Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 368 | 25th January 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 368 | 25th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid messaging Shubham. The reporters see Pihu and ask is Lakhan your dad, did he kidnap a girl. Pihu calls out Vikrant and Sara. They come and scold the reporters. They get Pihu home. Pihu cries and asks about Lakhan, did he kidnap any girl. She says I feel scared. Ram and Priya worry. She asks who told the media about this. Sid asks why are you asking us. Shubham asks why would we tell the press. She says Yash and Veena won’t make this a drama. Sid says I m going to marry Avni, why would I do this. She says whoever did this has insulted Avni and also troubled my daughter. Shubham says doubt the one who would benefit it, Ram’s mother Swati. Sid says yes, she can use Pihu to threaten Ram. Ram recalls Nandini and Swati’s words. She asks why would Swati do this. Sid says you are right, she can’t do this, sorry. She says we have to hear Lakhan’s side of story also. Pihu cries and asks why are we all sad, we had to become a happy family. Vikrant asks Ram to stay with Priya and Pihu. He says I promise, we will get Avni. Ram and Pihu are sad. Priya comes. They try to cheer up Pihu. Sid and Shubham ask Swati to tell about Avni. Shubham asks Yash to threaten Lakhan by using his mum. Priya says you can ask us anything. Ram says its not easy to reach the destination. Priya says short cut and long cut are two ways to reach, short cut is easy and long cut is tough. Ram explains Pihu. Shubham gets angry on Swati. Vikrant and Adi stop Shubham. Vikrant says she isn’t involved in this kidnapping. Adi says don’t think of raising hand on her, she is Ram’s mom. Yash says please help me, Avni respects you a lot. He asks her to help.

Ram and Priya console Pihu. He says you have to fight. Pihu drinks the milkshake. Priya hears him and thinks we didn’t see Lakhan’s face in the footage. She asks Ram for his phone. She thinks Lakhan is like Ram, I have to prove this now. Swati asks Lakhan to say something. Lakhan says I didn’t expect this from you, why are you asking me, you know me. She says I m doing this for Pihu, she isn’t at fault. He says you are asking this to me, I m not at fault.

Priya says we got to know Swati’s truth, she isn’t greedy, Lakhan isn’t a bad person, he didn’t kidnap Avni. Adi asks how will we find out. Priya says we have to find out, Ram is hurt, he will do anything to get justice for Avni, we have to stop him and tell his mum and brother’s truth. Nandini scolds Shubham. She says if Ram knows you supported Sid, then you will exit from here forever, will you pay a big price for Sid and Avni’s marriage.

She asks him to put the kidnapping blame on Sid. Shubham asks what, are you asking me to cheat my friend. She says yes. Ram hears this and says I also want to know, why do you want us to doubt Sid, what is your benefit. Priya says Sid might have done this to marry Avni, we should doubt him. Adi says yes, right. Ram asks Shubham why is mom saying this. Nandini says I don’t want Lakhan to go to jail, Swati is your mum, Lakhan is your brother, we have a duty to do this for your family, Lakhan is Swati’s son. Ram asks did anyone threaten you. She says no, why do you think so, Lakhan and Swati are your own family. Ram goes. She says I have got a way now, you don’t need to cheat Sid, see what I do. She smiles.

Priya says I will help you. Nandini calls Swati and threatens. She says I will do anything to protect Pihu. Ram says we don’t need any help.