram says, is something you normally don’t enjoy. She believes it is her mother’s fault. She claims that because she is your wife, it is now my job to make your decision. Will she kill me, he claims she is really sweet to me?

In Promo of Bade Achhe lagte hain 2 Episode 66, Priya and Ram enjoy a quiet moment together. The button is sewn on by her. We need to check the bag, said the man. Ram stop the man and tell him she is my wife.