Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 419 | 6th April 2023

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The Episode starts with Raghav and Prachi seeing his framed poetry. He says thanks, I will stay in your house tonight and go to other place tomorrow. She calls him careless. Avni argues with Lakhan and Monica. Monica says sorry to say, but Josh has no manners, like no one taught him manners in childhood. Avni says I want to talk to LK. Monica says this is my house and no one can stop me. Lakhan says we shouldn’t interfere in Prachi and Josh’s life, I told the reason to Sid and Josh for removing Josh from the office. Avni says Josh will also react now. He says I hope you show him the right path as I show to my daughter. She leaves. Monica smiles. Lakhan says icecream melted. She asks why didn’t you say anything. He jokes. They smile and hug. Prachi and Raghav come home. She greets Avni and asks how are you. Avni says I m okay, but Josh is upset, you should be with him. Prachi says he wanted some time. Avni says you left him alone, I think you are busy, you have to decide, who is more imp, Josh or someone else. Prachi says Pihu isn’t anyone else. Avni says she is family, I m talking of those who you give much imp, think about it, good night.

Mahir says Lakhan didn’t listen to your mom, things are changing, Prachi isn’t here. Prachi comes and asks Josh can we talk. He argues. He says your dad insulted my mom, where were you. She asks Mahir can we talk alone. Mahir says I will go if Josh says. Josh asks him to go. Mahir goes. Prachi tries to explain Josh. She says I m here to support you. He asks how are you supporting me. She says I told dad that I won’t be a part of the project if you aren’t there, I m with you. He says its good you left the project else… She says I had to quit, because of the penalty clause. He asks what do you mean. She says relax, promise me, you won’t get angry. She explains him. She says you lost this project, but you can choose any other project, the business is yours and mine, you can prove dad wrong, just think about it. He says okay. Prachi says there is no choice in love. She goes. Avni smiles. Monica comes to see Raghav. She sees Raghav checking flats to take to rent. Raghav says maybe this is right. She says I can’t stop you, I want to show you something. She shows Prachi, Pihu and everyone dancing. She smiles. She says our family completed after a long time, if Prachi is the happiness then Pihu is the smile. Prachi asks Monica to come downstairs. Monica goes and dances with her. She says we have made new rules in the house, you will know it, Pihu dance. Pihu says call Raghav also. Lakhan says we don’t force anyone. Raghav says I m the tenant, I m going to unpack the stuff. Gallan goodiyaan…plays…

Prachi hugs Pihu. Pihu says I have to go and sleep, I m very tired. She goes. Prachi thinks I have to make this work machine Raghav a human again. Raghav recalls the past. Sara comes and helps him. She says we can’t cut off our relations, people around us affect us. Josh says Lakhan had trained Prachi well, I will take the other project, what will happen if that project ends. Avni says we have to do something, LK isn’t taking us seriously, they should come here and talk to us. Josh says the project workers will go on strike, LK can’t bear the loss, he will come to us to beg for help, please help me. Avni says of course, we will help. Sara says Raghav, you loved Prachi, you still have those emotions. He says no, its nothing like that, this is me now. Prachi comes and looks on.

Sara says you remind me of Priya, face everything with a smile, problems will keep coming, you have to face it. Sara says you decided to leave in the morning, stay back and give life another chance, chill a bit. He says okay, I have the courage to change life, I m here to do my project, I don’t care where I stay, I do my work with honesty and dedication, people think I do planning, I love my work. Sara says okay, I got it, work is life for you. She goes. Raghav sees Prachi there.

Vikrant says the workers did a strike. Pihu says Josh is behind this. Raghav saves Prachi from the angry workers.