Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 228 | 13 July 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 228 | 13 July 2022

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 228 | 13 july 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sandy telling Priya everything. Where is Pihu, wonders Priya. She receives an embrace from Pihu. She claims Ram upset you. Sara claims that Pihu just noticed Ram holding you. I must speak to Pihu, according to Priya. Sandy and Sara walk away. Priya apologizes. Ram “fainted” you, according to Pihu. I dislike him and came to apologize to him. Ram wonders if Priya will leave him and leave her. I’m okay, Priya says. You got this syringe, Pihu says. Priya claims that Ram requested the doctor to make her “fine,” that he helps everyone, that he is kind, and that he didn’t faint her when I kept a fast. She is asked by Pihu to break her fast. You abandoned me, she claims, when I was born. As per Priya, I won’t abandon you. Ram observes. Pihu is promised by Priya.

Ram believes that Priya misled Pihu by claiming that she was ill. Priya claims that although Ram isn’t impolite, I came here to aid him and that he helped all of us. She responds, “Okay, I won’t push you; I’ll let Ram know we can’t assist him.” Ram becomes irate. According to Priya, it will be our loss because we won’t go on our adventure, but we will still have fun and do good deeds. Do you really want to do this, Pihu says. Priya responds, “Yes, when you’re ready, I’ll do.” Because Ram resembles your ideal prince charming, Pihu claims that you want to help him. Answer me, tell me how and why you arrived here, demands Priya. Ram claims to know the outcome—a it’s no. Priya’s hair is made behind her ear by Pihu. Ram beams. Pihu claims that he came here to apologize to Ram and that he created him this card. Priya comments that the card is lovely and asks why Mr. Khadoos was the recipient. If you want to help him right now, I’m sorry to cancel, but I won’t let him become your prince charming. Tell me, is he anything like your prince charming, Pihu replies. Did you travel with Maitri, Priya queries. Pihu cites Maasi’s physician. Priya queries what transpired. Pihu responds… Ram enters to speak. Pihu requests that Priya reprimand Ram. She claims that while I won’t apologize and provide the card, he will. Why would I apologize, Ram wonders. She invites Priya to go. Ram responds, “No, she’s staying here.” Both of them yank Priya’s hands. Ram advises that if you won’t relieve your mother’s worry, you two can go together after she is feeling better. He tells them to go to bed so he can rest in the guest room. They express gratitude to him. When something comes from the heart, he advises saying “thank you.” I’ll put up with you, Pihu claims, solely for my mother’s sake. Thanking her, Priya


Pihu compliments your grin for being so nice. Priya beams. Vedika questions why Ram wants to bring Priya back when he has done so much for Ishaan. According to Nandini, Sandy was controlling Shubham with money. Vedika challenges. She claims that Priya was difficult to distinguish until she arrived with her daughter. In just 7 days, according to Nandini, we will be able to use Priya’s daughter to get anything done. Adi believes Pihu ought to like you, and we want the media to record your interview. What should we do because she likes you, Vikrant asks. Ram claims that I am powerless to make her comply because she got involved and I have no idea how she developed such strong animosity. Vikrant claims you stated she received the apology card. Ram asserts that she didn’t give it, only that she is putting up with me. Keep Priya pleased, Adi advises; impressing a child is not difficult.


Vikrant chuckles at the jokes. Pihu hates me, how can she hate me, how can anyone hate me, says Ram, and you think it’s amusing. Do something she enjoys, spoil her, and get her favorite items, advises Vikrant. Pihu called me Papa for a cupcake since Ram said that money could buy everything and that she would want things.


Vikrant and Sara get home in the morning. Ram claims Priya has improved. I have called them here, according to Nandini. Come Priya and Pihu. Pihu embraces Sara. She is positioned between Priya and Ram. According to Nandini, I considered hosting Sara and Vikrant’s nuptials at the Kapoor Mansion. Vikrant is being so lovely, but I’m going to reserve a resort. We only have seven days, according to Nandini, so we can’t allow the minister any time to back out of the agreement. Ram says, “I think it’s right.” He inquires about Priya’s opinions. If Sara is okay, Priya says I don’t have a problem. For the sake of Ram, Vikrant requests Sara’s consent. Sara responds, “Fine, if everyone wants this, my yes.” We must spend the day in Meerut, according to Vikrant, because all of our close relatives are present there for a celebration. Of course, you both go and come, adds Nandini. We will make the preparations here since we need to obtain a marriage mahurat. I’ll speak with Adi, Ram says. She invites them to join her for breakfast, saying that she will do it in her room. I’ll phone the doctor, he says. No, I took the medication, she replies. I’m terribly hungry, Ram and Pihu say.



According to Nandini, Pihu is unaware of your truth; if you attempt to tell Ram the truth, I will then inform Pihu of your truth. Concerned, Priya chastises Ram.