Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 254 | 18th August 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 254 | 18th August 2022

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 254 | 18th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with a conversation between Sandy and Pihu. Brinda watches as Ram collects the hair sample for the test while she waits. She believes Priya will undoubtedly tell Sara everything. She embraces Sara. She queries Sara on her state of mind. Sara claims that I’m both uptight and joyful. Brinda suggests that we go out for drinks. Priya and Ram return home. I need to talk to you, Pihu says. Priya believes I persuaded Pihu, who has since become attached to Ram and requested us to leave. We will celebrate Janmashtami tomorrow, according to Pihu. Nandini shows up. Priya and Nandini make fun of one another. We won’t go tomorrow, Pihu says. Priya departs Ram thinks she’s turning me into a bad guy. Go and force her to accept, advises Pihu. Ram leaves. Why did you prepare to celebrate Janmashtami, he queries. You urged me to take Pihu and go, according to Priya.

Why did you invite Pihu to go celebrate Janmashtami, she queries. Ram asks why she should judge me negatively. She leaves. Inquiring whether Ram asked Priya to leave when the minister was present and an interview was scheduled, Shubham entered the room. Is Krish comfortable with Pihu not referring to him as his father, according to Brinda? Sara claims that Priya is not her mother. When Krish was Priya’s first love, Brinda questions why she didn’t wed him. Let it go, says Sara. Ignore it.


I’m sorry, Brinda says, but our friendship won’t stop now because you’re getting married to my best friend. Sara requests a promise. Hugging her, Brinda makes a commitment. Pihu rushes forward to embrace Krish. You seem cheerful, Krish replies. What’s the good news? She queries the upcoming day. Janmashtami, he says. She claims Ram indicated we would have a great time. I can’t arrive tomorrow, he believes. Brinda believes that I’m positive she is Ram’s child. Ram claims Pihu informed me she liked Laddoo Gopal and wanted to celebrate; how could I say no to her? Priya claims that you considered it, that you wanted our assistance, that you must breach your promise to Pihu, and that I would do the interview before I go. She leaves. You have white hair, Brinda remarks as she approaches Ram. It’s called grey, he explains. She removes one hair. He yells. You’re becoming old, she says; leave right away. He leaves. She continues, “I acquired a sample of Ram’s hair, and I’m going to see if what I’m thinking is true or not.” Pihu queries her mother about staying put. Ram claims that I will persuade her. The minister observes. Did you speak with Priya, inquires Shubham. Shubham wants you to remain back, according to Ram. Priya arrives with Pihu so that she can give Sara haldi. Kanika welcomes Vedika. They appear to be a real family even though Kanika claims they are actors. Wait for the family to break up, advises Vedika. Ishaan is tricked by Nandini and expelled. She requests that Shubham allow it to proceed as it is. She requests that music be played. Adi leaves. Sandy claims that Maitri is ill and will arrive right after the wedding, so we will go get Sara. Ram requests that Priya remain tomorrow for Pihu. I think I was mistaken about you, the minister continues, and you’ll receive the contract. Priya claims that the contract is crucial. Ram believes that she believes I’m only working on the deal. Ishaan notices the phrase written on the mirror: “This is the murderer’s face.” He becomes agitated and leaves. Vedika grinned and assumed he was terrified. Sara arrives to get the haldi. On Kal ho na ho, everyone dances. plays… To show Krish the mirror, Ishaan brings him into the room. Krish is blind to everything. The mirror has been cleaned. Ishaan is comforted by Krish, who also gives him a hug. The eyes of Ram and Priya are locked. Everyone dances. Sara is given the haldi by Meera. Da din shagna Plays.. Everyone spreads the haldi on Sara and Vikrant.


Haldi is applied by Ram and Priya to one another. Pihu grinned. Krish shows up at Priya. Dr. returns home. Ram queries, “What’s going on, you here?” Doctor claims that I received a call stating the medications went bad. Ram and Shubham claim that we didn’t call you. Priya claims that I phoned the doctor because Nandini’s medications had fallen and became spoilt. I received the injection, and the doctor said she should take it tomorrow. What, Nandini queries. Ram and Priya request that she accept it. Priya apologizes profusely and admits she made the mistaken call to the doctor.


She leads Nandini inside. Your health deteriorated even on that day, the minister wonders what happened. You know why Ram and I split up, Priya says. Yes, the minister responds, citing the incident with Shivina. Yes, I admitted my error and received punishment as well, Priya admits, but Nandini hasn’t been able to handle it yet because she’s a mother. What can we do? Vedika shows up. Priya claims to take anti-anxiety medication but last time she forgot. Ram claims that I am accountable. Priya adds, “Let me do it today. I understand that the past cannot be changed, but I can at least help her.” Nandini is anxious.



Priya claims that Meera is your Nani and the best Nani ever. She threatens Shubham and Vedika. Ram acknowledges her and exclaims, “Wow.”