Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 357 | 10th January 2023

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Episode begins with Swati requesting Ram to behave like an elder brother to Lakhan. Ram says this is my promise and swear on my mother that I will make sure no fingers are raised on Lakhan. Swati thanks him and leaves. Ram comes to see her but she had already left. Everyone praises Priya’s mehendi. Sara, Brinda and all leave for dance. Priya thinks now I can talk to Lakhan’s mom. Ram is following Swati when Pihu takes him to dance. Priya also looks for Swati and asks Veena. Veena days she was here but I don’t know now. Priya also joins Ram in dance. Avni thinks Lakhan must be on her way. Sid asks Avni to join to dance. So they all dance together. Lakhan is outside Kapoor mansion and he texts Avni. Lakhan says today no one can take Avni away from me.

Ram and Priya make Pihu wear bangles. Then Ram makes Priya wear a bangle too. Swati puts a gold bracelet on Priya’s bangles thinking this is my blessing to you both, always stay happy. Swati is about to leave when Priya notices her and notices the chain. Priya thinks this must be Lakhan’s mom. Priya gets a glimpse of Swati and she feels it’s Ram’s real mother. Priya thinks how can this happen? Priya worries. Here, Avni comes out and hugs Lakhan. They both leave in taxi. Ram says whose surprise was this? Pihu says everyone contributed. Ram thanks everyone. Ram calls Sid and says he has planned a surprise for Avni too. Sid says I want to take Yash and Veena’s permission to propose Avni. Yash says I don’t mind. Sid gets happy. Everyone look out for Avni. Pihu says I have seen in movies that brides run away if she doesn’t like the groom. Meera says you shouldn’t say like this. Ram says she is a kid, Avni already said she likes Sid. Sara says we checked everywhere she is no where. Pawan comes and says I have seen her, she went out in a taxi with a guy. Ram says that must be Lakhan. Ram goes in anger.

Here, Swati thinks I should leave with Lakhan. Priya calls her out as Swati Kapoor. Swati turns around. Priya and Swati are shocked. Priya says we all thought you are dead, does Ram now? Swati says Ram doesn’t know, you also forget you saw me. Priya says I am Priya. Priya takes her blessing. Priya says if Ram gets to know about you he will be so happy. Just then, Ram and Adi’s voices are heard so Swati runs away. Priya thinks where did she go? Why is she hiding? Ram comes and asks Priya what is she doing there? Priya says why are you angry? Ram says Lakhan took away Avni, I won’t spare that goon this time. Swati thinks Lakhan did wrong, this will increase the anger in Ram. Priya thinks Avni went with Lakhan that means she likes Lakhan but why is Swati hiding her identity? Ram asks her not to worry and he leaves to find Avni.

Priya sits there worrying about what is going on. Meera comes and asks her to relax. Priya thinks not to tell anything to Meera right now. Here, Sid is worried about Avni when Shubham asks him to relax. Shubham then sees a paper fallen in the ground. He gets shocked to read that Ram named everything on Priya’s name. Shubham says I can’t fail after coming so close, I knew it Priya is bad news. Sid says these are legal papers and we can’t change anything. Shubham says what if Priya dies? Sid says let’s focus on Avni now and you keep these papers as it is so that no one knows that we know. Sid says if we lose Avni then, all our dreams will fail. Here, heavy rain starts when Lakhan and Avni miss their bus. Just then Ram comes and asks Avni not to worry as they know Lakhan brought her there blackmailing her. Lakhan says I have not blackmailed her, infact her dad is the person who doesn’t know her well. Ram says I know it well, Avni is blackmailed by you, Avni you can tell me the truth. Avni is silent. Here, Yash scolds Swati while Shubham says why are you not showing your face? You are also involved in your son’s plan right, show your face. Priya comes and stops him saying no matter what she is our guest and we can’t treat her like that. Here, Ram gets a call from Yash. Yash is shocked to know that Avni is with Lakhan. Ram again asks Avni what is the truth? Avni is silent.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya talks ill about Lakhan infront of Swati. Here, Lakhan challenges Ram that he will run away with Avni again on the wedding day. Ram gets angry and raises his hand.