Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 339 | 15th December 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 339 | 15th December 2022

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 339 | 15 December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya and Krish going out as Priya gets emotional. Ram is standing shocked when Vedika hugs him. Ram gets flashes from past with Priya. Ram asks Adi and Vikrant to make the media go as I need time with Vedika. Adi and Vikrant make the media go. Here, Priya tells Krish, I have a feeling Ram remembers everything. Ram asks Vedika why did you do this? I can’t marry you, I just consider you a friend. Vedika says but you said I love you to me just before you fainted. Ram says I don’t remember anything. Here, Krish asks Priya then why did he say yes to Vedika. Priya says I don’t know, but he said I love you to me so I am sure he remembers everything. Vedika asks Ram why did you say yes to marrying me? Ram says I can not humiliate any girl in front of media so I said yes if you think I misled you then I am sorry. Vedika says but you always did so grand things for me. Ram says I used to not anymore as I am not sure about my feelings for you. Vedika is shocked. Vedika cries and says you said yes in front of the media now if you say no I will be humiliated. Ram says I will handle it such that you are not humiliated but this marriage won’t happen. Ram asks Adi and Vikrant to take Vedika home.

Priya gets emotional and tells Krish how she might sound illogical but she has strong feelings. Krish calms Priya and says let’s stay here only and wait for Ram he might say he loves you and remembers everything about you. Priya says I feel hurt seeing him get used by his own family member. Ram hears all this and gets sad. Ram thinks Priya is fighting for my memory all alone but I should be protecting my family, I got reminded of Priya and Pihu, I want to hug them and celebrate the coming of my next kid but I can’t as I need to protect them, Priya is fighting for our family when I should be fighting to protect them. Ram gets flashbacks of how after waking up at night after being unconscious, he sees Priya beside her and thinks why is Priya dressed up like Lovely? Ram gets confused. Ram sees a message on Priya’s phone. Meera messages saying Priya needs to take care of herself as a child is inside her and Ram and her kid need care. Ram gets happy and emotional. Ram thinks why did Priya didn’t tell me? Ram hears Vedika and Nandini talk so he goes out. Vedika and Nandini are talking how Ram shouldn’t remember how he got betrayal by her and Shubham and how he got to know that Vedika kidnapped Pihu. They discuss how it was for their benefit that Ram forgot Priya and Pihu. Ram gets shocked hearing that. Nandini says yes best thing is that doctor asked Priya to stay away as he could have gotten a shock seeing her. Vedika says but Priya came as Lovely and came close to Ram. Ram feels bad listening to this. Nandini says if Ram remembers everything I will make sure Priya suffers.

Ram thinks to end this drama and tell them all that he got reminded of everything then he thinks no he can’t do this as then Nandini can hurt Priya and now their unborn child will also be at risk. Ram decides to pretend and defeat Nandini and Vedika. Flashback ends. Ram thinks I will make sure my family is protected and others who try to harm my family will be punished. Ram thinks I always felt Nandini’s love is not like mother’s but I ignored it to have a family, but now I have to be strong for my real family. Krish takes Priya home as she is very emotional and upset. Ram becomes thankful to Krish for taking care of Priya and Pihu.

The next day, Ram does all the arrangements for his mom’s shradh. Ram thinks to check on Priya so he calls Adi to think of some ways to say no to the media and also to check and apologies to Lovely as yesterday the date was of Krish and Lovely. Adi agrees. Adi is at Sood’s house only so he apologizes to Priya on behalf of Ram and makes Priya believe that Ram still has that spot for Priya. Adi also informs how Ram is going to say no to the media. Priya says then why did he say yes? Adi is silent. Here, Nandini hears this and thinks Ram is getting so close to Lovely. Ram hugs Nandini and wishes her good morning. Nandini tries to ask Ram about marrying Vedika when Ram says not today let’s focus on Shraadh. Ram asks Tarun to bring mogra. Shubham brings mogra in a plate and Ram starts selecting the best ones from it. Nandini smiles at Shubham. Shubham tells Ram about a business deal with Yash and how he and Sid pitched him. Ram doesn’t give the deal to Shubham instantly and instead asks him to give the business proposal so he can go through it first. Shubham and Nandini are shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika is shocked to know Ram asked Nandini to announce to the media that the marriage can’t happen. Ram informs them it is Lovely’s idea.