Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 235 | 22 July 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 235 | 22 July 2022

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 235 | 22 july 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vishal saying thanks for trusting me. Nick believes Pallavi was taught a lesson. Harsh wonders who disseminated this video. Nandita says it doesn’t matter because Pallavi is capable of doing anything. Harsh believes she is incapable of doing so. Nick responds, “I’m quite proud of you, and I really loved it.” Vishal describes her as a wise woman. Nick said she constantly has an attitude. Vishal confirms that she was being rude to him. They consume alcohol. Nick inquires as to why she has come to you. Vishal claims I phoned her. Nick claims she will not comply with your request. Vishal claims I informed her that my mother is ailing and that I require financial assistance. But, Nick asks, who called the office staff? Vishal claims that he called them because he wanted to offend that woman. Nick expresses his admiration for you. Vishal claims she was not stuck, that she has no problem with Ranveer, that she refused to tell me what makes her exceptional. Nick replies, “I’m not sure what I saw in her; love is blind.” Vishal claims she ruined your life by rejecting him, so I did not spare her. Nick adds, “Good, let’s go to the party, drink there, and laugh on Pallavi.” They proceed downstairs. Vishal inquires, “Are they staring at me? I’ve become famous because of you, thank you.” He is singing. Nick humiliates him. Vishal collapses at Pallavi’s feet. Nick claims you assumed I would believe everything you told me about her. Everyone on the television sees the confession. Nick humiliates him. Everyone is watching.

Nick says, “If you make a video and it goes viral, I will murder you.” Nick is stopped by Ram. He replies cops are on their way, they will take care of this, are you okay, that’s why I was wondering why you didn’t react, so it was a plan. He recalls Nick slipping a note into his pocket requesting that a camera be installed in the bar area. Ram compliments you on your work. Nick expresses gratitude for his assistance. They embrace. Ram and his family are on their way out.


Priya considers Ram and Pihu. She believes that I never imagined my fantasy would come true, and that I will tell Pihu about her father when she is older. Meera arrives. She adds Pihu is having a good time, and that the haldi milk would help reduce your pain. Priya takes her hand in hers and says the agony isn’t going away. Meera sobs. She expresses regret.


Priya claims that is my fate’s fault. Meera believes I made a mistake by prioritizing Sara and Ishaan’s future over Ram’s. Priya says, “I can’t pick between Pihu and anyone else,” and I understand why. She sobs. She expresses her disappointment that Pihu despises her father. Meera responds, “No, I don’t hate him, you hurt yourself to make them bond, I’m your mother, I know it, you hurt yourself for the happiness of others, let me help you.” Priya praises her and apologizes, saying, “I can’t tell Pihu that you’re her Nani since I don’t have any answers for her inquiries.” Meera responds, “OK, you helped Ram, Ram, and you suffered a lot.” She requests that Priya leave Ram and Pihu with Brinda. Priya likes the concept.

According to Brinda, Priya and Meera had to travel to Mumbai. Why didn’t she say, Ram queries. How is she able to leave me, Pihu wonders. Brinda claims she went to the doctor to show him her foot. Ram wonders if there are any doctors in Meerut. Priya dials. I experienced a lot of discomfort and had to come back, she apologizes. Ram claims that if my health had been an issue, I would have canceled the interview. You did well, Pihu replies; we won’t betray our commitments. You are my good child, Priya tells you. I’ll be okay till you return. I’ll dance. If you make a promise to Ram, perhaps he won’t break it. Ram and Pihu make a vow. Taking Pihu is Brinda.

Ram and Priya converse. He comments, “I would have come along, how did you go alone.” She claims that I came because I wanted to spend time with you and Pihu. Vedika becomes upset and sobs. She claims that if Ishaan tells everyone the truth, then Priya will be proven innocent and Ram will return to her. Shubham will assist me, I’ll tell him. Are you okay, Vikrant queries. Vedika claims I’m okay. Shubham and the others left for the airport, and he tells you to follow them. Sara, Ishaan, and I will arrive later after attending your father’s birthday, he adds. Does Sara and Vikrant know about this, she wonders. We should force Pihu and Ram to interact, according to Shubham. Sandy claims that Pihu won’t be leaving me. She requests that Ram keep Pihu by her side while she gets the presentation ready. Ram bows.


Going to Brinda is Pihu. I’ll receive a boarding pass, claims Adi. Pihu is asked by Brinda to go with Ram. Pihu sits next to Ram. She claims that Pihu Sood is my entire name. He questions why she didn’t use Krish’s last name and whether Krish is comfortable with this.



Nandini claims that you purposefully left Pihu and came here with Ram. Ram is asked by reporters about his wife.