Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 220 | 01 July 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 220 | 01 July 2022

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 220 | 01 july 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish saying you always try to poison people’s relations and separate them. Adi thinks Krish is talking about Sara and Ishaan’s legal separation, who told him about it. Vikrant asks what is he saying. Adi says I don’t know. Krish asks Ram to get the video deleted. They argue. Krish threatens him. Ram says we didn’t upload that video, you leave now. Krish says proxy server is of your office, I came after doing the investigations, you have one hour to delete that video, I will come back in an hour, I won’t come alone, I will get the police. He leaves.

Nandini says this was your plan. Ram says they won’t do this. She says they did it, Krish said the video was uploaded from our server, they were planning to send Priya to the minister to clear your image, yes or not, Vikrant did you do this to impress Sara. Adi says no, he can’t do this. She asks did you do that. She asks how did Priya reach that restaurant, you told Sara and Sara told Priya, Sara wants Priya to come back here, yes? Ram says calm down, its nothing like that. She says one doesn’t need enemies when they have such friends, fine, I can be wrong, ask them. Ram asks Adi and Vikrant to just say it. Nandini says their silence is telling everything. She asks Ram to open his eyes, they aren’t his true friends.

She says that curse will return in this house again, no, I won’t let this happen, you won’t keep any relation with them. He asks what are you saying. She says you have to choose, your friendship, or me and Shubham. He says they are like my brothers. She asks who am I, your stepmum. He asks what are you saying. She says how did Priya come there suddenly.

Ram says just say something, you both didn’t do this. Shubham comes and says they did it. Ram says you don’t start this. Shubham says they are trying to unite Ram and Priya. Adi and Vikrant say yes. Shubham says they leaked the video from there. Adi says yes. Ram asks what. Krish says I need to know who did this. He thinks to find out. He thinks of Priya, I have waited a long for you. He sees the ring. He gets a call. He asks what, who, Sandy’s computer, fine, thank you. He calls Sara. Ishaan comes and stops him. He says it was me, don’t tell anyone. Krish asks but why. Krish says Priya took the blame on herself to protect me, I feel guilty when I think of Pihu, I wanted to stop Priya, they don’t deserve this. He cries. Krish says its okay, Pihu didn’t see the video, she doesn’t know about Priya’s past. Ishaan asks is Priya fine. Krish says I will take care of her. Ishaan says thanks, Ram and Priya should be together, right. Ram asks why this, I can’t trust you at all to be honest with me. Nandini asks them to just leave from their house and lives.

Shubham says they won’t go anywhere, you have to remove me from your life too. She asks why. He says because I asked them to do all this. She asks what. He says I called Vikrant, he told me about Vedika’s proposal, I wasn’t convinced, I saw Priya and Pihu on the way, Priya can make Ram’s image better, she is your ex wife, she is the need of the house, this is the best plan, I m serious. Sandy messages Adi. Adi and Vikrant read her message. Ram asks how can you think so, she is someone else’s wife. Shubham says her marriage didn’t happen, I found out, cross check with Sandy, Priya and Krish never lived together, she wasn’t in Mumbai since 5 years, she came for Sara’s engagement, the family met Pihu now. Ram asks why didn’t she get married. Shubham says who cares, we should think of our work. Adi says we liked Shubham’s idea and agreed, Shubham thinks you should reunite with Priya. Shubham says Pihu is the jackpot, headlines will be, your daughter is the reason for your union, minister won’t cancel the deal. Ram says I won’t use the baby for a deal, I can do anything for Nandini, I will go and settle the issue with the minister. Tarun gets a notice from the minister. Shubham says it’s a notice of deal cancel, don’t lose this deal, we all will convince Priya. Nandini shouts enough, we lost Shivi because of her. Shubham says I didn’t forget that, I may get jailed if this deal gets cancelled, you lost Shivi, do you want to lose me. Ram leaves. Krish knocks the door and talks to Priya. He says I know your pain, since always, I know you have suffered a lot, how long will you run away, maybe life gave you a chance to take the right decision and choose a right person, it depends on you. He thinks why is she not replying.

Adi asks why did you call us here. Ram says minister is coming, I will fix everything. Vedika comes. Ram says its imp that she is here. Minister comes. He asks why did you want to meet me here. Ram says you can’t cancel the deal. Minister says you will know what I can do. Ram says I m prepared to counter you, you must prepare to answer the media. Ram says no one can snatch my deal, my image will get rebuilt in 7 days, you will come to me with this deal, I won’t drag your family in this, playing cheap games isn’t my style.

Ram comes to talk to Priya. Krish gets Priya’s letter. He says she left. Brinda says she would have gone where she always wanted to go. Ram meets Priya and asks her not to go.