Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 367 | 24th January 2023

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The Episode starts with Pihu asking why are you sad, Papa. Ram smiles. Avni asks how can Lakhan do this, its wrong. She calls out Lakhan and says don’t do this, everything will get ruined. Sid says now Yash will be ashamed and come to me, he will beg me for Avni’s life. Shubham and Sid leave. Ram says I will help, you know I m a feminist. Pihu asks what’s that. Ram says feminist is one who doesn’t see a difference between a woman and a man, he doesn’t let wrong happen with a woman. Priya says we will find Avni, don’t worry. Pihu asks what are you talking. Ram says we will always protect you. Pihu says we know, Ram is always with me, mum used to say you are brave. Ram says your mum made me brave and encouraged me always, you get power from heart and mind, you can face any problem, we have to make our heart and mind stronger. Priya says yes, but he got serious and rude these days. Ram says I can say a joke. Priya says we have to treat him. Pihu tickles Ram. Ram laughs. Priya gets Adi’s message and worries for Avni. She thinks you laugh for Pihu’s smile. She wishes Pihu defeats the problems and always keeps love. She bakes the cupcakes. Pihu says you both have become the same team, we will have the cup cakes. Ram goes with her. Priya says Lakhan didn’t get any loving person, so he has bitterness and anger. She thinks I feel Lakhan is innocent. Meera says sometimes people do strange things which they don’t think normally. Ram and Priya feed the cup cake to each other. Pihu eats the cupcake with everyone. Meera says Prachi will come and will make this laugh double, she will be very lovely, Lakhan will also love her, Lakhan is their uncle.

Adi asks Lakhan to tell him about Avni. Lakhan says don’t do this drama. Adi says we are worried for Avni, you will get free when she comes home. Lakhan says you don’t trust me, you can’t give me what I want. Priya comes and says I can give you, take this property papers, you can take everything on your name, you are doing this for money, right, you think you can buy love by money. Lakhan throws the money. He scolds her. He says I m blamed for Avni’s kidnapping, can your money erase this blame. She says truth can erase the blame, tell me everything you know, help me, Avni is really kidnapped. He says I can do anything for her, nothing should happen to her. She promises to make Ram real the real Lakhan. He says I have to come out of the jail to find Avni. Priya asks Adi to bail him out. Adi says I will do it. Lakhan says no one believe me. Priya says I do. He asks how did you know that I won’t take the papers. She thinks because you are Ram’s brother. She says you have to tell us what happened yesterday. He says Yash changed after knowing I m Ram’s brother, he said he will get me married to Avni if Ram accepts me, Swati has worked hard and got me educated, we have no greed, but I got ready to bow down to Ram, I called Ram, but he insulted me, he hates me and my poverty. She thinks no, it’s a misunderstanding. Lakhan says I got angry, I had got drunk to forget my pain, then I don’t remember anything, but I can’t hurt Avni even in drunken state.

Shubham and Sid brainwash Ram. Sid says Avni is with Lakhan, I m scared for Avni. Ram says I promise you Sid, I won’t let anything happen to Avni. Shubham says you should have not listened to Swati that day. Ram thinks I will fix my mistake. Adi says bail isn’t possible. Priya says once we get Avni, everything will be fine. Lakhan says I don’t know about her. She asks did you meet Avni. He says yes, I went to talk to her, she loves me, but she is scared to tell everyone, we both love each other. She thinks where is Avni. Yash says we got this money in Lakhan’s bags, he has stolen it, he would have used this to kidnap Avni. Sid says he might have taken her to any five star hotel, we should try to find out. Ram says send me the details, Lakhan can’t get saved if we are right. They come to the hotel. Priya comes. Shubham says she will spoil everything. Ram says Lakhan was here, manager has identified him. She thinks did Lakhan lie to me. Yash says I m tensed for Avni. Ram says don’t worry. Manager shows the footage. They get shocked seeing Lakhan with Avni. Yash says I trusted him so much, he did this. She thinks how shall I deny this proof. Ram says this footage will act as an evidence against Lakhan, I will get him punished. He asks Manager to take him to the room which Lakhan booked. Sara and Vikrant take care of Pihu. They take Pihu to have icecream. Pihu asks them to go and get it. Vikrant asks guard to keep Pihu with him. Sara says don’t go anywhere. They go. Reporters come there. Ram and Priya check the room. Sid says Avni is nowhere. Ram asks where did she go. Priya thinks what’s happening. Yash asks where did Lakhan take Avni. Sid says I promise, I will find her. Shubham says Lakhan says he likes her and he is insulting her. Ram thinks what upbringing has Swati given to Lakhan.

Vikrant says reporters had surrounded Pihu. Shubham accuses Swati.