Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 361 | 16th January 2023

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 361 | bollyserials | Facebook Page

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 361 | bollyserials | Facebook Page

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 361| 16th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Priya getting married. Sid says Nandini wants to do some drama now. Priya thinks Swati Maa, please come. Pandit asks who will do the gathbandhan. Pihu says Meera Maa. Nandini looks on. She says Priya, please let me do the gathbandhan. Sid asks Shubham to convince Ram. Shubham says please forgive mom and listen to her. Ram holds Priya’s hand. Priya thinks Swati didn’t come till now. Nandini says I know Priya isn’t able to trust me, that’s fine, its about Ram, Swati isn’t alive, Ram regards Meera as his mum, but its my right to do this, I m his mom. Priya says yes, its his mum’s right to do this gathbandhan, Swati Maa is alive. Ram and everyone are shocked.

Priya says yes, she is alive, your mum who gave you birth, she is alive. Ram says stop, dad told me that she passed away, she didn’t even meet me for the last time. Swati calls out Ram. Lakhan and Swati come. Priya smiles. Ram and everyone are shocked seeing Swati alive. Ram asks how is this possible, Priya. Priya says she is alive, this was my surprise for you. Ram cries. Priya says thanks for coming. Yash and his family are shocked. Gaye jaa…plays…

Swati gets the kada. She says Ram will get a relief by this. Ram says mom used to make this kada for me. She says I have written the recipe also for Ram’s sake. Priya says she is here. She explains Ram. She says she is your mom, her love has brought her here today. She takes Ram to Swati. Maai re…plays… Pihu hugs Swati. Priya says you thought your mom isn’t alive, she is here in front of you, she is alive. Ram cries. Priya says I have seen her on the mehendi function day and didn’t know what’s happening. Ram recalls Swati’s words. He thinks it means Lakhan is my own brother. Sid and Shubham worry. Priya says I came to ask you about Swati, what you know about her, I wanted to tell you the truth, but many things were happening, I wanted to bring your mom and brother here, I had to make an excuse of your health, I had no option, just Maa can tell us why she has hid the truth that she is alive. She asks Swati to tell them the reason. Swati recalls Nandini’s words.

Nandini thinks if Ram knows that I have made Swati away, then no one can save me from Ram’s anger. Lakhan asks Swati what’s happening, is Ram her son. Yash thinks it means Lakhan is Ram’s own brother. He asks Swati why did you hide that you are Ram’s real mum. He says Ram, we didn’t know this. He says Swati told she is alone and needs a job, Lakhan was going to be born, she didn’t tell about her family. Swati thinks I can’t tell the truth. Meera asks Ram to hug his mum. Ram says nothing matters to me now, I just want my mum, I had no hope that such miracle will happen, my mum is standing in front of me. He falls in her feet. Swati hugs him. Nandini thinks what to do. Priya asks Pihu to get Swati to the mandap, she will do the gathbandhan, she is Ram’s mom. Swati gets scared seeing Nandini. She says I don’t think I should do this. Priya thinks I won’t let Nandini snatch Swati’s rights. She asks Meera does she have any objection. Meera says no, its her right. Swati says but Meera can do this. Meera says no one can take your place in Ram’s life.

Lakhan scolds Ram. Ram says Lakhan is like this because of his upbringing. Lakhan raises hand on Ram. Ram stops him.