Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 366 | 23rd January 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 366 | 23rd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram asking don’t you remember the special place. Priya thinks of the place. She says yes, I remember. Ram says not the farmhouse, just guess, it’s the last chance, we had spent some special moments here, we got drenched together. She says court. He says right. She says a relation was ending and a new relation was forming. He says yes, that court is a special place for us. Nandini scolds Swati and says now Ram will face the punishment of your deeds. Swati says no, you can’t do this. She sits and begs her. Ram and Priya come there. Nandini asks Swati to act. She asks Swati what does she want. Swati says I want my share. Ram asks what share, what right. Nandini says she is threatening me and asking for her share.

Ram scolds Swati. Priya thinks Nandini has told everything. Nandini says she is threatening me and blaming me, give Shubham’s share to her, I can’t do anything against her. Nandini acts good in front of Ram. Swati says enough, I m going, you all have just 24 hours else… Ram asks else what. Swati says I m your mum, Ram. Ram says this word doesn’t suit you, what do you want, money, tell me. Yash calls Ram and says Avni is missing, come soon, we saw Lakhan outside Avni’s room, please help me. Yash says don’t worry, I m coming. Ram asks what does your son want, he kidnapped Avni again. Ram scolds her. Yash and Veena ask Lakhan about Avni. Lakhan says he is in my heart. Sid says its good I have come. Ram and Priya come. Ram asks what’s happening here. Sid says Yash and I had an argument, I realized I did late, we came out, Lakhan was running out of Avni’s room window, I caught him and he has beaten me. He recalls making a plan with Shubham. He asks Shubham to hit him. Shubham asks really, play, I m going for it. He punches his face. FB ends. Sid says I m fine, Lakhan has hidden Avni, she wasn’t there, she was there, he was packing Avni’s bags, he threatened us and said Avni is with him. Yash says he isn’t telling us. Veena says we want Avni back. Ram and Lakhan argue.

He pushes Ram. He says Yash just wants your money, he asked me to beg you to accept me, he was making a deal with me, I won’t fall in anyone’s feet for my right, its my right to get my love. Nandini and Swati look on. Swati asks Lakhan what is he saying. Lakhan says you just worry for Ram. Ram asks what’s this way to talk to your mum. Lakhan asks why, she isn’t feeling bad for you and me, Avni is my world, I will not leave her. Ram says Lakhan is a criminal, he kidnapped Avni twice, you were asking for share for him, I will not leave him today. He calls the commissioner. Priya says please tell us where is Avni, you love her, you can’t force her, please tell us. Lakhan says you understand me and my love, I will tell you the truth. He stumbles. She holds him and gets a jerk. Ram angrily beats him. He swears that Lakhan won’t get Avni ever. He says I will take you to the jail. Swati cries.

Adi asks inspector did he find out anything. Ram asks what shall I tell Yash about Avni. Pihu comes and asks what happened, why are you worried. Brinda says Pihu wanted to come. Pihu asks won’t you share things with me. Brinda says Ram will scold. Ram says you are crazy. Pihu says don’t scold her, you didn’t share anything with me. Priya asks what didn’t we share. Pihu says kabab, you ate it without me, you came here to eat something. They all laugh. Pihu and Meera ask Priya to do first rasoi rasam. Adi gets a message and says save something for me. Pihu says Ram should spare some sweets, make cup cake today. Priya goes. Avni gets conscious. She asks what’s happening, I was in my home. She gets Lakhan’s letter. Priya and Ram wish they find Avni.

Priya gives the property papers to Lakhan. Ram and everyone see the hotel footage.