Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 363 | 18th January 2023 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 363 | 18th January 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 363 | 18h January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini saying sorry Ram, Virender told me that Swati left you, I didn’t know she will come this way. Ram asks Priya what’s my mistake, my loved ones choose money over me, both my mums chose money. Priya says no, its their fault to run after money, they will not understand your value, you taught me to love, don’t hurt your heart for such greedy people. She encourages him. Pihu says I love you a lot. Ram hugs her. He says yes, you and Pihu love me a lot. He hands over the papers and declares that Priya is the co-signatory, if anything happens to them, then Pihu and the baby will have everything. He says its clear that this is my family, I felt world runs on love, not money, but my family taught me that I was wrong, now Priya, Pihu and coming baby are my family, I m sure that our children will teach them that there are things imp than money, love is done by heart without any selfishness, right Pihu, now no one can hurt my family, my money will become their shield, our children will become good persons. He says this legacy of selfless love will go on and on. He hugs Priya.

Its night, Nandini comes to Ram and Priya. She says Priya got Swati here to please you, if she told me then I would have told you Swati’s truth before. She starts acting sweet and cries. She says don’t trust anyone blindly, this is Virender’s belongings, this is Swati’s letter, read it, I m very sorry. She goes. Ram looks at Priya. Nandini thinks I will throw Swati out of Ram’s life, she won’t think of returning. Sara says Avni, you didn’t know anything. Avni says trust me, we didn’t know this, we just knew about Lakhan, you would be hating Swati and Lakhan, trust me, I know them since years, they are really good people. She leaves. Ram reads Swati’s letter to Virender. Priya says I can’t believe this. Ram asks can I stay alone for some time. She says I understand. She goes. Priya talks to Ram’s friends. She says we can’t lose, don’t get sad, we have to be with Ram. Brinda says we are with him. Priya says he needs our support, I need your help, where is Pihu. Lakhan comes to Swati. He asks her to say the truth about Ram, what is it. She says I have sacrificed my everything to give you a good life, you are thinking about yourself, Avni will never choose you, this is the bitter truth of life, it will be better if you accept this. She goes. Yash comes to talk to Lakhan. He says you are Ram’s brother, everything can change for Avni and you, Ram’s family is everything for him, talk to Ram once and then we will see what to do.

Lakhan says I have to beg to Ram for my love, he insulted Ram and me. Ram recalls Pihu and Priya’s words. He smiles. He thinks I should think of good things. Priya and Pihu come and fake a fight. Pihu says I didn’t lose. Ram says Pihu is right. He laughs. Everyone comes and cheers Ram.

Ram thinks I have to get normal. He says the tongue twister. They say you got full marks. Pihu asks him not to get sad. He says I promise, you will always stay happy.

Nandini talks to Swati. Priya is around. Nandini hides from her.