Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 345 | 23st December 2022

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 345 | 23 December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shubham saying I don’t want to lose my brother and family. Ram says I m not listening to anyone, this time, no one can snatch my rights, our second child is coming, Priya is pregnant. Adi, Vikrant and Shubham congratulate Ram. Sara thinks I can’t believe it, Ram and Priya got happiness again. Shubham says we regret that you both got married without telling us. Ram says it was a drama to expose the truth. He asks Vedika to please leave. Sid says we will do all the preparations. Nandini gets leaving. Ram says mom was always my family, I can’t leave her on the roads, else I can’t meet Swati’s eyes, mom will stay here. Nandini hears this and cries. Ram asks Priya to tell Nandini if she didn’t hear this. Nandini goes back. Ram asks Pihu are you ready to get your mum and dad married. Pihu says yay, we will become a family again. Priya asks are you sure. Ram says yes.

Ram and Priya come to meet Meera. Meera blesses them. They all have a talk. Priya says Meera loves Ram a lot, but Pihu loves me the most. Ram asks what. Meera says enough, say sorry to Ram. Ram says Priya, Pihu and the coming baby fixed everything. Ram thanks them for bringing colours in their lives. He says you are in my happiness, even this time.

Swati cries and prays for her son. Yash’s wife comes there. She asks were you praying for your son. Swati says yes. Yash’s wife says a mum’s prayers won’t go waste, you miss him a lot. Swati says always, yes. Yash’s wife says you won’t stay much far, your Lakhan is coming back, Yash told me, your son is coming back. Swati thanks Veena. Veena asks her to take rest.

Swati says I was praying for my elder son Ram, who doesn’t know that I m alive, Lakhan was in my womb that time, my sons are living separated. Ram comes to Priya. He thanks her for taking care of him and supporting him. They recall their moments.

Ram and Priya have a moment. Bade acche…plays.. Ram thanks her for bringing Meera to help her. He says you always know what I want. She says I just want to always be with you. He promises her. She says promise me, you will never go away from me. He promises her. He kisses her. They dance and get romantic. He says I was scared for you and our kids, I was really helpless. She says I know, so I m not upset, I know, it wasn’t so bad, right. He praises her thinking. She says I want my children to become like you, so loving and caring.

Priya gets dizzy. Swati holds her. Ram comes. Swati goes. Priya calls Nandini wrong. Nandini asks will you let me stay in that house.