Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 362 | 17th January 2023

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The Episode starts with Swati agreeing to do the gathbandhan. Ram and Priya sit in the mandap. Priya thanks Lord. Nandini worries. Pihu says I feel some magic is happening. Ram says yes, you and your mumma are the magic in my life, thanks. Pihu says my younger sister has done this magic, I will name the girl with P, I know, she is our good luck. Meera asks Swati to do the rituals, its her right. Ram thinks Priya, thanks for making me meet my mum. He fills sindoor in Priya’s maang. He thinks you are the magic who has fulfilled my every dream and filled happiness in my life. Ram makes Priya wear the mangalsutra. Priya thinks I m happy that you got your mum, Pihu always wanted such a family, we will have Swati’s blessings now. She thanks Swati for coming. Pandit says the marriage has completed. Ram and Priya meet everyone. They see Nandini. Swati asks Lakhan to come. Ram asks will you leave me alone and go. She says your wife called me here by cheat, I got worried for you and came here, if anything happened to you then you would have blamed us again.

Ram asks what. Lakhan asks what’s happening. She says I told you we will go far from this city. Ram says you both won’t go anywhere, I want to know the reason. Priya asks her to answer Ram. Swati says I got troubled by these questions so I left before, Ram was told that his mum has died, because I didn’t want to face such questions, so I didn’t come back. He asks why did you come back. She says you always blame us for everything. Ram asks why did you leave me. He asks Nandini did you know my mum is alive, why did dad lie to me. Nandini lies to him. She says I just knew what Virender told me. Ram asks Swati why did she go away. Swati says your dad had no money to give me a good life of comfort and luxury. He says no, you taught me that nothing is imp than love. She says I told that to keep your heart and hide your dad’s failure. He says its not true. Nandini asks why did you come back. Swati says its your mistake, you couldn’t handle him. Ram asks her to swear and say. She says yes, I left your dad for the sake of money, I got cursed and I was helpless to work in Yash’s house as a servant, your dad was responsible for this, so I had given him a curse, so he died in an accident. Ram asks what are you saying. Lakhan asks him to keep tone low. Ram cries and says I was worshipping her who cursed her husband. Ram and Lakhan argue. Priya stops them. Lakhan says we are poor, but loyal, whatever the truth, I m with my mum and she is with me, what about your relations’ truth, you don’t know keeping relations so everyone leaves you, mum is doing right. Ram says I was wrong, you are such because of your upbringing. Lakhan raises hand. Ram stops him and shouts. Everyone worries. Ram asks them to get out. Priya asks Swati to prove whatever she told. Swati says you trust Ram’s dad, right, go and check, I had written a letter to him, you will know, my words are true. She leaves with Lakhan. She cries and thinks I have hurt my son’s heart again, but he will be safe now. Priya thinks I feel she has lied.

Nandini asks Ram not to trust anyone blindly. She says I have come to give you a proof.