Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 356 | 9th January 2023

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The Episode starts with Lakhan saying we will elope when everyone is busy in the function. He asks Avni will you come with me. They hug and smile. Swati packs her bag. She cries and sees Lakhan’s pic. She says I have broken your heart today because of Ram, but Yash would have never agreed to accept you for Avni, he would have agreed if he knew that you are Ram’s brother, but I can’t tell this secret to them, I wish some miracle happens. Veena comes to her. She says someone wants to talk to you, you think if we did good to you, then talk well to him. Swati takes Ram’s call. Ram greets Swati. He says I m a son, I can’t let anyone’s mum feel ashamed, we don’t judge you for Lakhan’s deeds, you are special to Khannas and also to us. She says thanks, but we have made a mistake. He says Lakhan didn’t think of you, I hope your son will also change, can I make a request, we wanted you to join us in our mehendi. Priya asks her not to refuse. Ram says I will get a mum’s blessing, I will feel special, we will wait for you. Swati thinks I can’t come, even if I want. She thinks I should have refused to him. Swati cries. Veena asks her to come along for their sake.

Pihu chooses the mehendi design for them. Adi asks Vikrant to come. Brinda asks Adi not to disturb them. Vikrant asks what happened. Adi says I think Ram will take a wrong decision in anger. He shows some papers. Vikrant says this is wrong, why is he giving everything to them, it will be wrong with Priya and Pihu. Priya comes. They don’t tell anything to Priya. She sits for her mehendi. Avni and family come. Veena asks Swati to come. Yash says Ram has invited you after Lakhan’s misbehavior. Swati says I know, I m thankful to Ram, I m your servant, how shall I go inside, I feel strange. Veena asks her to come as she wants. Avni thinks I want to make Lakhan’s family mine. She gets Lakhan’s message. Yash asks her to come, Sid would be waiting. She replies to Lakhan.

Pihu says another surprise for you. Ram comes and greets Meera. He compliments Priya. Brinda says Ram’s surprises are different like him. Ram gives ideas. Sara says his idea is beautiful. Sid comes and says Yash has come with his family. Ram says I will just come. He goes to welcome Yash.

Ram says give me 5 mins, I have some work. He goes. Lakhan packs his bags. He writes a letter to Swati. He promises to come back. He asks her to keep her blessings ready for Avni and him. Adi shows the papers to Ram. Ram thanks Adi for making the papers ready. Adi asks Ram to think again, talk to Priya once. Ram says she won’t agree, I have thought a lot, if mom plays another game and if things go wrong, I can’t trust mom. Ram says no one can do anything to Priya, Priya won’t do wrong with mom, what mom did with her. Adi says Nandini and Shubham won’t like this decision. Ram says I don’t care, its my decision, I can’t forgive mom, just Priya and my kids matter to me. Adi says we are really happy seeing this. Vikrant says yes, we always wanted this. Ram signs the papers. He says just give this to the lawyer and finalize this. Vikrant says yes, I will make an excuse about Adi. Adi and Vikrant leave. Swati comes there. She hears Ram talking to Swati’s pic. She wishes Ram was telling this to her, not Nandini. She cries. Ram sees her. She apologizes to him from Lakhan’s side. She defends Lakhan. He says I have seen Lakhan threatening the old man in front of me. She thinks my sons met for the first time in this way. She says no, that man was cheating his wife, so Lakhan was threatening him, he doesn’t have a brother like you to show him the right path. He says you can ask me anything. She asks him to give one chance to Lakhan. She says you have a big heart so you have called me home, can you give him one chance, its my request.

Ram and Pihu dance in the function. Avni and Lakhan flee. Tarun says Avni went in the car with someone. Ram says he would be Lakhan.