Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 439 | 4th May 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 439 | 4th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav saying Pihu is like you, you can show her the right direction. Lakhan says maybe you are saying right. Prachi gets a call from a magazine editor. The lady says we want to have a cover story on you, topic is, the women of today, the power of tomorrow. Prachi smiles. Lakhan hugs Prachi happily. Sid speaks to the blackmailer. He says you can’t blackmail me always. The man says I got retired, I will take the money from you. Sid says I will not give you any money. The man says I will think what to do next. Sid scolds him and ends the call. Josh asks all good? Sid says nothing, you went with Prachi for wedding shopping, why did you call the media. Josh says we will have dinner now. Raghav goes to Mahir’s room and thinks of the conspiracy. He thinks its not right to check someone’s phone, but I have to end Josh’s drama, I can’t let him hurt Prachi. Josh says Mahir will never double cross me, chill, make a drink for me.

Sid says he called me, he was scared, your over confidence will ruin us, you just had to tell Mahir to delete your messages from his phone, think, what can happen if Raghav gets the phone. Raghav checks and thinks there is no message, how can this happen. He sees Prachi. Sid says I have a plan, we got Kapil a job in Lakhan’s company. Josh says so that we create problems in Raghav’s life. Sid says we have to make Kapil commit a big mistake, Raghav will leave Kapoor family and company, Prachi will depend on you and do whatever you say. Josh says amazing plan. Sid says we have to find a big issue to put the blame on Kapil. Josh asks what’s the issue. Prachi hugs Raghav and thanks him for coming back in her life. She says magazine want to interview me because of you, you are my inspiration, thanks. Josh says the plan is killer, lets do this. Prachi says I promise, I will never leave you and go. He says you will achieve a lot in life, when Josh learnt this, he would have felt proud. She thinks how can I forget him. He asks didn’t you tell him. She says no, I will tell him tomorrow. He goes. He hears her murmuring and asks are you okay. She says its good to talk to yourself, you should try. She goes. He says what is she saying. Its morning, everyone is happy for Prachi. Lakhan praises Prachi. Brinda says Prachi deserves this. Pihu says I m excited, but upset that she didn’t tell me. Angad says she might have forgotten it. She says I didn’t ask you. Prachi comes.

Pihu says congrats, you didn’t tell me, your dad announced it. Raghav thinks she didn’t tell Josh till now and she is scared. Everyone wishes Prachi. Pihu says I love you and hugs Prachi. She says Raghav should also get the credit. Josh comes and looks on. He thinks what’s going on. Lakhan says we should celebrate, her interview is coming in a top magazine. Josh looks on. Raghav asks him to come. Prachi thinks its wrong, don’t know how will he react. She says I was going to tell you. He says everyone knows it. She says I messaged you to come here. He says its okay. Raghav asks him to plan a party for Prachi. He says correct, I will do. Raghav and Angad talk about Prachi forgetting to inform Josh. Prachi says I forgot, don’t judge Josh now. Pihu pacifies her. Angad says Prachi saved since you came in her life. He teases Raghav. Prachi says I don’t love Raghav. Pihu says you love him as your best friend, you have to explain Josh. Pihu encourages her. She says you have your own dreams now. Angad says Pihu just has to fight with me, I wish Lakhan and Pihu keep fighting, I don’t understand, why did she hide this from Josh. Raghav thinks thank God, the topic shifted from Prachi and me. Pihu says Josh has to let you go ahead in your life, don’t you dare make yourself feel small, love is love only if its equal, clear things before marriage. Sid asks Kapil how is he and how is the job going on. Kapil says good. Sid and Avni talk to him.


Josh says I won’t come to office. Sid says we have to make Raghav out of Prachi’s life. Josh gets angry seeing Raghav and Prachi