Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 226 | 11 July 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 226 | 11 July 2022

episode 226

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The episode begins with Pihu declaring, “I’ll prepare a sorry card for Ram, and then he’ll forgive me.” She goes to Maitri to get a new piece of paper. She requests a piece of paper from Maitri. Maitri suddenly has childbirth pains. She requests that Pihu contact Neeraj as soon as possible. Pihu yells for Neeraj. Neeraj arrives and inquires about Maitri’s whereabouts. She requests that he contact the doctor. Neeraj dashes forward. Kanika claims that we don’t know anything about Ram and Priya and that this could be a hoax. They are now together, according to Nandini. Kanika wonders why Priya doesn’t have sindoor in her maang.
According to the minister, this is a trick to secure the deal. Ishaan replies no, it’s not a ruse; Priya doesn’t have sindoor in her maang since it’s a rasam; Ram must seek Devimaa’s blessings before filling sindoor in Priya’s maang. Kanika inquires as to what nonsense. Vedika inquires, “Will Ram fill her maang now?” According to Ishaan, Meera used to say this. Meera claims he is telling the truth: “I made a mannat that if Ram and Priya got together, Ram will fill her maang.”
She claims I’ll get sindoor. Nandini responds, “I see what you’re doing.” Meera claims that I am assisting Ram in the same way that Priya is. Nandini claims it’s all a ruse, and your true motivation is unknown. Meera claims the Lord brought them together. Shubham claims that there is no other option; we must do this or risk going to jail. Brinda requests that Ram pour the sindoor in Priya’s maang. Adi asks Priya to do the acting for a while. Priya wonders what I’ll do if Pihu notices this. Meera claims that we are not doing this on purpose. She requests permission from Nandini to visit Ram. She says, “I’ll give this sindoor to Ram, and he’ll put it in his wife’s hairline.” Ram claims that I do not wish to fill her maang. Priya expresses concern that if Pihu is watching television, this could be captured and broadcast. Sara says no since Maitri won’t let her watch TV. Priya responds, “No problem.” Pihu says a prayer for Maitri. Neeraj inquires, “How did Priya delegate Pihu’s obligation to you?” I shall contact her. Maitri comes to a halt. Pihu looks after Maitri. She inquires of the doctor as to what happened to Maitri. The doctor explains it was a false alarm, that it occurs, and that her baby will arrive shortly. She requests that Maitri relax. Neeraj requests that Pihu allow Maitri to rest. Maitri invites Pihu to her room. Pihu requests that the doctor take her to Ram Kapoor’s house. Do you know Ram Kapoor, the doctor asks?
Pihu confirms that he is my father. Doctor claims your eyes are similar to his; come, I’ll drop you. Pihu prays and believes that everything will be fine now. Meera hands Ram the sindoor. Shubham claims that this is happening to keep us out of jail. Sara claims I’m becoming stressed. Pihu arrives to apologize to Ram. She says mum will be pleased with me, and then we’ll go from there. Pihu is stopped by guards. She insists that I meet Mr. Ram Kapoor. The guard informs you that puja is taking place and that you are not permitted to meet with her. Please let me go, she says. Another guard says she’s a good kid, so let her go. Ram will fire us, according to the guard, so just leave. Priya believes I can lie to keep you out of jail, but it is not a lie that I adore you. Ram wonders why she is doing this when she loves Krish; is she guilty of cheating me; she has done wrong; she murdered that relationship and cannot resurrect me; she owes me my life and happiness. Priya believes Ram is thinking about Vedika at this moment since he has moved on. She claims that you may live a tension-free life because it is all an act. Ram agrees that you wish to visit your daughter and Krish. According to Brinda, I don’t like it. Adi and Shubham make their way to the minister. They say Ram and Priya adore each other. However, Kanika claims that Ram did not fill her maang. Ishaan, according to Nandini, is also among them. Vedika believes you should have consented to my proposal. Nandini adds, “Relax, I’ve come up with something.” Priya’s maang is filled with Ram. Everyone is watching. Bade acche….plays…
Pihu turns to face Ram and Priya. Ram turns around and says Pihu. Priya passes out. Pihu says, “Get away from my mother.” Ram has a disagreement with the minister.